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Best iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Cases in 2024

iPhone Xs Max is one of the giant phones ever, as Tim Cook said during its launch. With a big screen and a stunning display, you’re sure to enjoy every moment! That being said, even this giant needs protection. We had already reviewed some of the finest cases for iPhone Xs Max, which didn’t include a magnetic case. Today, I will review and give a detailed explanation about some of the best iPhone Xs Max magnetic cases. You can choose any one of these cases to protect your flagship iPhone.


PITAKA iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Mount Case

PITAKA is one of the slimmest cases in this segment with 0.65mm thinness and of course, it gives sturdy protection. Talking about the feel, it’s soft, easy to grip, non-slip and it’s lightweight. PITAKA is made of 100% Aramid fiber, so be rest assured about the sudden drops, it wouldn’t damage your beast.

The metal plates inside the case give protection from shocks on metal surfaces and make it possible to connect it with PITAKA car mount. It’s available in 7 color variants, and I would pick this as my favorite magnetic case for iPhone Xs Max. And moreover, it has more than 250 positive reviews (5 stars).

USP: Slim Yet Rigid!
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2. Amovo

Amovo iPhone Xs Max Magntic Wallet Case

Be it a kickstand case or a wallet case, Amovo has got it covered everything in a single case! Yes, you heard that right! It comes with a detachable magnetic shock absorption back cover along with a resistance to drops. So there’s no need to buy multiple cases when you get everything in a single one!

This case supports wireless charging, but you need to remove the wallet case to make it work. The outer cover is made of premium leather and the inner case is made of quality TPU. The case can easily withstand accidental drops and shocks. Cash and cards can be easily stored in the built-in wallet case and you can also watch your favorite movies as it has a kickstand.

With 300 positive reviews and still counting, Amovo stands unique as it’s known as the all-in-one case for iPhone Xs Max! If you want to use a single case for multiple purposes, Amovo is your way to go!

USP: Includes Kickstand and Wallet Case too
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3. Evutec

Evutec iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Evutec case is made of Aramid fiber material which is used to make bulletproof vests, race cars, etc. This is 5 times stronger than the steel of the same weight of this magnetic adsorption case. But doesn’t mean it’s bulky, it’s just 1.6mm thin and lightweight.

It supports wireless charging as the metal inserts in the case doesn’t block the charging. Moreover, the magnetic vent mount that comes with the case ensures that your phone can be used hands-free. This is only compatible with iPhone Xs Max.

USP: Made of Aramid Fiber
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4. BB Face

BB Face iPhone Xs Max Case with Magnetic Back

BB Face is the most preferred case when it comes to magnetic adsorption feature. We had already listed as one of the best magnetic cases for iPhone XR and today; we have it for iPhone Xs Max too. BB Face’s case gives the best protection on the edges and to the camera as well.

It’s a slim case but doesn’t get it wrong in terms of protection as it is made of TPU. The fabric touch on the back gives you a perfect grip and ensures that your phone doesn’t slip. Just one drawback, it doesn’t support wireless charging. And if you still want to charge your phone with a wireless charger, you need to remove this case first.

USP: Slim fit & Shockproof
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ZHIKE iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Case with Wireless Charging

ZHIKE is a perfect example of what a magnetic case should be! With 16 magnetic points on front and back cover, it fits your iPhone just like a magnet fits to a metal surface. The front cover can be easily removed as it’s just like the flip cover. ZHIKE’s case is made of metal and tempered glass on the front and UV coating on the back cover.

It can easily handle sudden shocks and drops. Moreover, this case can protect your flagship iPhone from scratches, smudge, dirt, and dust. If you’re already using a screen protector, it’s recommended to remove it before you install ZHIKE’s case on your iPhone.The case is available in 7 different colors and supports wireless charging too.

USP: Made of Metal
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6. Misscase

Misscase iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Case

Just like ZHIKE, Misscase’s premium case is made of metal but the only thing that differs is the internal soft cushion in the metal body. It ensures that the metal body of the case doesn’t damage your iPhone Xs Max and gives sturdy protection. Moreover, it supports wireless charging, which is just like icing on the cake as many similar cases don’t support it.

With clear tempered glass, a metal frame on front & back and multiple magnet points, this case is a perfect pick for your iPhone Xs Max. Misscase is available in 4 vivid colors. I would personally go with black frame + clear back variant. Which one would you love to choose?

USP: Magnetic Adsorption Technology
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LISADE iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Absorption Case

This is quite similar to the above cases but it’s a bit costly as compared to them. But with an extra cost, LISADE provides a lifetime warranty and 360-degree full protection. So if the cost isn’t an issue, I would suggest you to pick LISADE’s case ahead of the above 2 similar cases.

Wireless charging support and easy installation, it’s one of the slimmest magnetic cases with magnetic adsorption. Most impressive is the anti-spy nano tempered glass that comes with a micro-shutter technology. With this glass, nobody besides you can read on your iPhone. That’s the best thing I love about this case.

USP: Anti-spy Tempered Glass
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8. Varipos

Varipos iPhone Magnetic Case

Tempered glass material on the front and the back ensures there are no scratches and dirt on the screen & on the back. The magnetic adsorption technology, along with multiple magnetic points in the case makes it a perfect fit for your iPhone Xs Max. It supports wireless charging too and if you’re looking for more such cases, check the best wireless charging compatible cases for iPhone Xs Max.

With precise cutouts and clear back, you can showcase your iPhone in style along with protection given by metal case. Varipos case comes in black and silver color. With easy replacements and 24 hours of email support, it makes it easy to contact them in case of any issues.

USP: Made of Metal
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9. Penvila

Penvila iPhone Xs Max Magnetic Case

Penvila’s case is crystal clear and it comes with a magnetic metal frame on front and back both. It’s smooth and provides full protection to your iPhone Xs Max with the case being 0.2mm higher than the camera lens. All the corners are protected with a sponge that’s present in the metal frame.

If your case is damaged or if you feel it’s not giving the right protection, you can always claim your money back within 3 months of purchase. Now, this is the best thing about it. Penvila’s case is available in black, gold and red colors.

USP: 3 Months Money Back Guarantee
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Z ZHIKE iPhone Magnetic Absorption Case

Want to make your iPhone Xs Max stand out among the crowd and protect it as well? This case from Z ZHIKE could be your choice. With strong magnetic field adsorption technology, this case protects your iPhone at its best! The dual-layer back cover is made of TPU and resistant bumper; both ensure that your iPhone survives in accidental drops.

The nano glass back and the raised bezels protect your camera on the flat surfaces. The body of the case is made of pure metal and it’s available in 7 color variants.

USP: TPU Material with Resistant Bumper
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Final Verdict!

So which one among these cases you would purchase? I would definitely go with PITAKA if showing off my iPhone and protection both matters. And the other choice would be Amovo as it offers a kickstand and a wallet case along with magnetic adsorption. Let us know your choice in the comments below.

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