Best iPhone XR Sleeves in 2020

The iPhone XR flaunts a dynamic aluminum frame and front/back glass body. You wish to protect this beautiful piece for a long time, and for this purpose, you are willing to pay a few bucks. But you should not take any decision in haste and must not waste your money on any protective case, which does not fit on the device. How about a pouch for your 6.1-inch iPhone? Check this range of top-notch iPhone XR sleeves.

Sleeves for iPhone XR ensure comprehensive protection. You can easily install and remove your iPhone in and out of a sleeve, which is comfortable to hold in your hands. Sleeves are largely built pouches of different materials. They are not just strong but also stylish, so that you can always accentuate your style quotient. Given its multiple benefits, it is wise to buy one of the best sleeves for your iPhone XR from a list given below.

Top 10 iPhone XR Sleeves/Pouches in 2020

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#1. fitBAG

fitBAG Rave Black iPhone XR Sleeve

As the name suggests, fitBAG comfortably fits on your iPhone XR and doesn’t leave any space once your phone is inside the sleeve. The fine suit fabric pouch looks impressive when you hold it in hands. This hand-sewn sleeve precisely fits on your device and protect it against dust, scratches, and other minor impacts.

Its fashionable fabric helps you create an impressive personality. The fitBAG has used high-quality microfiber inside this pouch, so whenever you insert or remove your phone, its screen gets cleaned automatically.

USP: Hand-sewn sleeve
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HAPPER STUDIO iPhone XR Pouch Sleeve

Here is a classic leather pouch for your iPhone XR. This genuine leather case is fully handmade, and this fact gives special value to this case. You can personalize this sleeve by adding your initials, engrave your name, or emboss your personal motto or phrase.

To make this pouch strong and durable, HAPPER STUDIO has used approximately 2mm thick leather. The sleeve closely fits on your iPhone XR and protects it from dust and scratches.

USP: Handmade pouch
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#3. Caseflex

Caseflex Pouch for iPhone XR

Caseflex brings a true-blue iPhone XR pouch to protect your premium device from all corners and sides. This neoprene case fits your iPhone precisely, and therefore, you would love to hold the sleeve in hands.

For your phone’s protection, CaseFlex has inserted a soft padded interior lining, which also protects your phone against scratches and drops.

USP: Soft padded interior lining
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HAPPER STUDIO Leather Sleeve for iPhone XR

Another fashionable sleeve from HAPPER STUDIO! A businessman of high repute or a high-flying professional would surely like to snuggle his/her iPhone into this leather cover. This sleeve looks luxurious with its refined leather, amazing stitches, and simple design.

HAPPER STUDIO has used nearly 1mm thick leather to craft this premium case. Soft, the interior lining of this sleeve ensures the safety of your device from scratches and dust. Don’t miss that magnetic flap that keeps your phone in place with the snug fit.

USP: Durable magnetic flap
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#5. Ceocase

ceocase Leather iPhone XR Pouch Sleeve

Experience the richness of leather in this extremely deluxe ceocase sleeve. This case is made of premium quality leather, which is tanned in the most unique manner. It looks like the leather is doused with oil, and perhaps, therefore; there is that pleasant glow.

This stunningly crafted case shows your refined taste wherever you are in the world. People near you will surely appreciate your choice of accessories for iPhone XR.

USP: Rich glow
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#6. WeirdOldSnail

WeirdOldSnail iPhone XR Sleeve Pouch

WeirdOldSnail has used purely vegan materials to manufacture this sleeve. The handmade pouch has card slots to use it as a light wallet. This case can also work as a wallet case as you can easily store two/three card inside the case.

Apart from style, this case also offers strength as it can easily protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and dust. The pink color of this case limits its use for girls only.

USP: Vegan material
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#7. fitBAG

fitBAG Sleeve for iPhone XR

Beautiful design of this leather sleeve matches the awesomeness of your iPhone XR. This Hand-sewn case precisely fits on your iPhone XR. Before you use this case, you need to remove any other case from your iPhone and then insert the device in this pouch.

This case is made in Germany and protects your phone from dust, scratches, and minor impacts. Its faux fur gives you soft cuddly touch when you hold the case in your hands.

USP: Individually handcrafted
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#8. Crazy Horse Craft

Crazy Horse Craft iPhone XR Leather Sleeve

This sleeve is the perfect definition of luxury. It is not readily available, as it is handmade after you order. The sleeve feature two slots for your cards. When it comes to design, the interior is made of thick wool-felt material that cleans the iPhone XR every time you use it to place or remove your device.

The exterior is made using special Crazy Horse Leather that changes the texture when you rub the surface. It is a bit on the higher price scale, but quality always comes with a price.

USP: Luxurious sleeve
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#9. Dockem

Dockem Luxe iPhone XR Sleeve

The sleeve from Dockem is crafted using synthetic leather along with canvas twill effects. This combination gives this product a rich and classy look. Apart from that, it also has four small pockets for your cards.

Being very slim, it is fully compatible with wireless charging. Minus the cards and you won’t feel any layer on your iPhone XR, it is that thin. Lastly, there are no color variants available.

USP: Four pockets for card
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#10. Tainada

Tainada iPhone XR Sleeve

Tainada has made the finest quality iPhone sleeve for men and women. The best thing about this sleeve is its usability; you can tie this sleeve with your belt, backpack, or hang it around your neck. Your iPhone is always protected and close to you.

Made from highest quality neoprene waterproof material, this sleeve bag is shockproof to shield your valuable electronic device. Double zip pockets can not only store your iPhone but also keep your credit cards, cash, coins, charging cable, headsets, keys, etc. safe.

USP: Double zip pockets
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Sleeves offer full-body protection to your iPhones. One of the best advantages of iPhone XR sleeves is the easy handling of your large device. Inside the sleeve, your iPhone is completely protected and you would love to carry the piece in your hands.

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