Best iPhone X Wooden Cases in 2020

One of the most beautiful ways to style your smartphone is to use different cases that can ideally match your dress and mood. For instance, if you wish to go flashy, choosing an ultra-clear case or an incredibly thin case would be a big hit. But if you want to take a bit different route, exploring the best iPhone X wooden cases would be a good idea.

#1. Woodline from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone X Wooden Case

“Pad & Quill” has come up with some of the most appreciable wooden cases for the iPhone X. And  “Woodline” is one of them. The scratch-resistant polished wood along with the Aramid polymer core makes it highly durable.

The FSC certified hardwood ensures your smartphone has the all-around defense against shock. Courtesy the non-slip exterior, the cover provides a secure hold.

Aside from Woodline, I’ve found Heritage Pocket Book and Little Pocket Book very impressive. They are a rich blend of top-grade leather and wood. If you are on the lookout for a premium wooden cover, you should give them a look.

USP: FSC certified hardwood
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YFWOOD Wooden Case for iPhone X

The YFWOOD has made this case unique, as it is handmade from real wood. The engraved totem sets it apart from other wooden cases, which can be just plain. YFWOOD has used dual layer rubber and real wood material to protect your phone from shocks and drops.

The brand has effortlessly carried out a challenging task of keeping precise cutouts so that you can quickly access all the ports and buttons. Check that 3mm raised lip that elevates your phone’s touchscreen and keeps it away from scratches.

USP: Handmade case
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#3. iATO

iATO iPhone X Wooden Case

Bring home a distinctive wooden case for your iPhone X. This iATO classic designer walnut wood case is elegant in looks and minimalistic in design. If there is nothing, there is something. This is the mantra adopted by iATO.

The classy design of this case complements to enhance and protect the appearance and feel of your latest Apple smartphone. The walnut wooden case looks thin and lightweight, but it is sturdy and durable.

USP: Classy design
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#4. KERF

KERF iPhone X-Xs Wooden Case

What can you add to your iPhone that a style and protection fail to achieve? Designer Ben Saks asked this question to himself and he found the answer in the wood shop of Carnegie Mellon University’s architecture school, where he created a case for his iPhone 5. Ben was inspired by his dissatisfaction with existing wood cases.

KERF is the outcome of Ben’s extensive research, tests, and revisions. Crafting a sustainable product from local and natural materials is an achievement in itself. Wooden cases of KERF have become popular as they can fulfill users’ demand for style, protection, and uniqueness.

USP: Wide range of cases
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#5. B BELK

B BELK iPhone X Wooden Case

B BELK is a classic wooden case. It’s prepared with eco-friendly wood. The TPU interior bolsters its construction. You can trust it to endure drops with ease.

The OLED display has got additional protection in the form of the front lip. Neat cut holes ensure it fit flawlessly on the device offering easy access to all the features. Furthermore, BELK comes in four variants made of different wood like birch, cherry, teak, and walnut.

USP: TPU bumper
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#6. Kwmobile

kwmobile iPhone X Wooden Case

Kwmobile has crafted this case with water like design carved on the wood. The case has a soft-material frame and polished wood back panel to make it easy to hold. Your iPhone’s touch screen is protected even if it is dropped, as the raised edge provides advanced drop protection.

Kwmobile has used natural walnut wood soft cover. This cover allows you to press the buttons easily. You can quickly press power and volume up/down buttons.

USP: Unique yet elegant design
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#7. iRton-Tech

iRton-Tech iPhone X Wooden Case

iRton-Tech has combined wood and TPU to design this 100% handcrafted case for your iPhone X. The brand has created a natural and eco-friendly premium case from wood. The case maker has shown incredible precision to manufacture this case with accurate cutouts for buttons, controls, and ports.

The wooden frame protects your phone against scratches, dirt, and shocks. This rainbow case stands out in the list with its excellent design and material.

USP: 100% handcrafted
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#8. NeWisdom

NeWisdom Wooden Case for iPhone X

NeWisdom has done an excellent job on wood that others fail to do on other materials. If you look at the case closely, you will notice extra protection at four corners of this wooden case. This makes the case unique in the list and the best Christmas gift this year.

Since the case is made of natural wood, you won’t find any other similar case in the world. For protection, NeWisdom has reinforced case corners with air cushion, which reduces the impact of drops.

USP: Air cushion
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#9. Max-king

Max-king iPhone X Wooden Case

Max-king does not only take care of your iPhone but also thinks of your health. And therefore, Max-king uses non-toxic wooden and TPU material to manufacture this wooden case for iPhone X. Made of natural ebony, this case is perfectly integrated with TPU material.

Since the case is made of natural and healthy materials, there is no bad chemical smell. This case keeps scratches and scuffs at bay and protects your phone against all possible damages.

USP: Non-toxic wood
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#10. iCASEIT

iCASEIT iPhone X Wooden Case

iCASEIT uses natural wood to make wooden cases for iPhones, and therefore, you won’t find a wooden case similar to yours. This case is made of naturally grown premium quality hardwood, which looks elegant.

With PC back, this case can endure drops, shocks, and scratches. The case leaves enough space near the ports so that you can easily access controls on your iPhone X. Moreover, you can comfortably use lightning cables and other third-party cables.

USP: Natural wood
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#11. Native Union

Native Union iPhone X Wooden Case

Flaunting two-tone colors, Native Union CLIC has got the looks to make a fine match with the iPhone X. Constructed with real American wood; the case is extremely durable. With the shock-absorbing polymer frame, it has the ability to offer the needed protection to your smartphone both from impact and scratch.

Thanks to the raised lip, the case keeps the edge-to-edge display off the ground when placed face down. As for cutouts, they are precise and offer painless access to all the functions. That’s not all, CLIC wooden case comes in four color variants.

USP: Shock-absorbing polymer frame
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#12. Mous

Mous iPhone X Wooden Case

Exhibiting compact and protective design, Reveal wraps around spotlessly on your iPhone. Made of real walnut wood, the wooden case has been neatly crafted to look classy. Incorporated with TPU interior, it can absorb shock and shield your smartphone from scratch.

The rubberized frame offers an improved grip, thereby allowing you to hold the device more conveniently. Exact cutouts and responsive buttons ensure you have no problem in using your device. Lastly, it also comes with a screen protector with the purchase.

USP: Improved grip
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#13. Toast

TOAST Real Wood iPhone X Case

Toast believes in simplicity. This wooden case flaunts a simple design made on real wood. This one-piece cover wraps the back and sides of your iPhone X with additional button and camera lens covers.

Before you install the case, you can clean up your device by using an alcohol wipe (included in the package). Note that Toast covers are removable, but once you remove you cannot reuse it. You won’t see any residue when you remove the cover.

USP: One-piece cover
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#14. Woodcessories

Woodcessories iPhone X Wooden Case

If you have a special liking for a vintage looking bamboo case, you would really appreciate Woodcessories. Sporting a form-fitting design, it pairs flawlessly with the iPhone. Silicone frame endows it the required strength to resist impact.

The soft frame also ensures you feel comfortable while holding the phone in your palm. Check out the raised bezel that works a trusted defender for the touchscreen. Lastly, Woodcessories comes in three color variants.

USP: Lightweight and elegant
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That’s it!

Your pick?

Which one of these wooden cases won over your smartphone? It would nice to know its name and the features you admire in it.

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