Best iPhone X Ring Holder Cases in 2020

The one quality that I don’t fail to check while buying a case for my iPhone is—improved grip. It’s because it offers the needed flexibility of holding a device comfortably. As a result, the phone is less likely to slip out of hands. And when we talk about having anti-slip grip, it would be a big mistake to overlook a ring case. That’s why I thought it’s worth making a special collection of the best iPhone X ring holder cases.

These ring cases not only allow you to hold your device with consummate ease but also provides better hands-free experience; thanks largely to the 360-degree rotation. Want to find out what’s more these top 10 ring holder cases for iPhone X have in store for you? Let’s jump over!

Best Ring Holder Cases For iPhone X in 2020

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ICONFLANG Ring Case for iPhone X-Xs

ICONFLANG has received four stars out of more than 350 customer reviews. Looking at what this ring holder case has to offer, I can say that it deserves to be one of the finest picks.

The case has a hybrid construction that can endure impact. If you use a phone holder to have better hands-free experience on the drive, its compatibility with magnetic car mounts will fit into your need.

The textured surface is not just anti-slip but also dirtproof. So, you can expect the cover to retain its flair for long. Even better, ICONFLANG comes in as many as 12 attractive color options including red, navy, black, and more.

USP: Durable hybrid design
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#2. Ownest

Ownest iPhone X Ring Holder Case

A sleek looking clear case that lets your iPhone X shine through. This TPU case is pretty lightweight and fits perfectly around the smartphone. And with the textured finish always there to grace your palm, holding the device will be a comfortable experience.

The ring holder is fully rotatable, thereby allowing to prop up your smartphone in the desired orientation. So, expect your hands-free video calling to be fun.

Thanks to the presence of magnetic plate, Ownest ring case can also work with magnetic car mounts. On top of all, the four charming color options like gold, red, silver and black can make a stunning match with your elegant outfit.

USP: Sleek and elegant design
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#3. Neivi

Neivi iPhone X Ring Holder Case

A flagship smartphone like iPhone X needs an equally charming companion to continue to look pleasing to the eyes. “Neivi” has got the elegance to be a suitable partner for the iPhone.

At 0.9mm, Neivi has a thin structure that snaps around the iPhone spotlessly. The high-quality PC material makes it slightly more scratch resistant.

With the textured finish, the exterior doesn’t feel slippery at all. Better still, the five color variants like black, blue, gold, red, and rose gold make it easier to handpick a matching cover.

USP: Soft-textured finish
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#4. Lontect

LONTECT Thin iPhone X Ring Holder Case

Wish to let your iPhone X glow without any barriers? Pick out Lontect clear case. This case can be trusted to endure minor impact and prevent scratch. With the soft TPU material, it’s very flexible.

Therefore, you can comfortably install and remove it. Smooth textured surface provides improved grip while also keeping away grime and fingerprints. Besides, Lontect comes in two color options: black and rose gold.

USP: Clear Profile
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#5. CoverON RingCase Series

CoverON Ring Case for iPhone X-Xs

It’s always great to amp up the style quotient. But it shouldn’t always be at the cost of protection.

CoverON RingCase Series tries to make an adorable companion of the iPhone without putting the protection factor at risk. Thus, you can get the best of both the worlds.

The sturdy hybrid construction (PC & TPU) can survive shock with ease. Carbon fiber accents enhance the look, while the smooth sides make it more convenient to carry the smartphone.

Moreover, RingCase Series cases come in four appreciable color option like black, gray, mint teal and rose gold.

USP: Carbon fiber accents
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#6. Vofolen

Vofolen iPhone X Ring Holder Case

Should you think of flaunting your smartphone without putting the safety of your iPhone in danger, Vofolen would be the way to go. The case has a transparent design and has a shock-absorbing frame. As a result, it allows your device to showcase the design and also keeps endure bumps.

Another benefit of having the rubberized bumper is the much-improved grip. The inclusion of the magnetic plate makes Vofolen fully capable of working with magnetic car mounts. And due mainly to the rotatable ring, you will be able to view media in landscape and portrait modes.

USP: Sturdy design with improved hold
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#7. Peyou

Peyou Ring Case for iPhone X

Peyou sports a stylish and compact profile that makes a snug-fit appearance on the iPhone. The dual layers of the casing have been bolstered by high-grade silicone and PC material. While the rugged exterior resists impact, the soft interior keeps abrasion at a fair distance.

Anti-slip surface offers enhanced grip, while the smooth buttons are easy to press. Ring dons the role of kickstand admirably by improving your media watching experience. Furthermore, Peyou is available in four color options such as black, gold, mint and rose gold.

USP: Silicone Inner Layer
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#8. Elegant Choise

Elegant Choise Ring Holder Case for iPhone X-Xs

Elegant Choise lives up to its name. The eye-catching profile does make it a fine pick for the iPhone.

Elegant Choise is made of soft TPU material and features a textured finish. The cover has a detachable ring so that you can remove it when not needed.

With the embedded metal, it’s designed to work with magnetic car mounts as well. So, expect your hands-free time on the drive to continue to be smooth sailing. As for colors, this beautifully designed case comes in blue, black, red and pink.

USP: Eye-catching profile
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WATACHE iPhone X Ring Holder Case

If it’s time to steal the show, you would love to have WATACHE. The glittering design with seashell pattern looks stunning, winning eyeballs with ease.

The bling ring further adorns the design and also lets you use your smartphone hands-free. Another notable feature is that the 3D rhinestone can retain its top quality for long.

Thanks to the flexible TPU material and bumper design, the designer case can resist low impact. And yes, both the white and pink.

USP: Glittering design
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#10. Chitri

Chitri iPhone X-Xs Ring Holder Case

Last but not least, Chitri has got all the features not just to be a companion for the iPhone but also keep it protected even from nasty bumps. The double layers of construction (Acrylic hardback and TPU) can be relied upon to absorb impact and also thwart scratch. The soft-textured sides provide additional gripping that prevents drops.

Picture perfect cut-outs offer painless access to the camera, port, and speakers. Buttons are quite sensitive and offer better click. The rotating ring makes your media viewing experience better. Lastly, the metallic ring is magnetic and you can mount the iPhone on car mount as well.

USP: Clear design
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That’s it! I assume you have liked exploring these finest ring cases along with me.

Your pick?

It’s time to let us know the name of the case which you have liked. Also, tell us the qualities you want to see in a top ring case.

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