Showcasing edge-to-edge display along with several top-of-the-line features, iPhone X is the most talked about smartphone today. Such a pricey gem deserves the needed care to remain secure, doesn’t it? Just in case you want to flaunt the smartphone without completely covering its enviable design, check out these best iPhone X slim cases.

These top thin cases for iPhone X have been crafted out of high-quality material. For all being so sleek, they have enough stamina to absorb shock and even fight out the scratch. So, the style they add to your smartphone doesn’t come at the cost of protection!

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Best iPhone X Thin Cases

Best iPhone X Thin Cases

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VANMASS iPhone X Thin Case

Featuring ultra-svelte design, VANMASS is one of slimmest cases for iPhone X. It’s crafted out of high-quality TPU material. Soft-textured finish not only further enhances its look but also provides better grip.

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There is elevated edge to keep the vertical camera protected. Don’t go by its sleek design as it is fully capable of shielding your smartphone against scratch. Moreover, this nice-looking slim case comes in two colors like black and red.

USP: Ultra-thin design
Price: $28.00 [$10.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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#2. Ringke AIR PRISM

Ringke iPhone X Slim Case

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Ringke AIR PRISM has the compact profile that looks appealing on the iPhone. The geometric pattern augments its design while also providing the desired grip to let you securely hold your smartphone. Made of top-grade TPU material, it’s extremely soft and flexible.

Despite having slim construction, it can absorb minor falls. The picture-perfect cutouts for camera, ports, and buttons giving it a form-fitting appearance. Lastly, this slim case comes in in six captivating colors like rose gold, grey, black.

USP: Geometric pattern
Price: $25.00 [$7.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#3. Ansiwee

Ansiwee iPhone X Thin Case

Don’t want a typical slim case? Ansiwee can be a steal for you if you wish to not only style your smartphone but also want to carry a couple of cards.

This iPhone X Case has been crafted out of high-grade cowhide leather which makes it very durable. The felt inner lining helps it resist scratch. It has a couple of card slots on the back. You can pick this slim wallet case in two colors: black and brown.

USP: Cowhide leather
Price: $8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#4. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone X Slim Case

Pick out this slim case from Spigen to not only give your smartphone an elegant look but also keep it shielded against shock. The hard PC reinforces its durability. It features QNMP slot that makes it fully compatible to work with the magnetic car mount.

Precise cutouts make it exact fit, while anti-slip surface offers better hold. Covered buttons have the natural feel. Past the features, you have five beautiful colors like blush bold, champagne gold, jet white, matte black, metallic red to pick from.

USP: QNMP slot
Price: $14.99 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#5. ESR

ESR iPhone X Slim Case

Showcasing slender design, ESR is an impressive thin case for iPhone X. Readied with soft TPU, it has a smooth surface. Courtesy of the matte finish texture, it offers better grip.

This thin case can be relied upon to keep scrape at bay. Raised lip for screen and camera makes it more protective. With precise cutouts, it flawlessly fits on the device. Additionally, you have two colors to pick from black and rose gold.

USP: Matte finish texture
Price: $39.99 [$9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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#6. MANUKA Skin Series

MANUKA iPhone x Thin Case

Time to adorn your smartphone with semi-transparent profile! MANUKA slim case from Skin Series is primed to partner your smartphone with the enviably slim design. The matte finish embellishes its construction.

Courtesy of the smooth, you will feel comfortable to hold your device in your hands. Being anti-fingerprint, it is able to retain its charm for long. The raised bezel keeps the camera shielded from scratch.

Lastly, you can pick this captivating case in seven colors including black, blue, gold, etc.

USP: Matte finish
Price: $39.99 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#7. Speck CandyShell

Speck iPhone X Slim Case

Speck CandyShell may not be an ultra-sleek case, but it doesn’t look weighty either. The best thing about this case is that it offers military-grade protection (MIL-STD-810G drop test standards) to your smartphone in a slim form-factor.

The rugged polycarbonate exterior allows it to disperse impact. With the soft acrylic layer, it’s able to absorb shock. Courtesy of the raised bezel, the camera and screen don’t touch the ground. Plus, CandyShell comes in five color variants including dark poppy red, black.

USP: Military-grade protection
Price: $29.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#8. totallee

totallee iPhone X Thin Case

Wish to go ultra-svelte? You don’t need to look further than this thin case from totallee. With just 0.02 inches thickness, it’s probably the thinnest case in the market. It’s made of soft polypropylene material. The brushed finish offers anti-slip grip that lowers the chance of accidental fall.

It features camera ring to offer extra protection to it. Above all, this sleek case comes with 2-year warranty and is available in two colors: pitch black and jet red.

USP: Thinnest design
Price: $24.99 [$16.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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REBOOS iPhone X Thin Slim Case

Wish to showcase your smartphone without any obstruction? REBOOS can be the right way to go. With the clear design, this case offers the desired liberty to the iPhone to reveal its charm. Being just 0.3 mm thick, it doesn’t add much weight either. It’s ultra-flexibility that allows it to fit immaculately on the device.

Another notable feature is the anti-yellow coating that allows it to retain its clarity for long. Raised lip provides additional protection to the dual camera. Besides, this thin clear case comes with lifetime warranty.

USP: Anti-yellow coating
Price: $14.99 [$9.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#10. Caseology Apex Series

Caseology iPhone X Slim Case

If you can bear with minor bulk, Caseology Apex Series cases can be a fabulous companion for your iPhone. The real beauty of this case lies in the ability to provide uncompromised protection to your smartphone without sacrificing on slimness. The perfect blend of PC and TPU has reinforced the structure to defeat the challenge of impact.

In spite of being so durable, the dual-layered casing doesn’t feel bulky in the hands. A geometric pattern adds extra grip to ensure it doesn’t slip away from your palm. Better still, you can pick this Caseology case in five colors including burgundy and ocean gray.

USP: Geometric pattern
Price: $24.99 [$13.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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