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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone 11 Pro Max skins and wraps in 2024

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max skins and wraps in 2024

You may call it a wrap or a sticker, but this accessory loves most iPhone users. And the reasons are the lightweight, unique designs you won’t get in most cases and easy to replace feature! It completely changes your brand new iPhone’s look in terms of back cover design. To ensure that we’ve covered all possible iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins and Wraps, we’ve gone through many products and selected only the best ones.

1. Decalrus Circuit Board Skin

Decalrus Circuit Board Skin Sticker for iPhone 11 Pro Max

For those who are more into the technical field, especially electronics, this circuit board skin if a perfect pick for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. These skins are made of high quality adhesive vinyl stickers and it doesn’t include any material of plastic.

So don’t expect these wraps to give any sort of protection other than scratches and the back cover of the iPhone from uneven surfaces. This wrap looks as if the back of the iPhone is open and the viewers might get bluffed seeing the circuit board wrap and thinking it as an open iPhone.

USP: Circuit Like Design
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2. Decalrus Carbon Fiber Wrap

Decalrus Carbon Fiber Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you want a sticker that just looks like a case or a cover, this carbon fiber back wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max is your way to go. With a look of microfiber lining on the sticker, anyone would say that this is a case rather than a skin or a wrap.

The black and grey color combination of the background and the lining is a perfect amalgamation of colors and design respectively. It feels more like a rubber case until you touch and feel it.

USP: Looks Like a Case
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3. Decalrus Rust Skin 

Decalrus Rust Skin Sticker for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Many of you might want to make your iPhone look as funny as possible and this rust skin from Decalrus exactly matches your requirement. It surely makes your iPhone look older than it is due to the rust kind of design on the wrap. Moreover, the scratches like linings ensure that it looks odd from the rest.

This skin isn’t recommended to those who are frequently visiting business meetings and it’s only recommended to those who go to collages or are self-employed. Most of the hard working people who work in garages, this skin suits the best.

USP: Odd Design But Looks Freaky
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4. Decalrus Eagle Themed Sticker

Decalrus Eagle Themed Sticker Cover Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Eagles are wild as always and if you want them to get it on your iPhone right away, then get this skin for your brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Besides the wild look, it also has the American Flag shade in the sticker which gives it a unique look.

The texture and the colors are a perfect combination keeping the Eagle and American flag into consideration. Decalrus, with its multiple designs and patterns, is already ruling the iPhone skins segment and this sticker adds more to the giant.

USP: Wild Look
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5. Decalrus Coding Themed Skin

Decalrus Coding Themed Skin Cover Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is a coding themed skin but many might get a feel of a hacking script or something similar to that. It’s perfect for those who live and breathe coding around them. The wrap indicates a person who’s best at coding or maybe even hacking. 

So if you’re one of those guys or girls, this skin would be a perfect match for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Get it now!

USP: Coding Themed Wrap
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6. Decalrus Wood Burl Skin

Decalrus Wood Burl Skin Skin and Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This wrap gives your iPhone a new look and it looks quite similar to a wooden case. But don’t go with the look, as it’s not a case and just a sticker kind of texture that sticks on the back of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

It’s made of the adhesive vinyl material that sticks on your iPhone and doesn’t leave any marks when you remove it or replace it. The wrap is easy to install and if you want to remove it, do it with bare hands. 

USP: Wooden Like Texture
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7. Decalrus Butterfly Sticker

Decalrus Butterfly Skin Sticker for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This butterfly sticker better suits for women and girls out there who are using iPhone 11 Pro Max. The black background, the white lining and the colorful butterflies make it unique in terms of design. 

It doesn’t let you feel that it’s just a sticker, instead, the ones who see the sticker might feel, it’s a case. If you’re not satisfied just with a sticker, you can also check some of the best cases for women as well. 

USP: Best Suited for Girls
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8. Decalrus Crocodile Texture

Decalrus Crocodile Texture Skin and Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Here’s yet another skin from Decalrus which gives your iPhone 11 Pro Max a wild look out of the box! The crocodile pattern on the sticker reminds me of the hard and tough skin of a crocodile. 

Overall, this wrap is for those who love showing off their iPhones in a wild look. It’s easy to install and remove as well. With precise cutouts, it doesn’t interfere with the camera functioning in any way. 

USP: Precise Cutouts
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9. Decalrus Black and Red Dotted Skin

Decalrus Black and Red Dotted Skin and Wrap for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The black and red dotted sticker looks simple yet elegant in terms of design. It’s more like a carbon microfiber lining which is usually seen in most of the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.

Besides this, you need to ensure that the skin is perfectly placed on the back of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Else, you won’t find it appealing if you do any mistakes while installing this wrap on your iPhone. It sticks to your iPhone and it doesn’t leave any sticky glue when you remove it. 

USP: Unique Design
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That’s it for today, folks!

Final Verdict!

So these were some of the finest skins and wraps for iPhone 11 Pro Max available at Amazon. Which one would you get for your iPhone? Do let us know in the comment section right away!

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