Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wooden Cases in 2020

Owing an iPhone 11 Pro Max is a luxury in itself and a wooden case would surely enhance the luxe effect more. In addition, the tactile feel of the wood gives an distinct hand feel that no other iPhone case can offer. Which is why, I have compiled a special list of best wooden cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max currently available.

#1. KERF

KERF iPhone 11 Pro Max Wood Case

The KERF wooden cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max are crafted from 100% sustainable natural wood. The case employs no plastic material neither on the seams nor on interlocking parts. A snug patented Friction Fit lends space-age tolerances while maintaining the slim profile of the device. 

One of the world leaders in wooden cases, KERF offers the only one-piece wraparound wood phone case. A premium ultra-suede lining ensure that your device is nestled comfortably. Moreover, the case does not affect Qi charging compatibility and Apple Pay. What’s best is that you also get to select from a varied range of woods from Cherry to African Mahogany. 

USP: 100% wooden case
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#2. iATO

iATO Real Walnut Wood Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A unique natural dark wood grain overlay over a black tough bumper core ensures that your device looks stylish and stays protective. The bumper case lends a great hand feel along with ease in mounting and dismounting. The case is handcrafted by skilled artisans, who ensure that your device gets a perfect fit. 

Open design allows easy access to all ports and buttons so that you get effortless charging and feature usage. The walnut wood used is FSC Certified, i.e. the forests are not harmed in making your case. Further, the brand has pledged partnership with Eco-friendly Charities and aims at planting a tree for every Wood case that we sell.

USP: Eco-friendly material used
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#3. HHDY Kickstand

HHDY iPhone 11 Pro Max Metal Kickstand Wood Case

Wooden case for iPhone 11 Pro Max that oozes elegance and also doubles up as a kickstand case. The metal kickstand makes reading, watching movies/TV, playing games, browsing the web and face-to-face chatting with friends. The one-piece hard case has a wooden veneer on the back and soft TPU bumper. While the genuine wood veneer lends one of a kind unique looks, the bumper offers shock-proof protection. 

The brand employs a unique 3D UV print technology that enhances the look of the wood veneer, ensuring that it looks elegant. Raised lips around the screen and camera lens keep the scratches from surfaces at bay. Easy Access to all the controls and features, precise cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports.  

USP:Kickstand case
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TENDLIN TPU Hybrid Wood Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A hybrid wooden case for iPhone 11 that employs 3 material, a natural wood grain and PU leather on the back and shock-absorbent TPU inside. The wood veneer is patterned with leather in a way that adds grip while keeping a unique and classic look alive. 

A slim profile ensures that no bulk is added, keeping the device pocket-friendly. Precise cuts and enlarged port offers support for most cables. Tactile sensibility is well maintained and raised lip lifts the screen off flat surfaces keeping scratched at bay. Further, the case also supports all leading wireless chargers available in the market. 

USP: Leather pattern
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#5. HHDY

HHDY iPhone 11 Pro Max Natural Wood Case

A slightly different version of the above HHDY wooden case for iPhone 11 Pro Max which employs the latest 3D UV print technology for a unique rainforest look. The one-piece hard case incorporates wood veneer and soft TPU bumper that gives a rugged matte finish along with a cool unique wood tactile. 

The metal kickstand makes for a convenient stand for horizontal viewing, enhancing users’ TV watching, reading, and gaming experience. Raised lips around screen and camera lens help protect against scratches caused by rough flat surfaces. An innovative craftmanship lends durability and a good grip.

USP: Rainforest look
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BELKA Rubber Bumper Wooden Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A reinforced rubber case embedded with soft wooden back to offer a decent anti-slip wooden tactile feel. The hybrid rubber cover gives a snug fit and 4 corner air cushion design for enduring protection. Specialized raised lips to give face-down protection to both the screen and camera lens. 

The ultra-slim and lightweight design lend perfect impact resistance and rugged matte finish. Despite being wooden backing the case is a bendable and flexible design. Further, the case does not hinder access to controls, buttons and wireless charging support.

USP: Bendable wooden design
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A wood chip here, a wood chip there and a piece of wood in my hand!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having a unique device in my hand. A device that has endless potential and delivers it without a doubt, every time. I also love giving that device aka my phone something special to wear; a case that not just enhances my devices’ uniqueness but protects it from daily wear and tear. Which is why I am unabashedly biased about wooden cases. 

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