Best iPhone 11 Cases with a Card Holder

World over digital transactions have seen an upward curve. One of the benefits of digital payment is not to carry a traditional wallet, which is an extra load in your trousers. A better way is to keep your plastic money in your iPhone case. If you have got the latest iPhone 11, also consider a cardholder case. Only the best cases with a card holder can serve you better; choose a high-quality case that can store your credit/debit cards and your social IDs.

Cases with a cardholder can protect your iPhone 11 and the plastic money. Moreover, you can also put some banknotes inside the pockets. It is a reliable companion, which makes your life convenient with multiple slots.

Best iPhone 11 Cases with a Card Holder in 2020

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#1. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone 11 Case with a Card Holder

Although i-Blason is known for manufacturing heavy-duty, rugged cases for iPhones, this time, the brand has surprised users with a girlish cardholder case. For working women, this designer wallet case is a great help as it has built-in cardholder to let you store up to two credit/debit cards and some cash.

Made of high-quality TPU and polycarbonate materials, your iPhone is completely protected against scratches, scrapes, and bumps. Check those raised bezels that keep your iPhone’s camera lenses and screen above the surface.

USP: Slim and adorable
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#2. Spigen

Spigen Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Spigen is one of the reputed brands in the world of cases and covers for iPhones. This cardholder case is smartly designed for your iPhone. If you think functionality and fashion can never go together, this case can falsify your belief. Spigen has used dual layers and air cushion technology.

For the protection of your iPhone, Spigen has used shock-absorbing TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior. To keep this case minimal, the brand has provided a card slot on the back of this case. You need to push a slider to open the card slot, where you can store your credit/debit cards.

USP: Minimal design
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#3. Ansiwee

Ansiwee iPhone 11 Case with a Card Holder

Ansiwee has designed a slim leather case for your iPhone. On the back, you can find two card slots to store your plastic money. The case maker has used cowhide material to make a comfortable grip and smooth touch. Two card slots on the back allow you quick access to your credit/debit cards.

Available in red, blue, and black, this cardholder case has a professional design. You can either use this case or gift someone you love. A slim and sleek design attracts many eyes. Moreover, the precise construction of this case enables users to access all ports, buttons, and controls quickly.

USP: Cowhide leather material
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SUTENI Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

SUTENI has designed a flexible card slot on the back. You can store up to two cards in the cardholder; with its flexibility, you can also include a third card in the slot. However, for convenience, it is advisable to store only two cards. It is a perfect combination of wallet and smartphone case as it allows you to access your plastic money, cash, and phone screen quickly.

PU leather and TPU materials keep the profile of your case slim. At the same time, this case covers all corners and sides to safeguard your iPhone. A durable and shockproof case elevates the screen from the ground, thus protects your phone screen against scratches.

USP: Multi-functional wallet
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ELOVEN Card Holder Compatible Case for iPhone 11

ELOVEN has successfully hidden the card slot on the back of this case. You can store up to four cards in a hidden slot, which can be opened with a flip door. You can pull your cards in and out from this flip door. The rugged protective case ensures full protection of your phone while you making payments with your cards.

While you are worried about your finance, ELOVEN has paid enough attention to style. This multi-color case is available in several colors like gunmetal, purple, navy blue, red, and orange. Install and remove the case quickly and be always ready to take the world.

USP: Hidden card slot
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LAMEEKU iPhone 11 Case with a Card Holder

Engineers and designers at LAMEEKU have stretched their imagination to the full and crafted this beautiful cardholder leather cover. The wallet is so nicely integrated into the case that it is difficult to separate them from each other. Moreover, there are two fixed buttons and two open snap buttons, which provide security to your cards and cash.

Whenever you need to make a payment, you can quickly take your credit/debit cards out. You can keep three cards and some cash in the card slots. For your device protection, LAMEEKU has cut raised edges and a TPU lip, which elevates your phone’s screen. Enjoy 100% satisfaction from this case.

USP: Full-frame protection
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KIHUWEY Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

KIHUWEY has designed a premium cardholder case from leather material. The case maker has used high-quality PU leather to make the product soft and comfortable. Unlike other wallet cases, this one offers more space to store your credit/debit cards. You can put as many as five cards inside the cardholder slot.

A smart design sets this case apart from other cases. The backflip of the case not only stores your cards but also works as a kickstand. You can rest your iPhone vertically and horizontally by adjusting the flip.

USP: Convenient kickstand
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#8. ESR

ESR Card Holder Compatible Case for iPhone 11

ESR is a famous brand of iPhone accessories. This wallet case is a premium credit card holder for your iPhone. It is a slim yet sturdy case, which can store two cards and cash. For quick access, ESR has cut a hole in the back; this helps you push the card out when you want to make the payment.

Air guard corners are a special highlight of this case, which provides hybrid protection to your iPhone. ESR has built a wireless charging compatible case; before you place your phone on a charging mat, remove the cards.

USP: Wireless charging compatibility
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#9. Vofolen

Vofolen iPhone 11 Case with a Card Holder

Vofolen has created a cardholder case, which looks like ELOVEN’s case. But Vofolen’s case differs in its construction. The brand has used dual layer hybrid TPU to create a strong bumper case. A protective hard shell back cover safeguards your iPhone.

For the safety of your cards, Vofolen offers an enlarged rear card slot, which can store up to four ID-size cards. You can carry your credit/debit, metro card, license, and some cash. A flip-door design gives you quick access to your plastic money.

USP: Enlarged rear card slot
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#10. Encased

Encased Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Encased is another famous brand of smartphone cases. This Phantom wallet case has a compact credit card slot to keep up to four cards. An ultra-durable case is dually layered to resist shocks. The rigid PC shell provides increased durability to the case.

Easy push buttons allow you to take your cards out effortlessly. Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip; you can hold your device firmly even as you are walking through crowded places.

USP: Ergonomic design
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A cardholder case can be a one-stop solution to multiple problems. Apart from their traditional use, cardholder compatible cases can take the burden of carrying a wallet. With minimum accessories on your person, you can move comfortably and focus more on your goals in life.

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