Lightning docks are the order of the day. With Apple completely switching to the smaller “lightning” connector, accessory-makers have had to change course and produce lightning-compatible docking stations.

We already have covered docking stations for iPhone 5/5s. Now it’s time for a list of high-grade iPad lightning docks that are designed minimally, beautifully and provide the best docking stands for your iPad Air and iPad Minis and earlier iPad models.

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Best iPad Lightning Docks

Some of the best iPad Mini and iPad Air Docking Stations

#1. iHome iDL100 Lightning Dock Triple Charging/FM Radio/Clock

iHome iDL100 Lightning Dock for iPad Mini ,iPad Air and iPad mini 2

The iHome iDL100 is a simple, dual-dock station that clubs an FM radio and a large clock. In terms of price, it falls in the mid-range but offers quite a bunch of features. Both the lightning docks are 2.1Amps which powers your iPhone faster and the iPad considerably fast. The rest of the pack reads like a very decent set of features: dual alarm-clock, six FM presets, EQ, 3D sound etc.

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Price: $149.95
Compatible with: iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini w/ retina display
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#2. HiRise for iPad Mini

HiRise Lightning Dock for iPad mini

Twelve South’s products are known for their Apple-esque simplicity and purity. The HiRise for iPad mini is a classic example of trademark style and aesthetics from Twelve South. The HiRise looks like a flimsy lightning dock that can only fit the iPhone but that’s at the first glance. The HiRise is built to hold an iPad mini (original and 2nd gen). It can’t hold an iPad though. The dock serves no other purpose than to charge, sync or connect the iDevice to your computer.

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Price: $34.99
Compatible with: iPad mini, iPad mini with retina display, iPhone 5/5s/5c
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#3. MCDOCKL from Macally

MCDOCKL Lightning Dock for iPad

The MCDOCKL from Macally is an absolutely delightful dock for the iPads and iPad minis. There’s a large dab of minimalism in the dock’s design. Built as a charge and sync dock, you get a 2.4A rating for the iPad to charge faster. You have the option of connecting a DC adapter or the usual microUSB to the dock to charge/sync the iPad.

Price: € 49.95 ($$38.80 on Amazon)
Compatible with: iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini & iPad mini with retina display
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#4. Belkin Express Dock for iPad

Belkin Express Lightning Dock for iPad

Belkin does not need an introduction. The Express Dock is very specifically built for the iPad and can hold an iPad even with the case on. The dock is deceivingly small and is crafted to fit any table and can charge your iPad fast when you have it connected to a wall charger.

Price: $59.99 ($37.00 on Amazon)
Compatible with: iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini & iPad mini with retina display
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#5. JBL OnBeat Rumble

JBL OnBeat Rumble iPad Lightning Dock

The JBL OnBeat Rumble is the only ultra-costly speaker dock on our list. The thing costs four-hundred dollars but if you know JBL, you know the story behind the price tag. JBL’s OnBeat Rumble has some amazing reviews by people who have tried it hands-on. The speaker dock supports iPads with the lightning dock but is actually Bluetooth-enabled with HARMAN TrueStream technology for wireless audio streaming.

Price: $399.95 ($369.99 on Amazon)
Compatible with: iPad Air, iPad 4th-gen, iPad mini & iPad mini with retina display
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