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Best iPad Pro 10.5-inch Keyboard Cases

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is touted to be a worthy replacement to your computer or laptop. And looking at the powerful features the tablet has got the claim does seem to be holding truth (to a great extent). If you have bought the iPad and wish to use it as the full-fledged notebook, you will have to pair it up with a highly competent keyboard case. Based on superior functionality and design, these are the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro keyboard cases that are worthy of serious consideration.

1. Logitech

Logitech 10.5-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Logitech has been making durable keyboards for years, and this keyboard case for iPad Pro 10.5 is produced in partnership with Apple. The keyboard supports four modes – type, view in landscape, view in portrait, and read.

The keyboard connects using the lightning connector on the iPad Pro and thus, it neither needs Bluetooth nor batteries. Lastly, the case also protects the iPad from dust, dirt, and normal bumps.

USP: No batteries or Bluetooth required
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2. Mangotek

Mangotek 10.5-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Case

The case is made using high-quality PU leather and it looks great when lying idle on the desk. When it comes to typing, keys are smooth and accurate while typing in speed. Besides that, it doesn’t use any batteries; you need to connect using the smart connector. This eliminates the need for charging the keyboard.

On top of that, the keyboard is detachable and you can carry your iPad Pro with just the case when you don’t need the keyboard. Lastly, it is available only in black color.

USP: Detachable keyboard
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3. Boriyuan

Boriyuan 10.5-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Case

One of the most impressive features of this keyboard case is that it has seven colors backlit, which looks like a rainbow in the dark. Apart from that, the case transforms your iPad Pro experience to laptop experience. It allows tilting your device in multiple angles, just like a laptop.

Also, the keyboard operates using a Bluetooth connection, and the battery can last for 30 days without backlit after a full charge. Moreover, there are a variety of color options available.

USP: 7 color backlit
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ZAGG Keyboard Case for 10.5-inch iPad Pro

With more than 1500 ratings, the Zagg keyboard case for iPad Pro has won the trust of many. It is rugged in design and protects your iPad Pro perfectly. The best part about the keyboard is that it can connect to two devices simultaneously along with easy toggling between them. The overall design of the case is such that it will kind of transform your iPad into a laptop.

USP: Connect with two devices simultaneously
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5. Fintie

Fintie 10.5-inch iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Fintie has taken great efforts in designing this keyboard case. It is crafted using premium PU leather along with anti-slip rubber-lined interiors. The keyboard is made using high-grade ABS material and not with silicone or plastic. The case also has a separate holder for Apple Pencil.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth as a mode of connection, and it is detachable. You can remove it when you don’t need and reduce the bulk. Also, it is available in different colors and designs.

USP: Great build quality
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6. Greenlaw

Greenlaw Keyboard Case for 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Greenlaw keyboard case offers 360-degrees rotation and 180-degrees flip. Both of these allow you to view on iPad Pro the way you wish. Besides that, the keyboard has seven colors backlit and three different modes. Moreover, the case is a hard shell that protects the iPad Pro from dust, dirt, and scratches.

On opening the keyboard case, your iPad Pro automatically wakes up and vice versa. On a closing note, the case is perfect for day-to-day use and its price is also competitive.

USP: Hardshell case
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ONHI iPad Pro 10.5-inch Keyboard Case

ONHI keyboard case has been readied with high-grade aluminum alloy material. With the solid build-up, it’s strong enough to withstand impact and keep scratch away from damaging your tablet.

The keys are optimized to feel every click and accelerate your typing. You will enjoy typing very much like the way you do in your notebook. As the case is sleek, you will be able to carry it without any hassle. Moreover, you have three charming-looking colors like black, gold, and silver to choose from.

USP: Aluminum alloyed case
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8. Earto

Earto iPad Pro 10.5-inch Keyboard Case

Earto brings a smart auto sleep/wake keyboard case for your 10.5-inch iPad Pro. With 360-degree rotation and 180-degree flip, this keyboard case meets all your viewing angles while you are typing, watching videos/movies, and playing games. The keyboard case also enables you to turn your iPad Pro into a small MacBook.

Available in seven colors backlighting, you can use your iPad Pro during dark hours without disturbing others in your home. You can adjust the brightness at three levels and enjoy different visual experiences.

USP: Seven colors backlight
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That’s all for now!

Over to You

Which keyboard case is finally going to pair up with your iPad Pro? Is it the most expensive one or the one that is highly affordable yet very user-friendly? Shoot your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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