Best Funny Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019: Get Weather Alerts with a Pinch of Humour

Are you fed up with those mundane weather reports? Now you can add some spice to those weather notifications. Download some of the 2019's best funny weather apps on your iOS device.

iPhone weather apps are something, you will check twice or thrice a day, but every time you see the same dull interface of the app. There are only numbers and forecast for the day/week. To make weather predictions spicy, We’ve gathered some of the best funny weather apps for iPhone and iPad.

Since the weather has lost its place in casual conversations, adding spice to its virtual avatar will only encourage more people to talk about it. Weather apps listed here are hilariously funny as there are humor and sarcasm in them.

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2019’s Best Funny Weather Apps for iOS

#1. CARROT Weather

‎CARROT Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This award-winning app gives you an accurate and detailed weather report on your iPhone or iPad. To describe unpredictable weather, CARROT Weather uses dialogues, characters, and scenery change. Such a dynamic interface makes people wait for a blizzard or torrential showers to see how the app describes it.

If you go for a premium membership, the weather app sends severe weather alerts and daily summary notifications. Do you have an Apple Watch? You can get warnings about incoming precipitation.

Price: $4.99

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#2. Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather

Grumpy Cat Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get the grumpiest forecast ever! This app gives you hourly weather information on your iOS device. Also get a seven-day weather forecast, which is presented on the animated radar. Know the weather in every corner of the world.

Tell your friends you are using a funny weather app; share weather forecast with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Price: Free/ $1.99 – Remove Ads

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#3. What The Forecast?!!

‎What The Forecast Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weather can be pleasant and unpleasant, so is your language to describe it. What The Forecast?!! not only offers you accurate predictions but gives you several offensive phrases to narrate the nasty weather. Turn on the profanity feature and use obnoxious phrases.

This perfect weather app provides the latest weather saying in different voices. Get weather alerts from NOAA for ten days and 48 hours.

Price: Free/$1.99 – Remove Ads

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#4. HumorCast – Hilarious Weather

‎HumorCast Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A weather report filled with humor! This is the beauty of HumorCast, which helps you start your day on the right foot. If you are pissed of the bad weather, you can use HumorCast’s rich library of 1000s of phrases to describe terrible weather.

This app boasts a state-of-the-art weather engine, which also includes NOAA. The entire technology is wrapped up in a lucid interface. You can use beautiful backgrounds created by world-renowned photographers.

Price: Free/$1.99 – Super User

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#5. The Funny Weather

‎The Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Sometimes blunt sounds funny; this Funny Weather bluntly provides a weather report, just like your friends. You can turn on the option of Profanity and enjoy the blunt attitude of the Funny Weather.

There are many offensive phrases you can share with people you know. Got a new phrase? You can share it with your friends by using Funny Weather’s built-in social sharing features.

Price: Free/ $4.99 – Pro Upgrade

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#6. Weather Duck

‎Weather Duck Funny Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Kids love to see how weather duck tells about climate changes in a day or week. Before you leave home, you must know what to wear – a T-shirt or a raincoat. You are always prepared to face the vagaries of nature when Weather Duck is on your iOS device.

The visual guide of this app interests the child of all ages. Next time when you go out, you know what to wear.

Price: Free

That’s all friends!

In all weathers…

A funny weather iOS app is your best companion in all weathers — no more boring weather forecast. Profanity control and social media sharing are two of the significant features weather apps have.

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