Best Music Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Learning music requires a lot of efforts, expenses, and energy. One has to buy a costly music instrument and take regular lessons from a maestro. This was my impression until I came to know about some awesome music learning apps for iPhone and iPad.

Living in digital age has its own blessings and benefits. Your iPhone or iPad loaded with smart music apps is your teacher to learn playing music. The apps are far better than a book you would have purchased to learn music. Music learning apps provide an interactive interface to understand the nuances of different notes.

Best iOS Apps to Learn Music in 2020

#1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is one of the favorite piano apps used by several users worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you would love to follow this app as it can help you learn music fast. The database is one of the glaring features of this app as you can use its rich music library, which includes songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me, Counting Stars, and more.

If you have iPhone 6s and later versions, you can use its 3D Touch feature and try Touch Courses, which can turn your device into an on-screen keyboard. As an unsubscribed member of this app, you can play two free courses.

Price: Free

#2. Yousician Guitar

Yousician Guitar Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Yousician Guitar offers you music lessons to learn guitar, piano, Ukulele, and bass. You can play music on your favorite instrument with quick feedback as the app listens. With more than 1500 missions and exercises, you can learn music at your own pace.

The app tracks your progress and keeps you motivated with its fun and addictive gameplay. Once you get hold of music, you can participate in a weekly challenge, where you can test your learning skills by challenging your friends and other musicians.

Price: Free

#3. Learn to Sing

‎Learn to Sing Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Take your bathroom singing talent to the people with Learn to Sing iPhone app. The app provides you the best tools to sharpen your singing skill as they can develop your voice. Constant use will improve your singing quality.

This app is also helpful for songwriters, who want to analyze and correct their vocal abilities. From lower range to a higher range, this app is your companion in learning music and singing.

Price: Free

#4. OnlinePianist

OnlinePianist Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

OnlinePianist knows that you are a beginner and therefore, the app allows you to adjust the speed of piano. If you are not comfortable in a particular finger position, you can either use vertical or horizontal notes display.

You can choose from annual, six months, or three months subscription plans, and enjoy all player features and songs on this music learning the app. In case you have learned piano in your school or college, you can use this app to master the art.

Price: Free

#5. Tunable Tuner & Metronome

‎Tunable Tuner and Metronome Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tunable is one of the most popular music apps downloaded by musicians. Unlike other apps, which are chromatic tuner, tone & chord generator, metronome, and recorder, Tunable is your music practice coach that helps you play steadily, in tune, and on the beat.

This feature-rich app can teach you ear training, breath support, rhythm, timing, and dynamics. The app closely follows your music playing habit and then gives you feedback to improve your performance.

Price: Free

#6. Karaoke Face

‎Karaoke Face Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Even if you are not serious about singing, you would love to use this app as it allows you to create individual versions of international chartbusters. This is a fantastic tool that helps you express yourself singing.

Karaoke Face is easy to use. All you need is an iPhone and a little passion for singing. You can create amazing effects by selecting different genres and masks.

Price: Free

#7. Tempo – Metronome with Setlist

‎Tempo Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tempo is a paid music app for your iPhone. Its extraordinary configuration and consistently enjoys the status of the best 100 music apps in more than 30 countries.

Tempo offers 35 different time signatures and six rhythm patterns. The engine of this app is famous for its high accuracy and stability.

Price: $2.99

#8. The Guitar with Songs

The Guitar with Songs Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

There was a deep-seated belief that apps could not teach anyone playing guitar. However, this iPhone music app has shattered this notion with its real strumming and fretting. You would enjoy learning and playing songs on this app.

One of the striking features of this app is you can play songs with a band. No other music app provides this amazing feature on the App Store. Your band with drums, guitars, and rock piano will spice up your music learning experience.

Price: Free

#9. SingTrue

SingTrue Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Many people are under the false impression that music is a natural talent given by God. This notion prevents them from learning music even though they want to study this art. The truth is you can learn music even if you are unmusical.

SingTrue, with its 30 interactive exercises, helps you discover your inner musical personality and train your voice to become a confident and professional singer.

Price: Free

#10. Music Theory

‎Music Theory Music Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Listening to good music is your first step towards learning music. Music Theory helps you improve and develop your listening skills and tone control. With your continuous efforts, you can identify complex written chords.

Music Theory takes help of expert music teachers and composers, who have excelled at theory, composition, and performance. This complete package allows you to learn music anywhere.

Price: Free

That’s all friends!

Tuning up…

Music is one of the best stress-busters. In the company of soulful music, you may easily forget your worries and woes. Download some of the best iOS apps to learn music and say bye-bye to your worldly despairs.

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