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Back in the old days, successful apartment hunting meant beating the street for a few weeks until happening upon that perfect unit. But while searching for a new place in this day and age still involves viewing the actual property, modern technology helps facilitate the process by providing apartment hunters with more listings and options than ever before. This is, of course, due to the Internet, but the mobile revolution and subsequent rise in popularity of apps also make the process easier.

So in the interest of putting apartment info right into the palms of iPhone user's hands everywhere, here are some of the best free apartment-hunting apps for iOS.

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Best Apartment-Hunting Apps for iPhone

Best Apartment-Hunting Apps for iPhone

1. Apartment Finder

Apartment Finder iPhone App IconThis app was developed by the popular website Apartment Finder and draws upon its extensive database to provide one of the largest online collections of apartment listings around. Users can search for apartments in neighborhoods, cities or towns and they can access listings by price and zip code as well. Not only that, but ApartmentFinder allows users to view pictures, floor plans, maps, send emails to specific listings, save favorite properties to a list and even get driving directions.

Overall, this is a good option for those under time constraints which need to find a place quickly and on the fly.

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Download ApartmentFinder

 2. For Rent

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

For Rent iPhone AppThis app, released by ForRent.com, is ideal for those who want to complete their due diligence before settling on any one option. For Rent comes with a host of features, including the requisite maps, floor plan viewing, and photo slideshows as well as the ability to search listings by city and state using the iPhone’s built-in GPS. Users can also watch videos and read detailed descriptions of the community surrounding a particular apartment. And once the user finds that perfect unit, the app will put him or her immediately in touch with the listing via text or email.

Download For Rent

 3. Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide iPhone App IconThis is another app based on a popular apartment search website. The app itself is notable for its slide navigation interface that makes searching for listings a breeze. Those on the hunt for a bargain will likely find this app useful, as it comes with a feature that provides listings in a given area according to deals and discounts. There are even different featured apartments displayed on the homepage daily.

Download Apartment Guide

4. Lovely

Lovely - Find Homes and Apartments for RentThis popular app shows listings as colored dots on a map of a particular area and provides time-stamp info, so users know exactly how long a certain property has been available. Lovely also offers search-based alerts that notify the user whenever his or her ideal apartment becomes available. Conversely, the app informs the user whenever their favorite listing goes off the market, so they don’t end up pursuing a stable lead.

Download Lovely

By installing even one of these apps on an iPhone, apartment hunters will have all the tools at their disposal necessary to find that perfect place. The best thing about each of these options is that they completely eliminate the need to physically visit an apartment until the last stage of the search process: signing the lease form.

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Darren Kolman contributed this guest post on behalf of RentersVoice.com – an online renting guide with apartment reviews. Darren is a real estate consultant and freelance writer. His articles mainly appear on property blogs.

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