While the global economy slowly inching back from the precipice after the 2008 downturn, many people are still unsure of the future. This makes the idea of large purchases, like a new car for example, a tricky prospect for many families and individuals alike. Not only that, but the process of purchasing a new vehicle is often a long, drawn-out affair that can really drain those who lead an already hectic lifestyle.

But like most aspects of life in today’s Internet age, technology can ease the burden of finding and buying a new car. The mobile revolution, after all, has given us the mobile app, and there are many options available for download that deal directly with helping people save money and increase efficiency during the process of buying a car.

Best Car-buying Apps for iPhone

Best Car-buying Apps for iPhone

1. Auto Trader

AutoTrader Car-buying iPhone AppThis iPhone app has been released by the popular Internet car-search site and offers most of the same functionality. What can really turn the process of searching for a used car into a nightmare is the need to visit dealership after dealership in pursuit of the perfect model at the right price. This app removes the dealership from the equation and allows the user to search a near-limitless database of both new and used vehicles.

An advanced search option also allows the user to browse by factors like color, engine type, transmission and body style. Those who do prefer to visit car lots can use the app to scan the VIN on the windshield of the vehicle in order to bring up other comparable options for sale in Auto Trader’s database.

Download Auto Trader

2. Cars.com

Cars iPhone AppsAnother app based on a popular cars-for-sale website, Cars.com for iPhone allows users to browse available cars by dealership as well as by make and model. Users can then compare up to three options at a time side by side as well as access reviews. One reason the app is so useful is because it features an easy-to-use car loan calculator that quickly spits out monthly payment projections, down-payment figures, tax considerations and interest rates after inputting the vehicle price.

Download Cars.com

3. Edmunds

Edmunds Car App for iPhoneHaggling over the price of a used car is another reason many folks avoid the dealership at all costs. But the Edmunds app makes the process of finding the best deal for a certain vehicle an easy one. The app provides detailed pricing projections based on vehicle make and model and even provides exact pricing on smilar for-sale vehicles in the area. The app also has a True Market Value indicator for those who are shopping for brand-new cars.

Download Edmunds

4. Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book iPhone AppFor decades, the Kelley Blue Book has been the gold standard for those looking for fair trade-in deals. Like Edmunds, the app offers new car info, but it is geared towards those who want an accurate idea of just how much their current car is worth.

Download Kelly Blue Book

5. Credit Karma

Credit Karma iPhone AppThere’s no reason to leave a credit check solely up to a car salesman when the Credit Karma app puts that power right in the palm of the buyer’s hand. The information it produces may not be as exact as the data generated by an official credit report, but its TransUnion score is close enough to give the buyer a good idea of what their financing will look like.

Download Credit Karma

Armed with even one of these apps, the average car buyer can expect to save cash on their purchase via price and trade-in comparisons. And since all these options are free, there’s no excuse not to download one just before that next visit to the dealership.

About Author: Jonathan Allbones is a personal finance writer and car fan. He contributes to a number of leading blogs across the web. If you are looking for a car supermarket visit The Car People.

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