Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn Dance

If you dream to win a billion hearts by becoming a popular dancer, you shouldn’t miss out on these top 10 dance apps for iPhone and iPad. Watch the dance videos and follow the step-by-step guide for perfect execution every move. And yes, they also keep you motivated with personalized instructions.

Dancing has always been very close to my heart. During my school days, I would spend hours to perfect Michael Jackson’s immortal “Crotch grab,” iconic “Moonwalk” and ever-impressive “Toe stand.” Though I could never perfect those stunning moves, I never got tired of trying them.

The one huge huddle that I used to face while learning dance was the lack of guidance. No longer! With the best iPhone and iPad dance learning apps just a touch away, everything from helpful guidance to motivation are now always there to help me master moves like a pro.

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Whether you dream to be a popular choreographer or wish to win a lot of hearts by showing your amazing dance skill, these dance apps for iOS can be a big asset. Jump over to take a look!

Top 10 Dance Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Time to give your penchant for mastering all the awesome moves a huge boost! Simply pick out your favorite song and start dancing on it. You can create your playlists with scintillating songs and earn plenty of coins to unlock new ones.

As new songs are added every month, you will always have something hot to play. Also, check out the total calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Healthkit dashboard. Moreover, this dance-learning app has the support of multiple languages like English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more.

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Price: Free

#2. Salsy Rhythm

Salsa Rhythm iPhone and iPad Dance App Screenshot

Announce yourself a bandleader and learn salsa from Salsa Rhythm iPhone dance app. This app is the best companion for dancers, musicians, and instructors. Among its top features include practicing dance timing at a tempo, combining instruments to your liking and select their patterns, using as a metronome and practicing your groove with an ensemble.

You can start your dance class anywhere by using this app on your iPhone or iPad. Variety is the spice of your life, and adding spice to the app are 20 different piano patterns, bass patterns, and 29 percussion patterns.

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Price: $2.99

#3. STEEZY Studio

STEEZY Studio Learn To Dance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As an aspiring rockstar of tomorrow, you would like to have the “STEEZY Studio” as your guide. What makes this dance learning app so good is that it lets you go at your own pace. The app provides more than 120 classes based on different skill levels.

You can choose your goal and start doing practice. To ensure you are on the right track, you will be able to keep track of your progress. With the helpful instructions from experts, you will succeed in getting a better grip over dancing.

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Currently,  STEEZY Studio offers five styles including Hip Hop & Urban Dance, popping, house dance, locking, krump.

Keep in mind; the app offers a free trial of just one week. After that, you will need to subscribe to the pro version ($19.99/monthly) to continue.

Price: Free

#4. Dance Strength Training

Dance Strength Training iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

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“Dance Strength Training” can be immensely helpful not just for those who wish to learn dancing but also for the ones who want to improve their fitness.

As the app consists of basic moves and advanced exercises, both beginners, as well as pros, will enjoy using it. Watch the hot moves and repeat them as many times as possible to emulate Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj or even Beyonce! Listen to the instructions and follow them correctly.

Create customized workouts to push yourself harder. As the app works even offline, your training session won’t have any interruption if Internet suddenly goes for a toss. Additionally, you can unlock more features like splits shake, wheel shake through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#5. Dance with Vincent & Flavia

Dance with Vincent & Flavia iPhone App Screenshot

What matters most while learning dance is the step-by-step guidance. And with “Dance with Vincent & Flavia,” you get the much-required instruction to ensure you can perform moves perfectly.

You have to watch dance videos and follow the steps. If you are dancing with your partner, it will guide you how both of you can ideally co-ordinate and do the steps with more flair.

The app has six dances including Cha Cha Cha (the Social Foxtrot) the Waltz, the Jive, the Salsa, and Tango. You can read all the latest Vincent & Flavia news. Even better, you will also get online discounts across on various brands through gaining Tango Tokens by using the App.

Price: $3.99

#6. Dance Festivals

Dance Festivals iPhone App Screenshot

Are you a big fan of dance events and never want to miss out on any of them? If yes, “Dance Festivals” has to be your top bet!

The dance learning app hosts several Latin dance events like Atlanta Salsa Festival, Bachateando (Miami), New York Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, LA Bachata Festival and more. So, watch them all and learn the moves.

Furthermore, you can also purchase passes and even book hotels right from the app.

Price: Free

#7. Aerobic Dance Exercises

Aerobic Dance Exercises iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wish to tone your body while learning stunning moves? You shouldn’t look beyond Aerobic Dance Exercises.”

The app lets you select your preferred workout from over 7 hours of video classes. With plenty of cardio and strength workout available, you can bolster your stamina.

Watch the dance moves broken down step by step. And yes, make sure to follow the professional instructions to learn dance moves immaculately!

Price: Free

#8. Trance

‎Trance iPhone and iPad Dance App Screenshot

When it comes to dancing, you should always be ready to experiment to learn impressive moves. With “Trance,” you get a chance to master tons of killer moves and the opportunity the innovate.

The app offers hundreds of songs to let you shake legs. Besides, it keeps on adding the new ones regularly so that your joy never hits boredom.

Based on your skill, you can choose basic, medium or hard levels. And if you think that you have got the ability to beat your friends, you can throw the challenge at them. Besides, you will share your dance moves and even interact with the ever-growing community.

Price: Free

#9. Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you have set your sight on mastering hip-hop moves, “Hip Hop Dance” would be an excellent asset for you. The professional hip-hop choreography ensures you can learn moves more conveniently.

It features 80 moves with helpful guides and keeps you motivated throughout so that you can deliver 100%. Your personal digital trainer assists you in remaining sync with the routine with the timely audio guide. Even better, you can also customize the workout to suit your needs better.

Price: Free

#10. Dancing Lessons

Dancing Lessons iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are a novice, you should try out “Dancing Lessons.” With the easy-to-follow steps, the app helps you learn the art of shaking legs in style. It offers many videos with helpful instructions so that you can learn to do each step perfectly.

Whether you want to master belly dancing or get a good hang of the iconic moonwalk, it can take you through. Like dancing in your friends’ marriage parties? You can also perfect wedding dancing to win everyone’s heart!

Price: $0.99

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

I guess some of these apps have already caught your attention and you are all set to try them, aren’t you? Let us know your valuable feedback about them in the comments.

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