Best Apple Watch [42mm] Screen Protectors: Must-Have for Your Coveted Device

Your smartwatch deserves better shield from scratch! Quickly explore this finest collection of the top 10 Apple Watch screen protectors to enjoy HD clarity and also keep scrape, abrasion, the fingerprint at bay from harming the delicate touchscreen of your device.

The tiny touchscreen of your Apple Watch needs as much care as the ultra-large screen of your 5.5-inch iPhone. So, if you don’t want to take a chance and wish to keep brutal scratch away, take a peek at this premium collection of the best Apple Watch 42mm screen protectors.

Take the full advantage of the HD clarity to ramp up your viewing experience. Let your every touch feel the desired smoothness. Moreover, your eyes won’t strain due to UV light when these top screen guards for Apple Watch are installed!

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Note: All the below-listed screen protectors are for Apple Watch 42mm.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors

#1. IQ Shield

IQ Shield Apple Watch Screen Protector

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin provides edge-to-edge protection to your Apple Watch screen. With the HD clarity, the screen guard enormously improves the viewing experience. As it’s completely bubble-free, you won’t have any difficulty in installing it on your smartwatch.

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The screen protector is strong enough to ward off scratch. Being very sensitive to the touch, it identifies your every tap. Made of quality material, the screen guard lasts long.

USP: Edge-to-edge protection
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#2. Skinomi® TechSkin [6 Pack]

Skinomi TechSkin 6 Pack Apple Watch Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin offers full-screen coverage to your Watch screen. Readied with the advanced laser cutting technology, the screen guard settles on perfectly on the screen. Thanks to the military-grade thermoplastic urethane, it can defend the touchscreen against scratch and absorb impact.

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The screen protector made to resist UV light, which helps it retain clarity for long. There is no bubble while installing this screen guard. As it keeps fingerprint, oil, and dust away, you will find it very responsive to the touch.

USP: Resistant to UV light
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#3. ILLUMI AquaShield

AquaShield Apple Watch Screen Protector

For safeguarding the touchscreen of your Watch, ILLUMI AquaShield is one of the better options.  The screen guard delivers edge-to-edge defense to the screen.

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The military-grade film is UV resistant and doesn’t turn yellow. Thus, it’s able to retain high clarity for long. The silicone adhesive layer keeps bubbles away, allowing you to install the screen guard without any issue. Moreover, AquaShield comes in as many as six packs powered by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Silicone adhesive layer
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#4. Klear Cut [6 Pack]

Klear Cut 6 Pack Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Bestowed with high transparency, Klear Cut is prepared to be a useful screen guard that can live up to the expectation with the admirable result. It’s made of the top-notch multi-layer Japanese PET film which can absorb impact with aplomb.

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Due mainly to the multilayer surface, it can prevent scratches and fingerprints from ruining the sensitivity of the screen. The anti-bubble silicone layer ensures you can install the screen guard without any hassle. It comes in six packs. Better still, the screen protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

USP: Scratch resistant
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#5. JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch

If you are in search of a screen guard that can provide unmatched protection to your smartwatch’s touchscreen, you shouldn’t overlook JETech. Created with the finest tempered glass, it’s extremely hard-wearing. Having 9H hardness, you can completely trust this screen protector to resist impact.

As for providing high-transparency, it’s right up there with the best in the business. With the high responsiveness, it ensures you are able to use your smartwatch smoothly. Even better, this tempered glass screen guard comes in double packs.

USP: Highly responsive
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SUPERSHIELDZ Apple Watch Screen Protector

Supershieldz has packed in both superior quality and the ability to shield your smartwatch screen from scrape. Carved out of the finest Japanese PET film, it’s pretty smooth. It’s precisely cut to perfectly fit on the touchscreen of your Watch.

The screen guard is able to remove glare and fingerprint. Courtesy of the bubble-free adhesives, it makes installation pretty easy. It’s available in six packs. What’s more, you have lifetime replacement warranty.

USP: Anti-fingerprint
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#7. XtremeGuard

XtremeGuard Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Whether it’s delivering the needed safeguard from scratch of providing ultra-clarity XtremeGuard stands up to the task admirably. Being very smooth and sensitive, you will be able to make the most force touch technology. By removing fingerprint, smudges, and grime, the screen guard remains in the top gear. Since it resists UV light, you will have better viewing experience. You will be able to comfortably install it. Besides, it doesn’t leave any residue at all when removed.

Since it resists UV light, you will have better viewing experience. You will be able to comfortably install it. Besides, it doesn’t leave any residue at all when removed.

USP: Touch sensitive
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#8. AsianiCandy

AsianiCandy Apple Watch Screen Protector 42mm
AsianiCandy is an excellent defender for the Apple Watch touchscreen. It’s made of high-quality tempered glass and boasts industry-standard 9H hardness. The screen guard is exceptionally resistant to scratch and can even fight out the sharpness of a knife.

Rounded edges help the screen protector to fit seamlessly. With the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, it doesn’t allow fingerprint and grime to pile up on the screen. As a result, it offers high clarity and also keeps the sensitivity alive.

USP: Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating
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#9. ArmorSuit

ArmorSuit Apple Watch Screen Protector

The highlight of ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Is the military-grade protection. This screen guard is specially designed to keep the touchscreen of your smartwatch completely secure. Besides, it excels in delivering the high definition clarity.

The screen protector is ideally mounted on the screen; covering all the edges. It doesn’t allow fingerprint or grime to destroy the user experience. Furthermore, the lifetime replacement warranty ensures you are always on the winning side of the stream in case it doesn’t live up to the billing!

USP: Anti-yellow
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#10. RinoGear

RinoGear Apple Watch 2 Screen Protector

This is yet another screen protector which offers the military-grade shield to the touchscreen of your Apple Watch. What stands it in good stead is the high-quality thermoplastic urethane material. Whether it’s scratch, smudge or ugly fingerprint, this screen guard has got the strength to keep them away.

Being UV resistant, it also provides the safety to your eyes and prevents straining. Hence, you will enjoy using your smartwatch for hours without any issue. The soft surface feels your every touch as swiftly as you would want. More importantly, this solid screen guard is available in six packs.

USP: Bubble-free
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That’s all folks!

Your Favorite Screen Guard?

Out of all of these top screen protectors for Apple Watch 42mm, which one has become your favorite? I guess it’s the one that delivers superior safeguard from scratch. Or is it the one that’s incredibly soft and transparent? It would be really nice to know its name in the comment below.

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