Best Apple Watch Power Banks in 2019: Charge Your Smartwatch While You Are On The Go

Like your iPhone, you can charge your Apple Watch (Any model) with portable power banks. This sounds a little impossible for new users. After going through our list of portable Apple Watch chargers of 2019, you will be convinced that you can keep your smartwatch charged on the go.

The smarter the device, the more battery consumption. The technological revolution has shrunk the screen size of our communication gadgets. A few years back, our desktop computer was everything to us; then came laptops & notebooks; the smartphone has usurped the laptop rule, and now our industry insiders can foresee smartwatch as the supreme authority in the realm of communication. And when we talk about the smartwatch, Apple Watch invariably strikes our mind first.

But with diminishing screen size, battery life issues have surfaced inevitably. The reason is simple: the reduction in screen size is often in inverse proportion to our access to multiple windows. For example, we access the Internet, play games, use apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and maps on our smartphones. Similarly, we need all the above (and perhaps more) on our smartwatch.

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To deal with this new challenge of battery life, tech giants have launched myriad solutions. Here is the list of four best Apple Watch power banks that help solve the battery life issue faced by new users of Apple Watch.

Best 2019 Power Banks for Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2, and Apple Series 1


GLAWEE Apple Watch Charger and Power Bank

GLAWEE brings a multi-function power bank for your Apple Watch. This 5000mAh portable charger powers up your smartwatch six times. Certified by Appl MFi, this power bank is packed with authentic chip issued by Apple and guarantees 100% compatibility with your Apple devices.

Apart from your Apple Watch, this power bank can charge your iPhone as it boasts a USB port to connect your phone. The base of this power bank allows you to use it as a nightstand.

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USP: Authentic chip
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#2. TLT Retail

TLT Retail Apple Watch Power Bank

TLT Retail has manufactured an extremely portable power bank, which doubles as a pocket-sized keychain for travel. The 600mAh built-in power can charge up your Apple Watch without incurring any damage over current, overpower and overheat.

Half the size of your credit/debit card, this power bank has four LED indicators to show the power status. With its carabiner, you can tie this small power bank with your backpack, car key, or any other accessory.

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USP: Small size
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#3. ZENS

ZENS Apple Watch Power Bank

ZENS presents a cube-shaped 1300mAh power bank for your Apple Watch. This travel-friendly charging cube charges your watch three times. A portable, small but potent piece is Apple MFi certified. You can use this cube at your home, office, or in your car during long travels.

A compact puck is just 1.5 inches wide; thus, you can keep it in your pocket or travel bag conveniently. Simply drop your smartwatch on the puck, and it will be charged wirelessly.

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USP: Compact design
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#4. Hornorm

Hornorm Apple Watch Power Bank

Hornorm offers a small portable charger with a large capacity of 950mAh. You can quickly charge your Apple Watch 1.3 times while you are away from wall chargers. This power bank keeps your watch in nightstand mode; alternatively, you can simply place your watch on the charger to power up your smartwatch.

Its portable design allows you to attach this power bank to any other accessories. Since this charger is small in size, you can put it in your pocket or travel bag.

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USP: Lithium batteries
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#5. Pantheon

Pantheon Portable Charger for Apple Watch Series 4

Pantheon’s wireless charger for Apple Watch has built-in 700mAh lithium-ion battery that charges your Apple Watch Series 1 three times, Series 2 and three twice. It is one of the best Apple Watch accessories for users who are traveling. This small power bank quickly replaces your long magnetic charger or an oversized dock.

The lightweight and portable Pantheon keychain charger can be hooked to your backpack, or you can carry it in your bag or pocket. This Apple-certified product fulfills all stringent quality and safety requirements.

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USP: Travel-friendly
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MIPOW Apple Watch Series 4 Power Bank

Why settle with only Apple Watch power bank when you can charge your iPhone along with it. MIPOW has a dedicated charging space for Apple Watch along with a USB port, which can be used to charge your iPhone.

It has a 6000mAh battery under the hood that can fully charge your Apple Watch multiple times. In addition to that, the power bank efficiently protects your Watch from overheating, overcurrent, and overcharge. Lastly, it is also Apple MFi certified.

USP: Additional USB port to charge other devices
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#7. Oittm

Oittm Portable Charger for Apple Watch Series 4

The Oittm power bank is exceptionally compact and can be carried around like a keychain. With a compact size, the battery is bound to be smaller; it has merely 700mAh battery. But that is enough to charge your Apple Watch more than a couple of times.

Even with such small design, the product impressibly has all safety features like protection from short-circuits, overheating, and overcharging. Sadly, there aren’t any color options, except for the default black.

USP: Incredibly compact
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#8. UniteduShop

Capshi Apple Watch Power Bank

UniteduShop’s magnetic charging module has been tested by Apple, and for this reason, you can blindly trust this product. Your smartwatch is protected from over-current, over-charging, and over-heating. The wireless watch charger is compatible with all Apple Watch models, including 38/40/42/44 mm.

The brand has packed this portable charger with a 700mAh lithium-ion battery that enables convenient and cordless charging at home or on the go. You can adjust the angle comfortably as the charger boasts strong magnetic adsorption.

USP: Strong magnetic adsorption
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#9. Griffin

Griffin Apple Watch 4 Travel Charger

This power bank is also of a keychain design, but it is slightly bigger. But not big enough to be called as bulky. With a 1050mAh battery along with LED indicators, you can charge your Apple Watch almost a couple of times.

One of the notable things is that it is Apple MFi certified, and thus, it can be assumed to have a safer Watch charging experience. There aren’t any color options, but features, design, and the price are worth looking forward to.

USP: 1050mAh capacity
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FLAGPOWER Apple Watch Power Bank

The power bank from Flagpower is yet another keychain designed product for Apple Watch. What sets apart this one is that it comes with micro-USB cable to charge the power bank. And also, this one is Apple MFi certified. Like most of the similar products, this too has a 700mAh battery, capable of charging your Watch a couple of times.

It isn’t made using cheap plastic; in fact, it is made using ABS and metal shell. This makes it durable and long-lasting. When it comes to protection, the power bank is CE, FCC & RoHS certified. Sadly, there aren’t any color choices, except white.

USP: CE, FCC, and RoHS certified
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That’s all for now!

Signing off…

Portable charging solutions for Apple Watch are the need of the hour. While chasing their dreams, users go one place to another; during this run, they cannot handle those traditional chargers for iPhones and Apple Watches. Wireless chargers provide the best solution to their problem of charging smartwatch.

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