Best Apple Watch Golf Apps in 2020

Apple Watches are an excellent device for all golf lovers because they can provide several sophisticated tools that you require in playing golf with the help of a few exciting apps. App Store is crowded with Golf apps for Apple Watch, so it can often be confusing to select the best alternatives. Therefore, in order to make your work easier, we will highlight the best Apple Watch Golf apps in this article.

What Are the Best Apple Watch Golf Apps in 2020?

#1. Golf Logix

GolfLogix GPS Plus Putt Line Apple Watch App ScreenshotGolf Logix is an excellent Golf app for Apple Watch; the app offers accurate GPS distances, 3D color maps, and 4-player scoring options, etc. It has a very smooth and straightforward user-interface, so you will be easily able to use this Golf app on your Apple Watch.

It comes with more than 35000 Golf courses along with GPS distance and imagery. One of the main features of the Golf Logix app is the Putt Breaks. This is a top-class feature that allows you to click the location of the ball and drag the box to wherever you want to aim.

This app offers both premium and free features. Some of the free features, which you will get by downloading this app, include 3D green maps, GPS and Distance tracker, Digital Scorecard, and 3D navigation of the course.

Some of the top-rated pro features of this Golf app include Approach view option, free trial for the first two rounds, and club tracking, etc. However, to avail premium features, you need to pay the subscription fee, which is $9.99/month or $49.99/year.

Price: Free (GolfLogix Plus – $9.99)

#2. Golfshot

Golfshot Apple Watch App ScreenshotGolfshot is the most advanced Golf GPS app and hence has information of more than 40,000 golf courses, and over 500,000 holes present around the world. It is probably the only Golf app that offers AR on the golf course.

You can operate this app by interacting with Siri, so most of the time, you can use it with your voice commands only. The app records your detailed statistics and recommends a calculated club based on your statistics.

Apart from visualizing the golf course in a 360-degree view, you can track your shot distance or direction, the club used; the app can even track distance to hazards and targets. Within this app, you will find both free and premium features.

This app helps you to register every stroke, along with the club that you use, and it even helps you to track the total distance to the middle, and you can also invite friends and share rounds. These are some of the free features which you will get by using Golfshot.

Some of the premium functions include real-time distance to hazards and traps on over 40000 golf courses, Dynamic 3D flyover view of every hole with club recommendation, and Zoom function. However, to access the exciting premium features, you need to purchase Golfshot Pro by investing $4.99/month or $29.99/year.

Price: Free (Monthly Pro Features Subscription – $4.99)

#3. Golf GPS++

Golf GPS Plus Plus Apple Watch App ScreenshotGolf GPS++ is an essential Golf app which helps you to track shots and get accurate GPS distances. Moreover, the app also comes with a built-in putt and wing analysis option, which further enhances your Golf playing experience.

The app also helps you to track your swing speed, grip, tempo, swing plane, etc. So, all in all, we can say that this app gives all the detailed statistics, which helps you to improve your performance. You do not need an internet connection to use this app, which is another top-class feature.

Gesture Recognition Technology helps to track accurate club swings. It helps you to visualize the holes in 3D and 2D maps, and you can even track your game score automatically with the help of the app.

Unfortunately, this app is not free on Apple Watch, although the app is free on the iPhone. So to use this app on Apple Watch, you need to buy a premium subscription for Apple Watch support, which is available at $79.99.

Price: Free (GolfGPS++ Premium yearly – $21.99)

#4. Golf Pad

Golf Pad Apple Watch App ScreenshotGolf Pad has a pretty straightforward interface, so you will be able to use this app effortlessly even while using Golf Pad for the first time. Golf Pad offers exciting features like golf range finder, scorecards, and shot tracker, etc.

Moreover, this app provides various premium features like instant distance, scoring for up to 4 players, club tracking, and aerial maps, etc. With the help of this Golf app, you can share your scorecard across various social media networks.

However, to avail all the features as mentioned above, you need to purchase the yearly subscription, which costs $19.99 as this app is not free on Apple watch.

Price: Free (GolfGPS++ Premium yearly – $21.99)

#5. Hole19 Golf GPS

Apple Watch Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App ScreenshotHole19 is another exciting Golf app, which is highly accurate and provides a view distance of over 95% of courses around the world. This app even allows you to compare your and your partner’s scorecard side by side. Moreover, Hole19 also will enable you to communicate, compete, and chat with its 1 million active users.

Hole19 provides the bird-eye view of every golf course along with that you can also track hazards and dodges. Hole19 has an extremely straightforward interface, which is one of the key advantages of this Golf app.

Within this app, you will also find a professional scorecard function that gives a detailed analysis of your performance. However, if you want to enjoy mium features of Hole19 like AR view, auto change holes, and HD maps, then you need to buy a subscription by spending $49.99/year.

Price: Free (Lite Birdie Monthly – $1.49)


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have highlighted all the top-rated Golf apps for Apple Watch. With the help of these apps, you will be able to improve your game and overall performance.

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We suggest you try all of the apps which are mentioned above and finally select the best alternative based on your preference and liking. After using the apps, don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the below comment section.

Best Apple Watch Golf Apps

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Best Apple Watch Golf Apps
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