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Want to stay updated with everything golf? Look no further. Here are the best golf apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps offer a variety of features, including GPS rangefinders, swing analysis, score monitoring, and other functions. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these apps have something for all of you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Golf Digest Magazine
  2. PGA Tour
  3. SwingU
  4. Hole19
  5. Golfshot plus
  6. OnForm
  7. V1 golf
  8. Swing
  9. Golf handicap tracker & scores

1. Golf Digest Magazine – Editor’s choice


When putting up a list of the top golf apps for iPhone, the first app that comes to mind is Golf Digest. It’s a must-have app for any golf enthusiast. The app’s news and equipment reviews section is useful for staying up to date on the newest advancements in the golf equipment industry, such as new clubs, balls, and accessories.

Overall, the Golf Digest app is a fantastic resource for players wanting to up their game as well. It’s jam-packed with information and simple to use. Though the app is free to download, you need to make an in-app purchase of $2.99 to get the premium insights.

Finally, I recommend that you download it right away since it contains in-depth information, ideas, and directions on how to improve your game using the latest news and equipment reviews from the world of golf.


  • Videos embedded in the content
  • Regular updates
  • Auto-renewal of subscription
  • Developers take feedback positively 


  • Landscape mode is not available

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


2. PGA Tour – Your one-stop golf app

PGA Tour all-around golf app for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for an all-around golf app, go no further than PGA Tour. The app gives a plethora of information about the most recent events, including live scoring, leaderboards, and player metrics. It also provides comprehensive coverage of previous events, including full results and historical statistics.

The app also provides the option to quickly track your favorite players’ performance throughout an event. The app’s live scoring mechanism is what sets it apart. Providing real-time information on the tournament’s progress is the app’s USP. Additionally, the leaderboard is simple to navigate and allows you to quickly check the standings of your favorite players.

Another excellent aspect of the app is the in-app video coverage. You also get access to live streaming of prominent groups as well as video highlights of major tournament occurrences. And if you’re a fanboy like me, then you can also view player interviews, analysis and suggestions from golf professionals, and recaps of the day’s events.

My personal favorite area contains significant background information on the players, such as profiles, previous performances, and current rankings. If you’re a reader, you can also read news pieces and feature stories on the athletes and follow them on social media. So, if you want a feature-rich golf app, simply click the download button below.


  • Real-time scoring
  • Analytics
  • Clean UI


  • Drains battery

Price: Free


3. SwingU – The best rangefinder golf app

Golf GPS Swing U is a comprehensive iPhone and iPad app that has over 6 million users worldwide and is designed to assist golfers of all levels in. Using GPS technology, the app gives golfers information regarding the distance to the front, middle, and back. Additionally, you’re also given info on hazards and other course elements in the green.

The app’s particular swing analysis function is what sets it apart. Furthermore, it is intelligent enough to forecast and deliver precise information on your swing path, club head speed, and club face angle. It also provides comments and suggestions on how you can improve them.

The app becomes a complete package and a must-have for anyone with a passion for the game. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and provides an overall great experience to the golfer.

You can always choose to subscribe to Plus or Premium status to gain access to additional services such as the AI-powered digital caddy platform and elite golfer game-improvement platform. The in-app purchase is simple, straightforward, and smooth.


  • More than 6 million existing users
  • Include swing analysis
  • Keeps track of the golf sticks in the bag


  • Some features are tricky to use

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99)


4. Hole19 – Scoring handbook

Hole19 Golf GPS App for iPhone and iPad

Hole19 Golf GPS has a plethora of features, including a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, and golf statistics monitor, allowing you to keep track of your progress and make modifications to your game over time.

The app’s rangefinder is capable of measuring shot lengths to the front, back, and center of the park, as well as all critical hazards and targets, for about 43,000 golf courses in 201 countries. Furthermore, it allows you to find golf courses that are both suitable for you and nearby.

Hole19 has a social component that allows you to connect with your friends and play in virtual tournaments. making it one of the best golf GPS apps out there. Also, you may publish your round on social media. One thing that entices me about this app is that it works in complete sync with the Apple Watch.

The app is accessible in several languages for both iOS and Android smartphones. The Hole19 Golf GPS app also includes a premium edition with additional features like 3D flyovers, comprehensive statistics and training, club suggestions, and much more to assist golfers in improving their game.


  • Simple to use
  • Updates on a regular basis
  • Apple Watch compatible


  • Consumes a lot of space on your device

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.49)


5. Golfshot plus – Auto-shot tracker golf app

Golfshot Plus App for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Every wonderful item comes at a cost, and Golfshot Plus is no exception. The app is one-of-a-kind and compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, with an in-app purchase of $99.99. Not only that, but the software also sends you messages on your iMessage app about golf courses, matches, etc.

According to the firm, they were the first to include auto-shot tracking as a function on the Apple Watch. In addition, you may use Siri to question the virtual assistant about the distance to the green, and you can utilize the Auto-Advance and Voice Hole information to accomplish a hands-free experience.

The digital scorecard function, which allows golfers to conveniently manage their scores and metrics, is just another tool added to the feature-rich software. The app’s statistics monitoring tool allows you to view details about a golfer’s performance over time, such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per round, and more.

Golfshot Plus is a flexible and useful software for golfers of all skill levels, giving them the tools and information they need to improve and track their performance. You must also upgrade to Pro if you want to play with a friend who has the Pro version of the app.


  •  Get frequent updates
  • GPS feature is available


  • Auto-advance feature of the app is tricky to use

Price: $99.99 (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


6. OnForm – Versatile app

OnForm Video Analysis App and Golf App for iPhone and iPad

OnForm is a video analysis tool meant to help athletes and coaches improve their performance by evaluating their movement and technique. You may quickly capture yourself with the software and evaluate the video footage of your performance using a mobile device.

The software also provides a variety of features that enables you to compare numerous video footage frame by frame or overlay footage to spot the subtle differences in movement patterns and make necessary adjustments to your approaches. Furthermore, the app saves and organizes the videos, which are later shared with coaches or other athletes for viewing and providing feedback.

For athletes and coaches, the app is a practical and cost-effective option. It also comes with pre-loaded movements, drills, and workouts for several sports, allowing you to gain feedback on a specific skill.

The app’s greatest strength is its versatility since it covers not only golf but also other sports, such as soccer and basketball. The software was created with all levels of athletes and coaches in mind, from amateur to professional, and is a no-brainer to download if you love the game.


  • Cover multiple sports
  • Clean UI
  • Easy to edit tags


  • On the costlier side

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


7. V1 golf – Video analysis golf app

Golf Swing Analysis App for iPhone and iPad

Looking for individual golf instruction and lessons from a coach? Why not try V1 Golf? It is a smartphone-driven app developed to assist golfers of all ability levels in improving their swing and game. The best thing is that the software is accessible for both iPhone and Android users and has a premium edition with additional capabilities.

The app’s swing analysis function is one of its main features, allowing you to effortlessly record your swing and compare it to the swings of professional golfers or other golfers. The good news doesn’t stop there. You can also develop a library of your own swings and compare them over time to observe how the swing evolves, allowing you to evaluate the performance and look for areas of improvement.

With a plethora of tools, such as the statistics monitoring function, you can view precise information about your or any other golfer’s performance over time, such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per round, and more. Furthermore, it allows you to measure your shots, maintain your score, and develop your game all at the same time.

Furthermore, the app enables access to golf courses all around the world, as well as a map of the course with real-time distances and play during the round. It also offers golf news from across the world to keep readers up to date on the newest golf-related happenings.


  • Polished and refined feedback
  • Updated content on a frequent basis
  • Authentic and reliable news


  • The user interface needs to be improved

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99)


8. Swing – Profile analyzer app

Swing Profile Golf Analyzer App for iPhone and iPad

Looking for a hands-free golf swing app? Download the Swing profile golf analyzer app and utilize its video swing analysis technology to capture and analyze your swing. Furthermore, the app provides precise information and feedback on the swing path, club head speed, club face angle, and tempo.

Furthermore, the app provides a full swing analysis report with numerous swing data, which helps golfers understand where they need to improve. Not only that, but you can also make and print a gorgeous swing sequence snapshot of yourself.

Golf Analyzer also has a premium edition with additional features such as advanced swing analysis, tailored club suggestions, and more to assist golfers in improving their game. Overall, it is a flexible and useful software for golfers of all ability levels, offering the tools and information needed to improve and track your performance on the course.

It also allows access to golf courses all around the world, as well as a map of the course with real-time distances and play during the round.


  • Replay function
  • Can export videos to device


  • A bit costlier

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


9. Golf handicap tracker & scores – The notifier

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores App for iPhone and iPad

Having trouble keeping track of your handicap index or golf scores? The all-in-one Golf handicap tracker & scores app from InfoTalk has solved the problem. The app’s simple user interface makes it easy to enter scores, see statistics, and track progress.

A handicap index is a statistic that measures a golfer’s perspective-scoring ability on a typical difficult course. You may use this app to enter your scores from golf rounds, and the app will compute your handicap index depending on the scores you submit.

The software distinguishes itself from the competition with features such as automated handicap index computation, the ability to track scores for several rounds and courses, and historical information such as top scores, average scores, and handicap index over time.

Personally, I enjoy the ability of the app to share scores and data with friends, as well as the push notification that notifies me whenever my friends submit scores. Additionally, the app developers include some extra features within the app for a reasonable price.


  • It is simple to use
  • Determine the handicap index
  • Push notifications are received


  • Only accessible in a few countries

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99)


Does Apple have a golf GPS app?

No, Apple doesn’t have an official GPS golf app, but it has authorized many golf applications on the App Store for use with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Happy golfing!

This is my selection of the best golf apps for iPhone and iPad. What do you think about the list? Please leave your opinions in the comments section below. I’ll look them up! In addition, if you follow sports on a daily basis, I have some more suggestions.

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