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iGBWallpapersCool basketball wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Cool basketball wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Does basketball make you go wiggle, wiggle, and all you wanna see is some dribble, dribble? Then we have just the wallpapers that’ll make you jiggle, jiggle for. Grab these amazing basketball wallpapers for your iPhone now (just tap download).

1. Cool basketball wallpaper for iPhone

For some, basketball is just a game; for others, basketball is a way of life. And for the latter category, basketball never stops. In fact, the game will never stop.



2. Nike basketball court wallpaper iPhone

Nike’s connection with basketball was cemented in the June of 1984 when they signed a five-year incentive-laden deal with Michael Jordan. And as Jordan became basketball’s biggest star, Nike became the go-to sneaker for most NBA players.

Nike basketball court cool wallpapers iphone 630x450 1


3. Michael Jordan Basketball wallpaper

Is there a basketball fan who doesn’t love or appreciate this guy? I don’t think so. So, here’s a wallpaper to celebrate the OG G.O.A.T.

Michael Jordan Basketball iPhone wallpaper


4. Mamba forever basketball iPhone wallpaper

Few can leave a legacy as rich and inspiring as Kobe Bryant. Did you know Kobe gave himself the “Black Mamba” nickname after watching Kill Bill, wherein an assassin used a black mamba to kill another character?

Kobe Bryant basketball iPhone wallpaper


5. Stephen Curry iPhone wallpaper

Do you know who Stephen Curry’s best friend is? His mouth guard . While the joke might be bad, a fact is a fact.

As per a Wall Street Journal, Steph shoots better free throws when chewing his mouthguard. 92% of his free throw attempts were successful when chewing on the mouthguard. While his success rate was down to 89% when he isn’t.

Basketball Steph Curry wallpaper iPhone


6. Devin Booker basketball wallpaper

Devin became the sixth player in NBA history to score 70 points in 2017. And ever since then, he has been a rising star for the Phoenix Suns.

And while you can’t spot him in court due to a hamstring injury, you can see him regularly on your iPhone screen, thanks to this wallpaper.

Devin Booker basketball wallpaper iPhone


7. LeBron James iPhone wallpaper

From a street kid to an NBA superstar, LeBron James, aka King James, has had an incredibly remarkable journey. He was billed as “The Chosen One” by Sports illustrated in his junior year.

Since then, he has won the NBA championships with the Miami Heat (2012 and 2013), the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016), and the Los Angeles Lakers (2020).

LeBron James basketball iPhone wallpaper


8. Kyrie Irving basketball iPhone wallpaper

Kyrie’s defensive schemes on the court are unbeatable, thanks to his impossible-to-replicate handles and shot-making ability.

But do you know; that his signature line of shoes with Nike is also almost unbeatable and is one of the brand’s most popular collections.

Kyrie Irving basketball wallpaper iPhone


9. Giannis Antetokounmpo iPhone wallpaper

It’s time to appreciate and celebrate the Greek Freak and his speed, strength, and, most importantly, his ball-handling speed.

Giannis-Antetokounmpo basketball iPhone wallpaper


10. Kevin Durant basketball wallpaper

What better way to end this series than to feature a finisher! Kevin is amongst the most potent scorer in the NBA, thanks to his versatile skill set.

Kevin Durant basketball wallpaper iPhone


Hope you had fun going through these amazing basketball iPhone wallpaper. Who’s your favorite player of all time? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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