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iGBAccessoriesBest Apple Vision Pro accessories in 2024

Best Apple Vision Pro accessories in 2024

Are you done buying your dream Apple Vision Pro? Now, you must complement it with some useful accessories. These will help you get a smoother user experience with Vision Pro. Here, I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Vision Pro accessories for you. Let’s explore!

1. Apple Vision Pro Travel Case – Editor’s Choice

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

Apple Vision Pro offers a portable design so you can carry the entertainment on the go. However, you need a compact bag to keep it safe. Apple launched the official Vision Pro Travel Case.

You will get a retractable handle and compartments for Vision Pro’s battery, ZEISS Optical Inserts, Vision Pro cover, and other accessories. Also, it has a polycarbonate protective structure with a microfibre inner lining and a ripstop outer shell.

This case is a bit expensive but ensures premium quality. Besides the Travel Case, Apple released many accessories, including a battery pack, Light Seal, Dual Loop Band, Solo Knit Band, Light Seal Cushion, and many others.

If you find this product expensive, you may explore our other budget-friendly suggestions for Apple Vision Pro travel cases.


  • Official travel case
  • Polycarbonate protective structure
  • Microfibre inner lining


  • Expensive

Check out on Apple

2. Belkin Battery Holder – Perfect battery holder for Vision Pro

Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro has a battery pack, which you must keep connected when using. However, when you keep it in your pocket, it’s not safe; Belkin’s Battery holder can help you with that.

It lets you clip the battery pack to your belt or pants. The cross-body strap, on the other hand, lets you access the battery pack hands-free if you don’t have or use a clip when using gestures to control Apple Vision Pro.


  • Convenient clip for cable management
  • Cross-body strap


  • Expensive

Check out on Apple

3. ZEISS Optical Inserts – Custom lenses for vision correction

ZEISS Optical Inserts for Apple Vision Pro

It’s not easy to use Apple Vision Pro if you have glasses for vision correction. Fortunately, Apple partnered with ZEISS to create optical inserts for the Vision Pro. You can get these custom-made optical inserts if you have a prescription.

These optical inserts are also available for readers with three reader strengths. The best part is that these attach magnetically to the Vision Pro and are unique to each eye. Apple Vision Pro’s light seal works with these optical inserts perfectly.

If you order your Apple Vision Pro before getting the optical inserts, you might need to purchase a new Light Seal for your Vision Pro.


  • Custom lens correction options
  • Available in three reader strengths


  • No major cons found

Check out on Apple

4. Clean VR Kit – Best for cleaning the Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Cleaning kit

It’s necessary to clean your Apple Vision Pro regularly with a cleaning kit. Although Apple does sell a Polishing cloth, it’s not suitable for cleaning your Vision Pro. In that case, you’ll need a VR cleaning kit.

This Clean VR Kit comes with a lens cleaning pen to remove dust from the lenses and two microfibre cloths to clean the lenses inside out. It’s helpful for cleaning VR and smartphone screens, camera lenses, glasses, drones, and VR headsets for iPhone.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Usable with other gadgets
  • Best for cleaning VR headsets


  • No major cons found

Check out on Amazon

5. PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller – Play games on the Vision Pro

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller to play games on Apple Vision Pro

If you like playing games on the Apple Vision Pro, getting a PlayStation DualSense wireless controller is necessary. You can connect the DualSense wireless controller to your Apple Vision Pro and easily play games.

Although the Vision Pro doesn’t limit you to a DualSense wireless controller, it’s still the best way to experience games from the App Store.


  • Easy connectivity with Apple Vision Pro
  • Low latency
  • Available in different colors


  • Some games might not be compatible

Check out on Amazon

6. TamBee Disposable sweat guards – Keep yourself sweat-free

tambee Disposable Sweat Guard

If you’re like me, you’re bound to have sweat around your eyes after a long session with your Apple Vision Pro. In such cases, I’d recommend you go for TamBee’s disposable sweat guards.

It’s like a mask around the eye that absorbs your sweat when using Vision Pro, so you don’t feel uncomfortable. The non-woven fabric creates a breathable design around the eyes with ventilation holes.

Besides, the high elastic ear loops provide a snug fit. You get 50 of these disposable sweat guards in the box, meaning you’ll have to dispose of them after using them once.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Skin-friendly
  • Efficient sweat absorption
  • Keeps your Vision Pro clean


  • Might not fit perfectly for some

Check out on Amazon

7. Goseth TPU protective case – Protect your Vision Pro’s screen

GOSETH TPU Protective Cover Case for Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro has a fragile glass on the front, and if it accidentally falls, you’ll have to pay a hefty. Since prevention is better than cure, I recommend you get Goseth’s TPU protective case for your Vision Pro.

It is lightweight and has an anti-drop design that keeps your Vision Pro’s screen safe. The TPU material, with its high transparency, doesn’t obstruct your vision. Moreover, it’s easy to install and remove with a simple slide mechanism.


  • TPU material with high-transparency
  • Anti-drop design
  • Precise cutouts for the Vision Pro cameras
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Adds a little weight to the Vision Pro

Check out on Amazon

Other compatible accessories with Apple Vision Pro

Besides the third-party accessories mentioned above, your Apple Vision Pro can connect with a wide range of official accessories, those recommended by Apple.

1. Apple Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard for Apple iPad

Typing on the virtual keyboard of Apple Vision Pro is a different experience, but not everyone prefers the same. It has a higher learning curve and can be slow at first. Alternatively, you can use the Apple Magic Keyboard to get a better typing experience.

Although you’re not limited to the Magic Keyboard, any Bluetooth keyboard works just fine with the Vision Pro. As I have a Magic Keyboard, I wouldn’t use the virtual keyboard or go for another keyboard for my Vision Pro.

Check out on: Apple | Amazon

2. Apple Magic Trackpad

apple magic trackpad

While the gesture controls on the Apple Vision Pro are intuitive, it can look odd when using the pinch gestures in public. It’s best to use a trackpad to navigate your Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Magic Trackpad is an accessory that goes hand-in-hand with your Apple Vision Pro. It can be handy, especially when you’re connecting your Mac to your Apple Vision Pro.

Check out on: Apple | Amazon

3. AirPods Pro

Apple Airpods pro 2nd generation

The audio output from the Apple Vision Pro is fairly good but isn’t adequate for an immersive. Moreover, if you’re in a public space, it can disturb others around you. Having an AirPods can save your day.

While you can also other Bluetooth earphones with your Apple Vision Pro, nothing comes close to AirPods Pro’s lossless audio support, ultra-low latency, quick pairing, and seamless integration with other Apple devices.

Furthermore, if an app supports Dolby Atmos, the AirPods Pro lets you immerse yourself in it with Spatial Audio. AirPods Pro is a must if you have got an Apple Vision Pro, in my opinion.

Check out on: Apple | Amazon

4. AirTags


The Apple Vision Pro is an expensive device, and keeping it safe should be your topmost priority. In the worst-case scenario, if your Apple Vision Pro gets stolen, an AirTag can help you keep track of your Apple Vision Pro.

You may keep an AirTag in your Vision Pro carrying case. There are other AirTag alternatives in the market, but none of them would perform the same as Apple’s AirTags with your Vision Pro.

Check out on: Apple | Amazon

Upcoming Apple Vision Pro accessories

Since Apple Vision Pro arrived recently, many brands have yet to release their Apple Vision Pro accessories. Here are a few upcoming accessories from renowned brands:


Speck Vision Pro accessories

If you like using Speck’s accessories for your iPhone and MacBook, you’re in luck since Speck teased a few Vision Pro accessories, including battery holders, lens protectors, and carrying cases.

Although Speck hasn’t announced when it’ll launch this lineup, you can check more details about it on the Speck’s landing page and can sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive updates.


Casetify Vision Pro accessories

CASETiFY also announced its Bounce Vision lineup of accessories for the Apple Vision Pro. This lineup includes headbands, lens protectors, neckstraps, and lens cushions and is available in various colors.

Using different options, you can create personalized color combinations, textures, and patterns. Lastly, you can even upload a custom design, making the Vision Pro more personalized for yourself.


Caviar Apple Vision Pro Gold Plated

Caviar is known for converting any device to a premium-looking device with expensive materials, such as gold, diamonds, asteroid pieces, etc. As expected, Caviar didn’t leave a spot for the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition uses 18K gold in different elements of the Vision Pro. The headband, on the other hand, uses Connolly leather (used in Rolls-Royce). Caviar estimated that it’ll launch in early 2025, and you can learn more about it on its landing page.


Bandwerk Vision Pro headband

BandWerk is making leather headbands for the Apple Vision Pro. These headbands, which combine Italian leather and an excellent design for an optimized Apple Vision Pro experience, are handcrafted in Germany.

If you order these headbands, you’ll get a matching Light Seal. BandWerk plans to make these available in brown, grey, creme, black, and gray + orange colors. The Bendwerk headbands for the Apple Vision Pro cost $159, and you can purchase them as soon as they’re available.

Although there’s no update on when these bands will be available, but you can check BandWerk’s landing page for more details.

Expect more Apple Vision Pro accessories soon

These are the accessories that are currently available for the Apple Vision Pro. Currently, there are only a few accessories available. I suggest you wait some time to purchase the Apple Vision Pro, and you’ll find more options soon.

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