iGBAccessoriesBest Apple Vision Pro travel cases in 2024

Best Apple Vision Pro travel cases in 2024

To ensure optimal functionality, the Apple Vision Pro kit includes a range of essentials: a battery pack, charging cable, headband, protective lens, and more. Thus, if you intend to take it wherever you go, a travel case becomes a must-have accessory for your Vision Pro.

Yet, Apple’s original Vision Pro travel case comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re searching for affordable alternatives to safeguard your new device, you’re in luck. I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Vision Pro travel cases and pouches. Take a look!

1. Spigen Klasden Pouch – Editor’s Choice

Spigen Klasden Pouch for Apple Vision Pro

Spigen’s Klasden Pouch is a good alternative to Apple’s Travel Case for Vision Pro if you don’t want to compromise on the quality. You’ll find the exterior rigid since it uses premium nylon fabric material.

While the exterior is good, it has a soft-padded interior with a soft pillow-like divider, keeping your Vision Pro safe. Furthermore, it has compartments for cable organization.

You can also store an extra battery pack to ensure your headset never runs out of juice. Plus, there’s a secret compartment for keeping an AirTag if you’ve got one.


  • Premium nylon fabric material
  • Soft and padded interior
  • Spacious
  • Separate AirTag compartment


  • No cons found

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2. SFBags Waterfield Shield Case – Compact and well-cushioned

Sfbags waterfield

The SF Bags Shield case from WaterField Designs is one of the compact cases for Apple Vision Pro – by compact, I mean almost half the size of the official case provided by Apple.

It has a cross-woven Forza fabric, which keeps it water-resistant. There’s a hat bag included, which can include your battery back, dual loop bands, polishing cloth, power adapter, cable, and Zeiss Optical inserts. There’s an extra compartment for the battery pack in the case and an outside zipper with an AirTag slot.

I like how well-cushioned this case is and takes care of Apple Vision Pro’s protection all around. Lastly, it can fit perfectly into various kinds of other baggage products, such as your daily backpack or a duffle bag.


  • Enough room to fit everything
  • Various color options
  • Water-resistant fabric


  • Not the most stylish case

Check out on SF

3. Syntech Hard Carrying Case – Best stylish case for Vision Pro

Syntech Hard Carrying Case for Vision Pro

If you’re looking for a stylish case, Syntech’s Hard Carrying case is one of the best options. While it looks good, it doesn’t compromise on utilities. The travel case can fit your Apple Vision Pro, battery pack, gaming controller, and more.

The outer shell of this case features a splash-resistant fabric, and the EVA inner shell resists impacts to keep your Vision Pro damage-proof. On the other hand, the interior has a soft foam lining that keeps your Vision Pro and accessories well-organized.


  • Splash-resistant fabric
  • EVA shell
  • Scratch and dust-proof
  • Soft lining interior


  • May not fit third-party head strap

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4. annapro Carrying Case – Rigid shoulder backpack

annapro Case for Vision Pro

Carrying the Apple Vision Pro on your shoulder could come in handy when you don’t have a backpack to carry it. The annapro’s hard-carrying case can be best for you in this situation. It has 3D geometric patterns that can resist impacts and pressure.

Besides, the hard outer shell is scratch-proof and waterproof. Inside, the case has thick cushioning to keep your Vision Pro in pristine condition. Further, the sides and rear have soft, breathable layers and curved hand straps for comfort while carrying.

The hidden zipper also gives a touch to the aesthetics. Moreover, the large capacity of this carrying case can accommodate the Vision Pro and its accessories.


  • Rigid hard-carrying case
  • 3D geometric patterns
  • Thick cushioning for comfort
  • Anti-drop and anti-vibration


  • Everyone might not prefer the Kiwi design

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5. Coowps PU Leather Carrying Case – Leather Case for Vision Pro

Coowps PU Leather Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

If you like leather accessories, this sturdy carrying case from Coowps can be a good choice. It’s made of premium PU leather and EVA material, which withstands various impacts. The water-resistant dual-zipper design makes it look premium.

Besides, an internal elastic band in the case securely fastens your Vision Pro to the carrying case. However, you can only store a few accessories in the provided mesh pockets. But it provides an extra fabric bag to carry extra accessories.


  • Premium PU leather and EVA material
  • Elastic band in the interior
  • Water-resistant dual-zipper design
  • Extra fabric bag provided for more accessories


  • Might be large for Apple Vision Pro

Check out on Amazon

6. FOREGOER Carrying Case – Get more capacity

Forgoer Carrying Case for Vision Pro

Capacity can be a huge issue when you prioritize portability. FOREGOER’s carrying case is perfect if you want to carry your Vision Pro and all of its accessories. It’s made of durable EVA material that protects against scratches and accidental drops.

You will get a mesh bag to store accessories and a dust cover for the VR lens. The best part about this carrying case is that you can carry it in multiple ways with its removable shoulder strap and sturdy buckle. You can carry it in hand, with your trolley, or as a chest bag.


  • EVA material
  • Can be carried in different ways
  • Retention straps inside to hold the headband securely in place
  • Plastic nails at the bottom to keep the bag standing


  • The exterior is not waterproof

Check out on Amazon

7. SMRITI Hard Carrying Case – All-season travel bag

SMRITI Hard travel Case for Vision Pro

If the retro look suits your style statement, this SMRITI hard carrying case is the perfect choice to store your Apple Vision Pro. Its exterior is hard, scratchproof, and anti-drop, whereas the interior is soft, ensuring complete protection. Moreover, the case looks compact yet offers huge capacity. 

You will get a compatible storage box for the headset, accessories, battery and a large mesh pocket for securely storing additional equipment and devices. An extra lens pad made of high-density EVA and strap come as a bundle with the case. So, your Vision Pro glasses are safe from scratches and dust. 

Besides, the case opens 180 degrees and features a silky double zipper, making the headset quickly accessible. Also, the bottom of the case is fitted with bump studs, providing drop protection. I liked the versatility of this travel case as it has a hand strap, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a baggage strap for carrying in multiple ways. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Elastic band in interior to hold equipments 
  • Multiple carrying methods 


  • The hard shell might make the back uncomfortable

Check out on Amazon

8. Sarlar Travel Case – Best looking case for Vision Pro

Sarlar Travel Case for Vision Pro

This case from Sarlar has a geometric polyhedron appearance that looks good, but it doesn’t compromise protection since it comes with a hard shell structure. As a result, your Vision Pro and its accessories will be safe in case of sudden drops.

The exterior is waterproof and infiltration-proof. Plus, you can expand or contract this backpack’s capacity using the zipper in the middle. For your convenience, you could wear it like a shoulder bag, chest bag, or crossbody bag.


  • Geometric polyhedron appearance
  • VR lens protection cover
  • Zipper in the middle for more expandability
  • Can wear it in three different ways


  • Accommodating accessories can be tough

Check out on Amazon

9. BnLnHOGVR Carrying Case – Compact case for Vision Pro

BnLnHOGVR Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

If you’re looking for a simple and compact case, look no further than BnLnHOGVR’s carrying case (I know, it’s a weird name, but it is what it is). This carrying case can accommodate the Vision Pro and its battery pack without a problem.

It is made with a durable hard shell and has a built-in fixed elastic band, keeping your Vision Pro shock-proof and scratch-proof. Also, the case has a double zipper design and lightweight materials that can provide better portability.


  • Fits Apple Vision Pro perfectly
  • Durable shell
  • Built-in elastic band inside


  • The fabric-made outer shell is not waterproof

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Get the best travel case for your Vision Pro

A travel case is an important accessory for Apple Vision Pro to keep it safe and sturdy while traveling. I recommend you keep an eye on this list, as I’ll keep updating it with new travel cases that would best suit your needs.

If you’ve any recommendations that can help other readers, please leave them in the comments below.

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