Best Anti Theft Backpacks in 2023

Best Anti Theft Backpacks

Would I be wrong if I say that our portable gadgets have now become as important as our bank? In the bank, we store our money, gold, and a few other valuables. Take a moment and think about your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop that you frequently carry around. Don’t they store tons of valuable data, content, files, memories, and even actual money and rewards? This is where anti-theft backpacks come in the picture to assist us in keeping our devices safe and theft-proof.

Whether you are a student with a Chromebook and a tablet, whether you are a working professional with your company MacBook, whether you are a stay-in-mom who uses iPad to control the smart lights in your home or see the live stream of the baby cam when out diaper shopping, anti-theft backpacks are for all of you.

Here we have reviewed some of the best anti-theft backpacks for laptops. The products mentioned here are stylish, comfortable to carry, water-resistant, and some even have RFID pockets. And as always, most bags discussed here won’t burn a deep hole in your pocket. Let me help you find an anti-theft bag suitable for you.

  1. Korin Design
  2. Sosoon
  3. AMBOR
  4. kopack
  5. Bopai
  6. WENIG
  7. Fintie
  9. XQXA

1. Korin Design Travel Laptop Bag

Korin Design Anti-theft BackPack for Laptop

This award-winning anti-theft backpack is perfect for your laptop and other electronic gadgets. Korin Design ClickPack Pro has a TSA lock and retractable metal wire lock.

Slash-resistant fabric has been used on the exterior. The bag comprises five major storage compartments, and thus carrying your laptop, and additional gadgets like an iPad or Surface Tablet will be neat and hassle-free.

Its one of a kind weight reduction system, and the wrap-around shoulder strap helps to relieve the weight on your shoulders. The bag also has a USB charging port that makes charging your mobile phone on the go.

The bag also comes with a rain cover and is available in grey and black colors.

USP: Spacious and Slash Resistant
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2. Sosoon Business Laptop Backpack

Sosoon Anti-theft Polyester Laptop BackPack

First of all, the price of this Sosoon Business Bag is very affordable. This makes it perfect for students, commuters, and even travelers. There are five main pockets and two on the sides that make it convenient to carry a water bottle and an umbrella.

In addition to having a comfortable design, all thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps and massage mats, the Sosoon bag, like all other bags in this list has an anti-theft design.

This backpack is also equipped with a USB and an earphone port design. And did I tell you that it has a lifetime warranty in case you face a quality problem!

USP: Essential features at affordable price
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3. AMBOR Laptop Backpack with USB Charging

AMBOR Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack

This particular travel laptop backpack from Ambor can fit a big laptop up to 17.3″ inches. So if you have one of those big gaming Windows laptops, this bag might just meet your needs. The large size also makes it suitable for short business trips or as a hiking bag.

The anti-theft design includes a combination of locks and metal zippers. Ergonomic S-shaped padded shoulder straps and breathable fabric ensure that you feel comfortable carrying it even when the bag is loaded.

The backpack is lightweight, tear-resistant, and carries a one year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

USP: Big size, ergonomic straps, and breathable fabric
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4. kopack Shockproof Slim Laptop Bag

kopack Shockproof Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

A super organized big bag, with excellent fabric texture and elastic sponge padded shoulder strap along with an affordable price tag, makes Kopack Backpack a perfect companion for college, trips, and seminars.

The bag sports anti-theft dual-layer zippers and gives a slim, professional look. It is water-resistant and available in half a dozen beautiful colors.

USP: Spacious and affordable
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5. Bopai Business Laptop Backpack

Bopai Anti-theft Business Backpack

Not that the other anti-theft bags mentioned here look meh, but if there was to be a Miss Bag competition, I guess this one with its water-resistant microfiber leather and ballistic nylon material would take the crown. The bag looks professional.

A hidden zipper at the back lets you keep your wallet, money, check, and cards safely. 45-degree open design of the main compartment allows you to conveniently put your laptop and accessories in the bag and take it out quickly when needed.

USP: Professional Leather Look
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6. WENIG Multiple Pockets Laptop Backpack

WENIG Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Bestseller and super affordable with excellent customer ratings. What more can you ask!

Wenig’s anti-theft backpack has a password lock. The bag has a plethora of pockets, 15 to be exact. This lets you organize the contents in the bag.

It is multipurpose and comes with a combination lock, USB cable, 12-month warranty, and 30-day money-back option.

USP: 15 pockets
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7. Fintie RFID Protection Laptop Backpack

Fintie RFID Protection Backpack for Laptop

A simple and clean design, multiple divider pockets, reinforced top handles & wide padded shoulder straps with a breathable mesh back panels make it the perfect bag for regular everyday use.

What is even sweeter is that this bag has a pocket with RFID Blocking. This ensures that your credit cards, driver’s license, passport, etc. are secure as it protects your personal information from being stolen. The bag also comes with TSA accepted lock, making it your go-to companion for flights.

UPS: RFID pocket and TSA accepted lock
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8. MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

The abundance of storage space and pockets make this slim anti-theft bag a perfect companion. Ventilated padding and comfortable airflow back design will come in handy when you have to take this bag out on a long subway or bus ride.

Water resistance, durable Polyester fabric, and metal zippers ensure security & long-lasting usage. You also have plenty of options to choose from, as this bag comes in two sizes and nine colors.

I guess it is the comfort, safety, and durability that has made this bag a top bestseller. It has received great reviews by over six thousand people.

USP: Slim, secure, and spacious
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9. XQXA Travel Business Laptop Backpack

XQXA Anti-Theft Travel Business Backpack

A bag so universal that everyone in your family, whether they are school going kids or college freshman, you or your spouse, every member can use this multipurpose bag. RFID blocking front pocket gives you peace of mind and allows you to keep your credit cards, passport, and other documents from being cloned and misused.

XQXA backpack is durable, comfortable, and lightweight. It also has an external USB charging port with a built-in charging cable and a headphone opening. It can also comfortably fit a large 17-inch laptop.

This bag can be the perfect gift for any family member or friend.

USP: Lightweight and RFID blocking
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That’s it!

So, which bag excites you most and which one are you going to own soon? Leave us a comment down below, mentioning the choice of your bag from the list above. If you or your family members have been using and liking some other anti-theft backpack, please share the name. We might have a look at it and add to this list!

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