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Best Air Quality Index Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Traveling and exploring unknown places in the world is a passion for many. And if you’re one of them, I’m sure you enjoy discovering the new culture and tradition of the country you travel in. It’s a different experience overall but are you missing something meanwhile? Yes, the air you breathe when you travel somewhere out of your country! It does matter as it directly affects your health.

So what can be done to make sure you breathe safely in a new place? Of course, you cannot change the weather conditions but you can at least check Air Quality Index in Apple Maps to be on a safer side. But that option can be used if you’re traveling to a nearby place. And if you want to travel to other countries, you need to be well prepared with the best Air Quality Index apps on your iPhone or iPad so that you’re aware of the AQI of that particular place.

1. AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

AirVisual Air Quality Forecast App for iPhone and iPad

With a clean interface and different color combinations indicating various Air Quality Index levels, AirVisual ranks on top of the App Store to check AQI. It shows the real time data of over 10,000 locations covering 100 countries. So no matter where you’re traveling, you can always get a quick help from this app on your iPhone or iPad regarding the weather and AQI.

Accurate seven-day air pollution and weather forecasting make it easy for you to decide the long trips, especially when you don’t want to spoil your holidays because of bad weather or bad air quality. The app has also integrated the world pollution maps in 2D & 3D so that you can plan your trips accordingly. And it shows the Air Quality Index in real time.

Be it temperature, wind, humidity, AQI and weather forecast, this app can do everything for you! You can even share the screenshots of weather predictions with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp or Email if needed. Not just iPhone, but you can use this app on your iPad and Apple Watch as well.

Price: Free

2. Air Quality by Plume Labs

Air Quality by Plume Labs Index App for iPhone and iPad

Be it a comparison between cities or countries, everything is possible on your iDevice if you have Air Quality app by Plume Labs installed. With appealing app visuals and glossy color combinations, it’s always a treat to use such a clean app that delivers the best of Air Quality Index information.

The indicators such as fresh, moderate, high etc. don’t need you to check the numbers in specific as it’s an overall indication of the AQI and weather conditions. Just like the weather forecasting, this app predicts the hourly air quality of your area for up to the next 24 hours. And you simply cannot get better than this in an Air Quality Index iOS app.

For those who have breathing issues and live in areas where pollution is often a concern, this is a must-have app on their iPhone and Apple Watch both.

Price: Free

3. Air Matters

Air Matters Quality Index app for iPhone and iPad

Air Matters app delivers real time broadcasting of air quality which includes more than 180 countries at a streak! AQI parameters vary from one country to another but be rest assured about converting the same of what is measured in your country. It’s easy to switch between the countries and cities to know the latest AQI levels of a particular place.

The app also provides real time alerts if the pollution levels are high or next to worse. You can easily share air quality information through iMessage so that your loved ones are aware of the situation too. One can connect this app with their home devices such as Philips smart air purifier, Laser Egg air monitor and a lot other so that you get instant updates on those devices as well.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

4. Airly

Airly Air Quality Index App for iPhone and iPad

Airly has got over 4.7 star ratings on the App Store and it’s clear that people are already loving this app. When you get push notifications about the air quality changes, you cannot ask for a better Air Quality Index iPhone app, isn’t it?! With the help of Airly, you can hunt for real time air quality, air quality sensors, the detailed air quality of your favorite location and lots more!

The built-in map clearly shows you the areas in which you can breathe without any health issues. Right from AQI to temperature and from the pressure to humidity, you get everything right at your fingertips once you enter the location in Airly app.

Price: Free

That’s it, folks!

Signing Off…

We’ve just listed those apps that work with perfection. There are more than 100’s of apps in the App Store but we don’t want you to try them all, instead, we’ve already listed the best air quality index iPhone and iPad apps above. If I were you, I would definitely go with the Sh**t! I Smoke app as it urges to reduce pollution in a unique way and it’s fun using such apps.

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Which one of these AQI apps is your favorite? Do let us know that in the comments box.

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