Weather reports are essential in a country like USA, where weather changes frequently. Apple Watch has an amazing stock Weather app that gives details of weather changes at regular hours.

Of late, there are many complications faced by users for weather app on their Apple Watches. We have received many questions like Apple Watch not updating weather or Apple Watch weather app complications or Apple Watch weather app not working. We have got something for people, who have been facing issues regarding weather app on their Apple Watches.

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Apple Watch Not Updating Weather

Apple Watch Not Updating Weather:

Many users experienced that tapping the watch face doesn’t give any better results in the situation mentioned above. But they forget that the Apple Watch is just a humble assistant of your iPhone, hence, you should first take care of your iPhone and not the Watch. What your Watch shows is just a reflection of iPhone. So first off, restart your iPhone; this would be a permanent solution for you.

Apart from this, you can also delete unnecessary data if your iPhone memory is getting full.

Secondly, make sure that weather app uses data in the Settings of the paired iPhone. For this, launch Settings app and allow Weather app to access Location Services. Also remove duplicate or non-location based cities from the app.

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There is another way to get out of this problem of Apple Watch not updating weather.

First, user should unpair the watch from iPhone, reset the Watch and then again re-pair it to iPhone.

Try above three methods and your Apple Watch should probably update weather properly.

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