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AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: Which should you buy?

AirTag vs Tile Mate vs Chipolo One - Which should you buy

The AirTag is finally here, and as with everything Apple, the Bluetooth tracker has managed to stir the market. But can it be a real threat to the current market leaders?

Could the AirTag stand tall in comparison to Tile Mate or Chipolo One? Which one of the lot is the best choice for you? Let’s find out!

Apple AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: A competitive analysis

Over the years, Tile and Chipolo have built a wide user base, making them the most popular item trackers. However, that throne seems to be shaking with the release of AirTag.

Especially if you consider the vast expanse of Find My Bluetooth Network and ecosystem, Apple might have a great chance at success.

Apple AirTagsTile MateChipolo One
($99 for 4-pack)
($70 for 4-pack)
($75 for 4-pack)
ConnectivityBluetooth, Ultra- Wideband, NFCBluetoothBluetooth
Built-in speakerYesYesYes
Precision FindingYes (only for iPhone 11& 12 models)NoNo
Up to 1-year
Up to 1-year
Up to 2-year
Battery warningYesYesYes
Weight0.39 Ounce (11 g)0.24 Ounce Ounce (7 g)0.28 Ounces (8 g)
RangeNot specifiedup to 200 ftup to 200 ft
Voice-controlledSiriSiri, Google Assistant & AlexaSiri, Google Assistant & Alexa
CompatibilityIOSiOS & AndroidiOS and Android
Water-resistanceIP67 (1 meter up to 30 minutes)SplashproofIPX5 Splashproof
Product availabilityFrom April 30, 2021Currently AvailableCurrently Available

AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: Design

The trio looks very different from each other. Tile Mate stands apart with a plastic body and square form factor. In contrast, both AirTag and Chipolo One sport a circular design.

AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One Design

While Chipolo One employs plastic, AirTag uses precision-etched polished stainless steel. Further, Apple has designed everything considering the environment. Thus, staying true to its 100% carbon neutral pact.

Apple takes the cake in this department with sleeker looks, better water resistance, and customization options. Oh yes! You can personalize AirTags with your initials or favorite emojis.

personalize AirTags with initials or favorite emojis

Additionally, the vast array of third-party accessories also favors Apple. The list of AirTag cases is already quite extensive.

AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: Compatibility

Here’s where the tale takes an interesting twist. AirTag is designed to work with the Find My app exclusively and is limited to just Apple devices.

Whereas Tile and Chipolo offer separate apps for both iOS and Android devices, they do not integrate as well with iOS as seamlessly.

Yes, Chipolo is planning a special edition, Chipolo One Spot, that will have exclusive FindMy support, but that will not make an appearance until June.

So, the tipping scale is now balanced at an awkward angle between seamless integration and multi-platform compatibility.

AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: Connectivity

While we know that Tile Mate and Chipolo One offer a range of up to 200 ft, Apple has not yet disclosed the range of AirTag. So, we can’t compare the trio on that scale.

However, AirTag sheepishly steps ahead of all its competitors by incorporating

  • Apple-designed U1 chip – Thanks to this Ultra-Wideband technology, you can avail of an exclusive feature, Precision Finding.

    U1 Chip Precision Finding on AirTag

    This allows you to track the AirTag with precision, see the distance and the direction you should head in. However, this feature is only compatible with:
    • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max
    • iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max
  • NFC for Lost Mode – While you can report loss of Tile Mate and Chipolo One and get notified when a device in the network is connected to them, AirTag has an additional feature.

    As and when any NFC-compatible smartphone will tap your AirTag, you will be notified, and if enabled, your contact info will be shared. Thus, making it easier to find it.
  • Accelerometer sensor – A step ahead of the proximity sensor, which notifies if you are leaving your tracker behind. AirTag uses the sensor to calculate not only distance but also the speed for a more accurate result.

AirTag vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo One: Features

The basic features like two-way finder, proximity alert, voice command are common in all three devices. While AirTag sticks to Siri, Tile Mate and Chipolo One also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Notably, to get all the benefits of Tile Mate, you’ll need a subscription. And since others offer it for free, this might be a big negative for Tile.

Here also Apple takes the cake for two things:

  • Anti-stalking feature – Oh yes! Someone can slip an AirTag in your bag or car to track you remotely. However, Apple had thought about it and taken steps to discourage unwanted tracking.

    If an unrecognized AirTag is in your vicinity, you will receive an alert. If you can’t find it soon enough, the tag will play a sound to grab your attention.

    Also, to ignore false alarms in a public, busy place, the alert is only triggered when the tracker is separated from its owner.

  • Privacy – Ain’t nobody as serious and strict about privacy as Apple, and the tech giant takes care of your privacy even with AirTag.

    First and foremost, your location data and history are not stored on AirTag. The device that relays information about your AirTag will always stay anonymous.

    Additionally, the location data is encrypted, and not even Apple knows the AirTag’s location or the device’s identity.

Apple vs. Tile Mate vs. Chipolo: The real-time war

For better or worse, AirTag’s biggest strength, Find My support, is under scrutiny for anti-competitive behavior.

As per its major competitor Tile, this lack of support gives AirTag an undue edge over other Bluetooth Trackers. However, Apple did give Chipolo One Spot consent and Find My support.

In a way, Tile is not entirely wrong; these extra perks do tilt the scale in AirTag’s favor. But then, Apple is pretty strict in terms of privacy and can’t hand over full controls to a third-party app/accessory.

Well, this has indeed become an interesting waiting game. And we are keeping an eye out for the latest updates and news, so keep following this space for more.

Our verdict: Which Bluetooth tracker is best for you?

Quite like AirPods, AirTag is so well integrated into Apple’s ecosystem that they are the perfect match for any and every iPhone user. Plus, there is not much of a massive price difference between the trio.

My mind and heart are titled heavily towards AirTag. However, we also need to consider that the product is not released yet, and it will be Apple’s first attempt at Bluetooth tracker.

There may or may not be bugs, problems, and other issues. I would suggest you wait for a while, let all the reviews and verdict come out.

Have more questions? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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