Zencase wireless battery case For iPhone 11 Pro Max

ShutterCase ZenCase iPhone Battery Case

For a true blue photography aficionado or content creator, Shuttercase would surely be a well-known brand for you. If so, you will be happy to know about their newest photographer-friendly cases for iPhone 11 Series. Zencase is a sleek, sophisticated and utilitarian battery case for the maestro in your hand.

It is no secret that I thoroughly enjoyed Shuttercases’ unique camera case that hosted a shutter button and a built-in battery. But does this case continue the legacy of the brand? Did it satiate my shutter-bug? Well, just keep reading for the answers.

Juice Up Your iPhone with Zencase Battery Case

The new iPhone 11 series is packed with amazing cameras and even more amazing machine learning algorithms. As a result, people like you and me, can capture beautiful moments of our life all the time. However, at times even the improved battery life couldn’t handle our enthusiasm.

Shuttercase has thus introduced Zencase, a wireless battery case for photographers. With the iPhone 11 Pro case offering 3500mAh battery and 4500mAh for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max. The Qi-certified battery case removes the hassle of wires, enabling you to click pictures/videos without any worry.

A Smart Design

ZenCase iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case with USB-C Port

Unlike traditional battery cases, Zencase involves some smart design tricks. First and foremost, the lightning connector is not covered. Meaning you can transfer, sync or dock your device without removing the cover. Understanding the need for fast charging, the case also has an in-built USB-C input port.

Within just 3.5 hours, the 3500mAh or 4500 mAh battery could be fully charged. Further, the design also undertakes the need for pocket-friendliness, minimalistic weight, and bulk, firm and comfortable grip. Weighing just around 142 g, the Zencase is slim enough to fit in your jeans pocket.

The Linen Back

Zencase iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case with Linen Back

I don’t know about you, but for me looks matter as much as the utility. Zencase incorporates a linen fabric on the back cover, maintaining a classy look. Along with that, the linen gives a unique tactile feel that is comfortable and convenient to hold. The fabric dries easily and acts as an anti-slippery surface as well.

The Smart Power Button

Zencase iPhone 11 Battery Case Power Button

Another super-smart design trick!! Instead of a regular and boring power button in the back, the brand logo doubles as one. Even the battery indicating LED lights is placed on the lower end of the case. Therefore, the back looks clean and sophisticated, calling all the attention to the beautiful linen fabric.

Protection Against Bumps and Dints

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case by ShutterCase

Zencase uses hard PC back ensuring that the battery is embedded securely. The soft TPU bumper allows easy installation and removal. Just bend the top edge slightly and push in or pull out your device. Notably, the TPU edge also keeps the device safe from scratch during the process.

In all the combination of hard PC back and soft TPU bumper lends the device necessary protection from accidental falls and screen impact.

Buy it from ShutterCase.com (Currently unavailable.)

Here’s the ‘Zen’ you were looking for…

What does a professional photographer do to keep his camera always juiced up? Simple, they carry multiple sets of batteries. Since you can’t really carry extra iPhone batteries, you opt for power banks for your devices. Now consider the zen of carrying a Zencase.

I won’t call the Zencase the best battery case for iPhone 11. Though considering all its attributes including battery capacity, aesthetics, weight, and ease of access; I definitely count it amongst the top ten. What are your thoughts about the case? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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