Best Battery Cases for iPhone 11 in 2020

iPhone 11 boasts a robust battery back-up that can last all day long. Since Battery life is subjected to usage, pro users may need some back-up time to time. If you are looking to juice up your device while on the go, these best battery cases for iPhone 11 are your best bet.

#1. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11

Thanks to a small yet powerful button, the smartness quotient of this case has manifold. The switch can launch the Camera app, whether the device is locked or unlocked. A quick press clicks the photo, and a longer press captures QuickTake video. Moreover, it works for selfies as well!!

As for juice, the case lends an additional battery life up to 50%. You are also privy to an intelligent battery status display on the lock screen and Notification Center. Also Compatible with Qi-certified chargers, the case lends an easy way to charge both the device and the battery case.

USP: Dedicated Camera Button
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#2. ZEROLEMON iPhone 11 Battery Case

ZEROLEMON iPhone 11 Battery Case

A slim juicer from ZEROLEMON not only charges your iPhone but also ensures it looks beautiful. A thin profile of this battery case certainly gives an appealing profile, while powering up your device. Always be prepared for Internet browsing, video playback, talktime and audio playback for hours.

Qi wireless charging is one of the notable features of this battery pack; you can charge your iPhone and the case (in that order) with a wireless charging pad. Among other cool stuff the case carries are data sync and CarPlay compatibility.

USP: Slim profile

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#3. AMPR Battery Case with Bumper

iPhone 11 Battery Case from AMPR

Don’t be fooled by the sleek looks of this iPhone 11 battery case. This 5000mAh beast can keep your device running for the whole day. The case connects to devices’ lightning port and can stay on 24/7, charging and protecting your device simultaneously.

Moreover, when you plug the device for charging in the night, both the iPhone and the battery case will be charged up for the next day. Stand-alone the charger takes about 3.5 hours to stack up all that juice. Constructed from soft TPU and liquid silicone, the exterior offers seamless installation and removal.

USP: Great on eyes and light in hand
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#4. QTshine Protective Battery Case

QTshine iPhone 11 Battery Case

While you are on the go, charge and protect your device with this 6200mAh battery case. The hard case and flexi bumper design give 360-degree protection against daily wear and tear.

Moreover, internal smart chips keep overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging, and discharging issues at bay. The case comes with a 30-day no-hassle return, 24-month after-sale technical support, and 24H customer service. Style and practicality go hand-in-hand with the case.

USP: 24H customer service
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#5. Newdery Wireless Charging Battery Case

Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 11

Newdery battery case offers protection and functionality in equal measures. With raised bezels, microfiber flannel lining, and advanced chips, your phone is enveloped in all-round protection.

A built-in wireless charging receiver supports quick and convenient wireless charging. With 5000 mAh battery, you get additional juice that can last up to 50 hours of music streaming or 30 hours of internet usage.

USP: Perfect fit on the back
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#6. Swaller Portable Battery Case for iPhone 11

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone 11

Enjoy your iPhone company all day with Swaller battery case, which gives you enough power to use your phone for 24 hours. A precisely cut out case gives you full access to the lightning port, and therefore, you can use your earphones to listen to the music or talk – everything while your device is charged.

This battery case is not compatible with most wireless chargers; hence, you need to charge this case via your iPhone cable. Apart from charging your device, the case provides full protection. Made of silicone rubber, it gives you a comfortable touch. And your iPhone will never slip off your hands

USP: Comfortable touch feel
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#7. OMEETIE Protective Battery Case

OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11

Simple to Use, Light Weight and Max Protection Design, aren’t all these the features that you see before buying iPhone cases, well add a power bank support to this and you have the OMEETIE iPhone 11 Battery Case. With its unique design that compliments the latest camera setup on iPhone 11.

This unique case comes with a 5000mAH built-in power bank to charge up your iPhone 11 anytime, anywhere, with just push the button towards the end of the case. While you are at home, you can charge both your iPhone and your case together just by plugging in your lightning cable to the case.

USP: Simultaneously charges case and iPhone
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#8. Mophie Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Battery Case

Mophie iPhone 11 Battery Case

Mophie Juice Pack is ultra-slim but can offer you enough juice to last throughout a long day. The case supports both wireless and wired (USB-C ) fast charging. The design ensures that the Lightning port is fully accessible for all your compatible accessories.

Equal importance is placed on external protection as well. Thanks to a tough polycarbonate exterior, the case offers anti-drop and shockproof. The ergonomic design maintains a comfortable grip and excellent hand feel.

USP: Uber Stylish
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#9. ALPATRONIX Wireless Charging Battery Case

ALPATRONIX Battery Case for iPhone 11

An intelligent battery case that supports almost all functions of your iPhone 11. Surprisingly, including the Qi compatibility!! that’s right, simply place the case on any wireless charging pad to start charging. Note, your iPhone will get charged first and then the battery case.

Moreover, the case also supports lightning input, so you can sync or transfer data without any hassle. Alpatronix has been UL-tested, which ensures a reliable charge every time. The package includes a tempered glass screen protector for full 360-degree protection.

USP: Wireless charging compatible
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#10. FNSON Protective Battery Case

FNSON Protective Battery Case for iPhone 11

FNSON brings advanced sync-through technology in this charging case. With this, you can carry out three tasks simultaneously: charge the case, power up iPhone 11, and sync your device to your MacBook, PC or laptop – all this without removing the battery case. Moreover, the perfectly cut out case supports the headphones.

To fend off damage, this 6000mAh battery case boasts raised sides and hard-shell design. Manufactured by durable material, this case protects your iPhone against scratches, drops, impacts, and other routine wear and tear.

USP: Sync-through technology
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That’s all, folks!

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Ensure 100% battery backup for your latest 2019 iPhones with these robust battery cases for iPhone 11. Which one would you pick for your pre-ordered iPhone 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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