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Best battery cases for iPhone 11 in 2024

We all know that the iPhone battery lifespan reduces with time. But what if you can charge your iPhone 11 on the go without a power bank? Yes, it’s possible with battery cases. Besides bringing comfort and protection, they keep your iPhone up and running throughout the day. You might want to invest in one if you’re often in motion.

So you’ve come to the right place if you’ve made that decision. Keep reading as I show you the best iPhone 11 battery cases worth your money in this article.

1. Apple iPhone 11 smart battery case – Editor’s choice

Apple iPhone 11 black battery case with Wireless Charging

The Apple smart battery case is a good pick since it supports wireless charging with Qi-certified chargers. It’s entirely a silicone material, giving it strength, a smooth texture, and flexibility.

The battery case charges simultaneously with your iPhone 11 and grabs an extra charge together with your device. So this makes it much more compact, as you don’t need to separate it from your iPhone while charging.

Although a lot lower than your iPhone 11 battery capacity, it also has a fair 2860mAh battery. So a full charge of the Apple smart battery case will provide a satisfactory battery reservoir. But don’t expect this to take your iPhone 11 from 0 to 100 percent.

Besides the Apple logo, which gives it authority, there are no unique designs on this one. However, the case is sturdy and slim, so it’s equally protective. Interestingly, the Apple smart battery case offers automatic backup. So you don’t need to push a power button to charge your iPhone 11.


  • Slim, compact, and sturdy
  • Charge your case along with your iPhone 11
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • Works with Qi-certified chargers
  • Offers automatic power backup


  • The battery capacity is low

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2. Alpatronix battery case – 5500mAh battery

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

If you’ve ever paired your iPhone with a battery case or have been looking everywhere to buy one, you’ve probably come across Alpatronix. Alpatronix has gained so much traction in the battery case market. And this iPhone 11 battery case from the company further establishes it as a recognized brand.

For this one, the battery has a capacity of 5500mAh; this is impressive, considering that your iPhone 11 battery capacity falls below this range. Overall, it has a 5.0±0.25V and 1.5A output. So it can keep up throughout the day with a full charge. The entire body is rubber material lined with plastic around the camera region to further beef up durability. The design is also clean and clear-cut, adding beauty to the existing functionality.

The Alpatronix battery case is also available in different sizes. So, hop in on this if you want something for your iPhone 11, Pro, or Pro Max. You’ll also get a tampered screen protector and a two-year warranty. I also admire its support for wireless charging, which works with a similar output specification.

The only problem with this battery case is that it doesn’t seem to work with iOS versions earlier than iOS 13. But I bet you don’t want to use an obsolete iOS version with your iPhone 11.


  • Supports wireless charging
  • 5500mAH increases battery life
  • Two-year warranty
  • Beautiful design
  • Back and camera lens protection
  • Available for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max


  • Might not work with iOS 12 or earlier

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3. NEWDERRY battery case – Lightweight

NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone 11 compatible with Qi Wireless Charging

The NEWDERRY battery case is a lightweight, clean carve of thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s stylish, sturdy, and has got you covered as you go about your daily activities. I love how the pattern around the camera region curves inward, giving it a raise against fall.

But before you consider buying this, I have to point out that it won’t fit your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. But feel free to go for the deal if your iPhone 11 has 6.1 inches screen.

A full charge of this offers over 100 percent backup, as it’s a 5000mAH capacity battery case. The back is smooth and connective, so it supports wireless charging. From my experience, this battery case is durable. However, the company promises a one-year warranty, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee if you ever want to return it.

It also supports simultaneous charging of your iPhone and the battery case. The charging mechanism works by first charging your iPhone 11 up; it starts charging the battery case after. It takes about seven hours to charge the case, but you might not expect a lower time for a 5000mAH capacity battery.


  • Sturdy and protective
  • Supports wireless charging
  • 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5000mAH battery capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Only one color option

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4. OMEETIE protective battery case – Two color options

OMEETIE Black Battery Charging Case for iPhone 11

The OMEETIE protective battery case is another comfortable battery case for your iPhone 11 with an elegant design. And it has a rubber gel material with raised edges to further protect your iPhone. The case is, however, available in two colors; black and gold. While you might want more options, most battery cases don’t offer similar flexibility.

Like other battery cases, it features four battery indicator lights that indicate different charge levels. It’s easy to use; you only need to long-press the power button on the lower end of the backside to charge your phone.

This battery case also allows you to charge your iPhone and the battery case simultaneously, but it doesn’t support wireless charging. It features a 5000mAH battery capacity. You’ll find this helpful for extending your iPhone’s battery life.


  • The rubber gel material confers sturdiness and flexibility
  • 5000mAH battery capacity
  • Supports simultaneous phone and case charging


  • Doesn’t support wireless charging

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5. Feob battery case – Built-in anti-shortcircuit chips

Feob Black Battery Case for iPhone 11  with 6800mAh

I bet the Feob battery case is worth considering for more extra battery life. And the chips are even better, in this case, to prevent short-circuiting. The case wields a polycarbonate material, and the raised edges around the camera region make it more protective. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a wireless charger. So you might want to consider the other alternatives for wireless charging support.

It offers a whooping 6800mAH battery capacity; this is more than double your iPhone 11 battery capacity. It also has an output pattern of 5V and 1A with an equivalent input. So I can vouch that this will keep your going throughout the day without disappointment. But, of course, that also depends on how frequently you use your iPhone.


  • 6800mAh battery capacity
  • Polycarbonate material confers durability
  • Simultaneous charging of iPhone and case supported


  • Doesn’t support wireless charging

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6. LanLuk battery case – Sturdiest

LanLuk Battery Case for iPhone 11 with 6800mAh Portable Protective Charging Case

The LanLuk battery case is bulky but looks snug on your 6.1-inch iPhone 11. The charging case is a polycarbonate material, with raised edges around the camera and the sides, which are essential protective features.

You’ll be going around with a 6800mAh battery capacity plus your iPhone battery capacity when you decorate your iPhone 11 with the LanLuk battery case. So, you can rest assured that your battery will last longer than usual. It also ships with a cable and has indicator lights to show charging levels.

Like other cases, the operation is simple. All you need to do is press the power button on the lower backside to start charging your iPhone 11. Charging speed can be slow but not bad for a battery case. The case also supports Qi wireless charging. Despite its durability, it still offers a one-year warranty, which I consider a plus.


  • Supports wireless charging
  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable and protective
  • 6800mAh battery


  • A bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

7. UNKLOU 7000mAh battery case – Three color options

UNKLOU  7000mAh Ultra Thin Rechargeable Portable Power Charging Case for iPhone 11

Although UNKLOU is the last battery case on the list, it’s not the least. This battery case is both elegant and functional. I bet you’ll love the inward carving around the camera region, which protects the camera and adds to the beauty.

The UNKLOU battery case also comes in three color options; black, blue, and gold. This gives it a lead over the other battery cases. The battery on this is 7000mAh, more than twice the battery capacity of your iPhone 11, and it supports wireless charging. Unfortunately, some users have complained that the battery capacity sometimes performs below specification.

It comes with a one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. So, I can tell you’re in safe hands. Besides, like other battery cases, this also features a four-level LED power indicator. And it has a power button on the lower backside to switch on and off.


  • Beautiful design
  • Carved camera region
  • 7000mAh battery
  • One-year warranty
  • 3 color options
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Battery specification isn’t consistent with usage

Check out on Amazon

How to choose the right charging case for iPhone 11

There are many features to look out for in a battery case. However, consider the following as a guide to picking an ideal iPhone 11 charging case:

1. Battery capacity

The battery capacity is the first attribute to look out for in a battery case. It determines how long your battery case will offer the extra backup you need.

Ideally, a charging case with a 5000mAh battery capacity offers good backup since the iPhone 11 battery capacity is below that range. I wouldn’t say those that promise higher battery capacity are any different since most still perform below the specified strength in the end.

2. Protective features

Protection is all we want in an iPhone case. Most iPhone cases with raised edges and bulky backs offer better protection. iPhone cases with raised edges around the camera region are also good since they help protect the camera lens.

Another protective feature to check is the material that makes up the case. You want to choose the case material based on your environment and routines.

For instance, while polycarbonate materials are more rigid than silicone, they’re less heat-resistant and less flexible when compared to the latter. Ultimately, go for an iPhone case that offers enough shock against falls and impacts.

3. Wireless charging support

Although a typical battery case will have fine cuts to expose all the ports, including the charging port, you also want to ensure that your iPhone battery case supports wireless charging as an alternative to cable charging.

4. Phone size or model

Consider the size and model of your iPhone before buying a battery case. Battery cases, like conventional iPhone cases, come in different sizes, depending on your iPhone model and version. So, confirm your iPhone model and size before shopping for a battery case.

Q. Do battery cases ruin your iPhone battery?

Technically, battery cases don’t affect your battery health. They only offer backup in case your iPhone’s battery is running low. However, inherent electrical faults like short-circuiting and over-heating might affect your iPhone battery and damage it. So be vigilant! To prevent this from your end, don’t use fast chargers with iPhone battery cases.

Q. Are Apple battery cases worth it?

Yes. Despite the impeccable battery strength of most new iPhones, you’ll agree that they dwindle as you use them with time. Battery cases are handier than power banks since they’re compact and comfortable.

Q. How long do battery cases last?

The lifespan of a battery case generally depends on its capacity and frequency of use. A battery case twice your iPhone’s battery capacity will provide about two times full charge. Although most battery case makers claim that their products have a high capacity, most still end up within a 4500mAh strength in use. Generally, most iPhone 11 battery cases offer up to 120% backup.

Q. Do battery cases work with wireless charging?

Most iPhone battery cases will work with wireless charging. But, of course, not all do. Even some of the iPhone 11 charging cases recommended in this article don’t support wireless charging.

That’s it!

Battery cases are compact lifesavers that keep your iPhone working the whole day with the extra backup they offer. So, investing in one of these charging cases is worth it if you want to avoid moving around with tattered pieces of your power bank.

Which of these charging cases is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

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