Xcentz xDynamo Solo 45W USB-C Wall Charger

Xcentz 45W USB-C Wall Charger for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone

There is so much that we already do with our phones and electronic devices. Over the years, we have improved leaps and bounds in battery technology, but still, charging our devices take considerable time. Thankfully, Xcentz 45W USB-C Wall Charger is here to ease your battery top-up experience safely.

Review of Xcentz 45W USB-C Wall Charger for MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone

Compact Size

xDynamo Solo Universal Charger for All USB-C Devices

Before we look into the finer details, I thought to clear the air around its compact size. Nowadays, we travel a lot, whether it is for a quick business trip or to a colleague’s house for a presentation preparation or a two-day weekend to the nearby countryside. This charger will quietly fit any pocket of your bag, pouch, and even your trousers’ pockets!

If we compare it with Apple 60W Macbook Pro Charger, we find that xDynamo Solo is 25% smaller. The foldable plug design further makes it suitable for traveling. The LED Indicator is an excellent little addition that glows when the charger is working.

Safety Benefits of xDynamo Solo USB-C Charger

Chargers and batteries need special attention and care. Fireproof material has been used for the body of this power adapter. Xcentz’s leading technology ensures that the risk of overheating under continuous high-power output is reduced, and as a result it is safe to use anywhere and for any device.

Universal Compatibility

Charge iPhone with xDynamo Solo USB-C Charger

Gone are the days when we had to carry separate chargers for our mobile, tablet, laptop, or portable gaming device! And for this, we have to thanks universal adapters like xDynamo Solo with PD charging (and type-C USB connector system). PD charging protocol offers flexible and smart ways of system-level power management. As a result, using this wall charger, you can replenish all USB-C laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles, or other devices safely at the appropriate high-speed.

It can smoothly juice up your iPad, iPhone, and Android phones from Samsung, Google, etc. Apart from that, it goes perfectly with MacBook and Windows laptops from Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more. The only thing you have to make sure is that you must have the proper type-C to type-C or type-C to Lightning cable.

High-Speed Charging Capabilities

Charging Smartphone with xDynamo Solo USB-C Fast Charger

In the very first paragraph, I stressed over fast charging. Now, let us focus on that. Did you know that the new iPhone 11 comes with a standard adapter, and the Pro models also come with only 18W adapters though they support even higher wattage? This is where the affordable xDynamo Solo comes in. You can charge your new iPhones and other capable Android devices at incredible speeds.

Power Delivery (PD) charging is primarily a fast charging protocol. With high functionality and universality, PD ensures that the charger is even capable of fully charging a Macbook Pro 13 inch in just two and a half hours. On the Windows front, it can top up the Lenovo Yoga 730 in 2 hours!

Verdict and Should You Buy It

xDynamo Solo USB-C Charger for Macbook Pro

Two months back, we reviewed Xcentz xDynamo Dual. The maximum output of this was 36W, which is less than xDynamo Solo’s 45W. However, the former had two output ports (PD & QC). I would have liked it on this one too.

Nevertheless, excellent safety features, higher power output, and a compact, portable design, Xcentz xDynamo Solo is a ‘made in heaven’ match for all your gadgets.

At our office, I charged iPhone 11 using this adapter and achieved very positive results. I have no qualms in recommending it. Simply pair it with a suitable cable, and you are ready to sail around with your electronics!

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