Wondershare PDFelement-PDF Editor for Mac

WonderShare PDFelement PDF Editor for Mac

As a technical writer, handling voluminous technical projects is my daily cup of tea. These projects cut across schematics, engineering drawings, exclusive technical manuals to exhibits among others. I just can’t run away from using technical software and one of the most common software I use every day is PDF software. Obviously, PDF has got to be the most common document formats around these days, but the real challenge is finding a software tool that ensures I stay super-efficient. Thankfully, I have some that fit into the billing!

For instance, when working on big projects, Adobe Acrobat Pro comes in handy. However, The price and the slow processing speed, it wouldn’t be suitable for personal use or small business. Regarding PDFexpert, I just say it’s fashion and easy to use but lack of practical value in the professional area. Maybe these limitations bar people from trying them out. Although the two PDF tools are great for big-time users with lots of cash, they are quite strenuous regarding finances for smaller and medium businesses. The real beauty though is that there is a pretty awesome alternative I have shifted to. The answer is in PDFelement 6!

WonderShare PDFelement PDF Editor for Mac

PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac: A Better Alternative

Once I discovered the PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac, it did make me believe you don’t have to pay more to get quality PDF software. Initially, I didn’t imagine there was another software that could match Adobe’s standard, but I have changed my mind thanks to a plethora of premium features this tool has. For starters, the PDF element 6 Pro for Mac lets you create and annotate PDFs plus you are able to add and delete PDF pages easily. Moreover, it can let you convert practically any document to a PDF. It is also useful in converting PDF to word, converting PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text and/or image, and other file formats.

Also, by using any version of PDFelement 6 Pro, I can create and fill out PDF forms; directly edit texts in a PDF; rotate, split and crop PDFs; add watermarks, headers and footers and page numbers to PDFs and much more. I have also noted one major advantage of this PDFelement 6Pro for Mac especially in comparison to Adobe and PDF expert. It’s speed levels!

It loads and processes PDF functions extremely quickly and doesn’t make my mac hang. Again, it doesn’t cost much. The standard version of PDFelement; one without OCR goes for $59.95 whereas the PDFelementProfessional (with OCR) costs $99.95. Better still, after you pay the amount, there are no subscriptions or any maintenance fees. You will get free support!

So, what makes PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac most efficient and why do I recommend it to any aspiring user who seeks to get his or her PDF work in order?

Let me highlight some of the cool features:

Edit and Annotate

Editing and annotating includes everything from making updates, changing text and graphics in my PDF, clicking to add a new paragraph, rearranging pages, cropping or swapping photos, just to mention but a few. PDFelement 6 Pro makes my work easier because I can edit from anywhere using my mac and again it is faster.

If you intend to edit a file, click the image or text on it. PDFelement will automatically display the tools required. You can add or edit on the same page.

Lines and paragraphs will automatically reflow. Alternatively, you can click and drag to resize various elements.

The edit function also gives you object lists which enable you to add, replace, move or resize images.

Lastly, you can comprehensively edit your PDF by clicking on the Links, Headers, and Footers, Watermarks or Background tools.

Edit and Anonate Files with Wondershare

Smart OCR

It feels good to share this. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is used in recognition of printed or written texts by a computer through photo scanning. Smart OCR supports over twenty-five languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Cyrillic, Korean, Indic, Devanagari, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese among much more characters.

It was a good experience when I used OCR to identify various scanned documents. For instance, recently I used it with a badly off scanned menu done five years ago. To my utter surprise, the tool managed to identify every single detail of the text on the PDF. This included the tiniest of the text and the font used for its name. What it did actually, is to approximate the font used back then in the OCR version. Despite the fact that some of the text elements were slightly different from the original, nothing much changed and I can tell you it was almost inch perfect. I would say that I prefer the Professional version of PDFelement 6 for Mac which does include OCR and goes for $ 99.95.

Wondeshare PDFElement OCR Technology

Create and convert

The PDFelement just like Adobe Acrobat can easily support conversion of PDFs to editable documents such as Word and Excel spreadsheets. Part of the conversions that PDFelement can handle includes more complicated and sophisticated formats such as epub, HTML, RTF, HWP, and HWPX.

It is always easy and straightforward to convert clean documents originally generated from electronic files. However, it’s a different case when it comes to scanned documents. In my case for instance, when I did my scanned menu, what came out was a word document that was just but an image of the PDF in it. I couldn’t edit it. Yet when I ran it through the OCR engine, I got something that was editable after conversion into a word document. Indeed PDF breaks it all for me quicker and better.

Convert Document in Wondershare PDFElement 6

Protect, Redact and PDF/A

Security features certainly help distinguishes tools as either professional or not. PDFelement6 for mac is thus a great tool if you want to add some security layers to your PDF documents. In other words, it will not only allow you to add protection and security features, but it will also let you redact the PDF documents.

Protect Files in Wondershare PDFElement 6

Redacting is simply the process of obscuring those parts you want to be hidden in your documents. Let’s just say, It’s the most common method for law file. After clicking the “Protect” > “Redact” button, click and hold the mouse button to draw the area to select the text or image you want to redact.

Protect, Redact in Wondershare PDFElement 6

Moreover, another significant feature is PDF/A function. This feature is significant in archiving and preservation of electronic documents. It is more powerful than basic PDF since it prohibits features that are not well suited for long-term archiving like encryption and font linking.

Form Recognition & Batch Data Extraction

Form recognition feature eases the hustle of text editing. This feature enables me to add or change as many lines as I want without interfering with the original page layout. My font and format remain the same unless I change. Further, It enables to turn non-fillable forms into fillable, editable PDF with just one click. That function saves you both paper and time.

Wondershare Form File Recognition

Batch process immensely helps in productivity. Through the batch process, I’m able to convert PDFs, extract data, bate numbering, watermark print and protect files among others (all in bulk!). This is more or less like having the software do the donkey work for you.

I am free from tedious manual data entry since PDFelement 6 enables me to export and extract data on Mac. The feature has customizable extraction rules which ensure that all my data is carefully labeled on my Excel sheet. I can then work on analyzing and reporting my data. I can be able to extract data from a scanned invoice and many more files then export in bulk.

Wondershare Form Field Extraction

The new PDFelement 6.3 has come with some new tools and features to improve the PDF experience. For starters, it can create PDF from scanners while there’s a multi-tiled screen display feature to smoothen your interaction with it. I also love that can add attachments to PDFsnot to mention that there is an even betterXFA-Based PDF Support (It is now the best tool for reading and filling XFA forms).


Probably after all that, you could be asking yourself this question: Do you need PDFelement for your business or individual projects?

I will admit that despite it being quite affordable in comparison to Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam Revu, $59.95 is still a substantial amount,. I mean, bearing in mind that there are totally free PDF editors and viewers like Foxit, Sumatra PDF, and others. But look, you know what you want. If you desire to do and achieve some serious work with PDFs on a continuous basis or even for a major project, then you don’t need anything else but a professional tool. This is an investment. I don’t need to start all again by telling you of its convenience regarding speed, doing everything that Adobe can do, and even better. It should be a bargain actually!

Now PDFelement is offering the totally free version, PDFelement 6 for iOS, also, you can have tried.

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