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iGBAccessoriesTop 10 Thinnest iPhone Xs Cases in 2024

Top 10 Thinnest iPhone Xs Cases in 2024

Willing to give an ultra-slim case a shot on your Xs? This extensive collection of the thinnest iPhone Xs cases is for you. Though most of the following cases are relatively thin, they aren’t slippery at all. For all being so svelte, they don’t allow scratches to hurt your smartphone. What’s more, most of them come in several colors so that you can find a colorful suit for your device. Enough talk; let’s find out which one looks more timed for your iPhone Xs!

1. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thinnest iPhone Xs Case

As a slim case, “Spigen Thin Fit” is a winner from various aspects. First and foremost, it has a snug-fit design and features an anti-slip exterior. The precise cutouts and smooth buttons make it an ideal suit for regular usage.

The built-in metal plate makes it compatible with magnetic car mounts. If you use your iPhone hands-free on the drive, you will find this functionality appreciable.

“Thin Fit” also works with wireless charging and provides additional protection to the camera. And with the smooth surface, the case offers improved gripping.

USP: Support for magnetic car mounts
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2. totallee

totallee iPhone Xs Thinnest Case

If you’ve decided to embrace the slimmest cover, this offering from “totallee” is the way to go. It’s incredibly thin (just 0.02-inches) and makes a nice pair with the Xs.

Despite being so svelte, the cover can resist scrapes. The high-grade polypropylene material keeps fingerprints and sweat at bay.

The soft exterior provides a comfy feel so that your smartphone remains steady in your hands. Aside from a comfortable grip, you will choose this slender cover in several fascinating colors: jet black, grey, navy blue, and more.

USP: Impressive sleek design
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3. ESR

ESR Slimmest iPhone Xs Case

How about presenting an ultra-clear suit to your Xs? ESR is exceptionally flexible and flaunts a transparent design to let your smartphone glow without any hindrance.

Talking about protection, this cover can resist abrasion. With the raised lip, the case doesn’t let the OLED screen slide on the surface. Plus, it also offers the essential defense to the dual camera. That aside, ESR comes in nine attractive colors.

USP: Flexible design
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4. TORRAS Love Series

TORRAS Thinnest iPhone Xs Case

What I like the most in “TORRAS Love Series” is the slim yet protective design. It’s made of liquid silicone rubber and features a soft-touch finish.

The rubberized exterior withstands minor falls and also safeguard your device against scratches. The smooth outer shell provides an ergonomic grip.

With the elevated edge, Love Series is designed to offer the needed protection to the camera and screen. Lastly, you can choose this elegant cover in four color variants: black, red, yellow, and mint.

USP: Liquid silicone rubber
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5. Apple Silicone Case

Apple iPhone Xs Slimmest Case

Just a look at this “Silicone Case” and you know that it’s right on the money for your iPhone. Carved out of the soft silicone material, the cover looks pretty.

Thanks to the soft-touch finish, your iPhone sits comfortably in your palm. The case features a microfiber interior to fight out scrapes. The covered buttons offer a clicky response.

Plus, the wireless charging compatibility makes “Apple Silicone Case” a safe bet from a long-term perspective.

USP: Wireless charging support
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6. Humixx

Humixx Ultra Thin iPhone Xs Case

Oh, this one from Humixx is as stylish as any slim case in the market. The slender structure wraps around your smartphone flawlessly. And with the cutouts being on target, you will have painless access to all the functions.

The matte surface doesn’t allow grime or fingerprints to ruin the famed shine. With the smooth texture always in readiness, your palm won’t find it inconvenient to hold the large-screen iPhone. Furthermore, Humixx is available in three colors: black, crystal clear, and matte black.

USP: Matte finish
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7. Casetify

Casetify Ultra Slim iPhone Xs Case

A thin case (0.45mm) as stylish as Casetify deserves a chance on your smartphone. Exhibiting a semi-transparent design, it lets the iPhone showcase its appreciable design.

The cover features a matte finish that plays a vital role in keeping smudge away. The textured surface also cuts down the chance of accidental falls.

Due mainly to the camera ring, the shooter has the trusted safeguard against scrapes. Talking about the cutouts, they are quite accurate.

USP: Semi-transparent design
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8. X-level

X-level iPhone Xs Ultra Thinnest Case

What has made me want “X-level” is the flexible design that settles around the iPhone spotlessly. Due to the soft TPU material, it has a grippy exterior.

Though X-level is quite slim, you can rely on it to ward off abrasion. Just like many other cases mentioned in this lineup, it provides extra care to the dual camera.

Have a liking for colorful design? Well, this elastic cover comes in five beautiful colors like black, blue, red, and more.

USP: Scratch-resistant
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9. elago Inner Core Series

elago Thinnest iPhone Xs Case

Do not underestimate elago’s “Inner Core Series.” Well, the reason why I rate this case so highly is that it has covered all the bases.

The one thing that has caught my eyes in this cover is the polypropylene material, which is both more flexible and scratch-resistant. The ability to prevent dust and fingerprints helps it retain its look for a long.

And with the support for wireless charging, the case doesn’t become a hindrance when you want to take advantage of new-age charging technology.

USP: High-quality polypropylene material
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10. 1Anberi

1Anberi Ultra Thinnest iPhone Xs Case

“1Anberi” may have come at 10th place in this roundup, but it’s second to none when it comes to making a cool pair with the Xs. The PC material makes it very durable.

Of course, it can’t withstand nasty falls. However, you can trust it to keep away scrapes with ease. The extra protection for the camera makes it a reliable suit.

With the presence of a matte finish, it also provides a much-improved hold. That’s not all; you will choose 1Anberi in seven enchanting colors.

USP: Extra protection for a camera
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So, these are my favorite sleek cases for Xs. I think you have liked having a glance at them.

What’s your favorite?

Now that you navigated through this roundup share your thoughts about the above cases. And do not fail to let us know about the one that has appealed the most.

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