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25+ Cool Spotify tips and tricks for iPhone (Use it like a Pro)

If you love streaming music on your iPhone, you surely have the Spotify app. After all, it is the world’s most popular music streaming service with over 345 million monthly active users. What’s more? It’s packed with the best features that you’ve got to try out. While the premium version (for $10 per month) offers exclusive benefits, even free users have a lot of options. In this article, I have covered some of the coolest Spotify tips and tricks for iPhone users. Let’s unleash its full capability and enhance your listening experience.

  1. Spotify playlist tips
  2. Spotify search tips
  3. Spotify music playback tips
  4. Spotify premium tips and tricks

Spotify playlist tips

1. Create Spotify playlists on iPhone

I came to Spotify pretty late, and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit confused about how to get started. In case that’s true of you too, the first thing you should know is how to make playlists. These are collections of songs that you curate however you like and the process to create a playlist is a bit different for free and premium users on the mobile app.

If you have a free account, go to Your Library → tap Create playlist → enter a name → tap Create. You will then have the option to add songs to it.

Create playlists in Spotify app on iPhone

If you have a premium account, go to Your Library → tap Playlists under Music at the top → tap Create Playlist → type a name for it → hit Create.

You can then make playlist folders to organize your music.

Check out the Spotify website to learn more about adding songs and editing your playlists.

2. Private listening on Spotify

Did you know that your listening activity is publicly viewable by default? When you want to keep your activity secret, you’ll need to turn on the Private session option.

Go to SettingsSocial → toggle on Private Session.

Private listening in Spotify app on iPhone

Note: This will automatically turn off when you close the app. So, you’ll need to turn it on again each time you want to have a private session.

3. Music autoplay on iPhone

When you reach the end of a playlist, album, or selection of tracks, Spotify can automatically play similar tracks to keep the music going. To enable this, go to SettingsPlayback → toggle on Autoplay. You can also switch it off anytime you like.

Music autoplay in Spotify app on iPhone

4. Recover deleted playlists

If you accidentally delete a playlist, you can log into your account page and tap Recover playlists in the menu on the left. Select RESTORE next to the playlist you want to recover. Then, open Spotify, and you will find the restored playlist at the bottom of your playlist collection.

Recover deleted playlists in Spotify app

5. Make a collaborative Spotify playlist on iPhone

Want to build a joined playlist with the special people in your life? Here’s how you can do that;

  1. Go to your Library and select a playlist you want to make collaborative.
  2. Tap the icon that looks like a contacts icon.
  4. You will get options to share the playlist with your friends.A collaborative Spotify playlist on iPhone
  5. Once done, the profile picture next to a song will show who added it to the playlist.

Note: You can stop collaborating at any time. Just tap the three dots icon → select Make non-collaborative. 

Just tap three dots icon and select Make non-collaborative

6. Listen to your friends’ music on Spotify

Music is better with friends! Tune into what your buddies are listening to by following them on Spotify.

  1. Go to SettingsView Profile.
  2. Tap the three dots at the top right.Go to Settings and View Profile in Spotify on iPhone
  3. Select Find Friends.
  4. You will then have to connect to Facebook to find your friends.Connect to Facebook to find your friends in Spotify

7. Transfer music from other apps to Spotify

Make life easier by transferring your existing playlists from other services to Spotify. One way to do this is through the Soundiiz website.

Spotify search tips

8. Search by year, genre, or label

When searching for a song, album, etc., you can narrow your search by putting the search term in quotation marks. Additionally, you can also specify the year, genre, or label in the format shown in the images below.

Search by year, genre, or label in Spotify app on iPhone

9. Search by lyrics

Ever remembered random song lyrics but not sure what tune it is? Well, instead of Googling it, you can directly enter the words into the search field on Spotify, and it will help you find the song. Pretty neat!

Search by lyrics in Spotify app on iPhone

10. Exclude or add search terms

The search results are often different, and you need to be specific when typing your key phrase. Try this advanced Spotify trick to refining your search with AND and NOT or the symbols + or – as shown in the screenshots below.

Exclude or add search terms in Spotify app on iPhone

11. Combine searches

You can also combine all the different search tricks above to be extremely specific about what you’re looking for.

Combine searches in Spotify app on iPhone

Spotify music playback tips

12. Control your Now Playing queue

  • Quickly add a track to your Now Playing queue: Tap the three dots icon beside it → select Add to queue.Quickly add track to your Now Playing queue in Spotify iPhone app
  • View your queue: Tap the Now Playing bar at the screen’s bottom → tap the three horizontal lines icon on the right.
  • Remove a song from the queue: Tap the circle on the left of a track to select and remove it from the queue.
  • Reorder songs: Long-press the three lines on the song’s right and drag to reposition.

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Bonus: You can add a Spotify widget for quick access as well as set it as the default music app on your iPhone.

13. Use the Equalizer

Want to turn up the bass? Or adjust the music just how you like it? Spotify has a handy built-in equalizer to customize your sound.

Go to SettingsPlaybackEqualizer and choose from the options available, or use a finger to adjust the graph manually.

Use the Equalizer in Spotify on iPhone

14. Adjust Audio Quality settings on Spotify

You can adjust the sound quality on Spotify for streaming over Wi-Fi, cellular data, and downloads. Higher quality consumes more bandwidth, while lower quality will consume less. You can also choose to have Spotify automatically select this based on the quality of your network connection.

Go to Settings → tap Audio Quality to tweak these settings.

You can also enable Data Saver mode. To do so, go to SettingsData Savertoggle on to set music quality to low and disable artist canvases.

Adjust Audio Quality settings on Spotify

15. Discover new music

I love coming across new songs but how to find new music recommendations? Well, Spotify helps out pretty well with this. Based on your listening habits, it recommends more music to you through the personalized Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar playlists. Just search for these and find awesome new stuff to listen to.

16. Sleep timer

Put on a relaxing playlist and let it lull you into slumber with the sleep timer feature. Just swipe up what you’re listening to → tap the three dots icon → select Sleep timer → choose the interval you want the music to stop.

Sleep timer in Spotify on iPhone

17. Sync Shazam with Spotify

Shazam is well-known as a music discovery app that can help you identify songs. You can sync it with Spotify to have a playlist of all your discoveries.  To link it to Spotify;

  1. Swipe up the Shazam home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Connect next to Spotify.
  4. Once connected, you will have the option to open any song you Shazam on Spotify.Sync Shazam with Spotify on iPhone

You will also see a My Shazam Tracks playlist in your Spotify library.

18. Link Spotify with Google Maps

Did you know you can add music controls to the bottom of your Google Maps when you’re driving? To set it up, open Google Maps → tap your profile picture → go to SettingsNavigation → select Music Playback Controls → select Spotify.

Link Spotify with Google Maps

19. Use Spotify with Ask Siri

You can control Spotify with Siri on your iPhone to play and control audio, like music, ask what’s currently playing, etc.

To enable this, go to SettingsSiri & Search → scroll down and tap Spotify → Toggle on Use with Ask Siri.

Use Spotify with Ask Siri on iPhone

There are several cool Siri shortcuts you can use with Spotify.

Further, you can also connect Spotify to other voice assistants.

20. Unlink apps from Spotify

Whether it’s Shazam, Google Maps, Alexa, or some other app, you can unlink third-party apps from your Spotify account at any time from your Apps page.

21. Karaoke on Spotify

Spotify features the lyrics to many songs, too, so that you can sing along karaoke-style. Just look for the Lyrics button underneath a track you’re playing, and when you tap it, you’ll see the words to sing along to. This is not possible with every song, so try your luck and see.

22. Share songs

There are multiple ways to share a song through Spotify. Just tap three dots next to a track and then ‘Share.’ You can select an app to share through such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., or copy the link.

You can also use Spotify Codes to share music. Tap the three dots icon next to a track, and the scannable Spotify code appears at the bottom of the cover artwork. This can be scanned through Spotify on another phone or tablet, or you can tap it to save to your photos and use it elsewhere.

Spotify Codes to share music on iPhone

To scan a Spotify Code, open the app and tap the camera icon next to the Search field on the home page. Point the camera to the code on another device to find the song in an instant.

23. Block explicit content

Spotify does not censor music but offers you the option to block explicit content if you prefer to keep your playlists clean. Go to SettingsExplicit Content → toggle off Allow explicit content. 

Block explicit content in Spotify

24. Connect to speakers

You can play Spotify on supported devices on the same Wi-Fi network such as speakers, laptops, or Bluetooth/AirPlay-enabled devices such as HomePod.

To use it, tap the devices icon on the Now Playing bar.  Then, select the device you want to listen on.

Connect to speakers in Spotify on iPhone

Some devices might only connect if you have a Spotify premium account.

25. Crossfade feature

The crossfade feature blends one song into another, so there’s no pause between tracks. It fades in the next song while the current song is reaching an end. You can choose how many seconds you want to crossfade. Just go to SettingsPlaybackCrossfade and use the slider to adjust the seconds.

Crossfade feature in Spotify on iPhone

Spotify premium tips and tricks

If you want an ad-free experience on Spotify with plenty of exclusive features, you can sign up for a Premium account. If you are already a premium user, try these Spotify premium tips and tricks.

26. Spotify Radio

Spotify Radio curates songs for you based on any artist, album, playlist, or song of your choice. It also automatically updates from time to time to keep things fresh.

Just tap the three dots icon next to an album, artist, or song → select Go to Radio.

27. Spotify Voice

Spotify Voice gives you quick and easy access to your favorite music, podcasts, and videos. Just press and hold the Search icon to get Spotify to listen to you. Then, speak your request clearly into your phone’s microphone. For example, say:

  1. “Play something I like.”
  2. “Play my Daily Mix.”
  3. “Play Beyonce’s latest release.”
  4. “Recommend something.”
  5. “Play some latest hits.”

28. Listen to Spotify in Uber

Spotify and Uber have partnered to let you listen to your music on your cab’s sound system whenever you’re out and about. Here’s how to set it up:

In the Uber app, go to your profile → tap Connect Spotify → sign in to your Spotify Premium account.

Now, whenever you’re assigned a driver, you will see a Music bar at the bottom of your Uber screen if the driver has Spotify set up. This can let you select and control what you listen to during your ride.

Note: This feature is only available in selected regions and can be used when drivers have set it up. Check the Uber site for more info.

29. Group session

This is one of Spotify’s latest features that’s currently in beta testing. It lets you listen together in a group in real-time, with everyone having the ability to control what plays.

Play something and tap the small devices icon on the left. Under Start a group Session, tap START SESSION → hit INVITE FRIENDS → select a sharing option.

People you invite will have the choice to listen on their device or on your device (while controlling it from theirs).

Tried these Spotify tips and tricks yet?

Which of these features do you love using every day? Let me know in the comments below. And are there any other Spotify tips and tricks that you know of which I haven’t mentioned?

Keep them coming because I’m looking to know more about this app.

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