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iGBSoftwareFast and reliable residential proxy network provider - Smartproxy

Fast and reliable residential proxy network provider – Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers a pool of residential and data center proxies that allow you to scrape the web, bypass IP restrictions, etc., without jeopardizing your privacy or getting your IP banned. And best of all, its guided documentation makes its services perfect for beginners.


  • 40M+ proxies from over 195 locations
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Helpful free tools
  • Decent pricing


  • No proxies for mobile devices
  • Speed is affected slightly

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Using a proxy server has become a norm to protect your privacy or access geo-restricted content. However, finding the right proxy server that is secure, dependable, versatile, fast, and affordable is a task. And I might have just simplified the task for you with this Smartproxy review.

As I venture into the world of residential proxies with Smartproxy, there is a lot I am looking for. Mostly the features mentioned above. So, let’s see how Smartproxy fairs under my scrutiny.

Smartproxy: Residential proxies to leave your limitations behind  

If you’re not a proxy fanatic, let me explain the terminology a bit before I start the review. Proxy acts as a gateway between your device and the Internet. It basically masks your IP address by routing traffic via a remote server.

Thanks to IP masking and misdirection, it allows you to circumvent content restrictions/monitoring and safer web browsing. For more info, check out this detailed article from Smartproxy.

How Smartproxy works

Smartproxy stays true to its name and offers smart solutions for proxies, including residential datacenter, shared and private proxies.

What’s impressive is that the company has over 40 million rotating residential IPs across 195 worldwide locations and 40K regular US Datacenter proxies.

How does Smartproxy work? 

You can compare it to VPN in terms of work, but setting up a proxy is slightly more complicated. Majorly because you have to set up the proxy server for individual browsers and apps. Thankfully, Smartproxy holds your hand through all of it.

How does Smartproxy work

An easy-to-use and well-organized dashboard gives you a preview of your account activities and settings. Moreover, it is also the gateway for almost all troubleshooting you’ll need.

The start-up guide and documents take users through the concept and process, including setup guides, technical assistance, code samples, and troubleshooting articles.

Smartproxy set up guide on Chrome

Once set up, use the browser and the apps like usual. The only difference will be that your IP will be masked, and you can break the barriers to do a lot more (more details in the next section)

Who would benefit from Smartproxy!

Smartproxy doesn’t overly complicate things; as explained earlier, it offers the needed tech support. So, whether you’re a one-man army or a team of people, setting up and using Smartproxy servers is just a read/call away.

As for my breaking barriers in the above section, Smartproxy doesn’t kid around. The platforms architect helps you:

  • Overcome IP limitations – Forgo geo-restrictions and website blocks without compromising your security and personal data.
  • Scale your business – Whether it’s scraping competitive data, market research, analyzing SEO, affiliate testing, Ad verification, or more, Smartproxy can be your mate.
  • Social media – It is a game of numbers and presence, and the platform can help you create and manage multiple accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and more) and their respective bots.
  • Retail therapy – From fast sneaker proxies that work with all major sneaker bots (Nike, Supreme, EasyCop, etc.) to Craigslist, Smartproxy can handle it all.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, businessman, developer, gamer, or shopper, you’ll be profited by the wide range of services and tools by Smartproxy.


The perks of using Smartproxy

The strength of proxies lies in their multifaceted use-cases and in allowing users to access data in any location worldwide. Smartproxy offers free tools and proxy management solutions that make the job easier.

  • X Browser – Designed to work with residential proxies, the anti-detection management tool helps you handle multiple accounts and browsers at the same time. Most importantly, it uses unique fingerprints for every profile and avoid IP bans or CAPTCHAs.

    X Browser multi profile anti detection management tool in Smartproxy
  • Browser extension – The fun of proxies without the hard work of setting it into your browser. Thanks to the Chrome and Firefox extensions, you can set up sessions in just two clicks.
  • Address Generator – No matter the session type, whether sticky or rotating proxy, you can get instant proxy lists(up to 49,999) with user:pass with just three clicks and in under 1 minute.

    Smartproxy proxy address generating tool
  • No-Code Scraper – A smart scrapper allows users to schedule scraping tasks and store scraped data. And thanks to a pre-made scraping template, you don’t have to write a single line of code.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Smartproxy tools. For starters, they are not rocket science to figure out. Plus, a guide is omnipresent to help you figure out how the tool works exactly. And most importantly, they do almost exactly what they promise.

Is Smartproxy the smartest?

Smartproxy has a lot going in its favor, from the smartly managed dashboard to the easy setup guide, from over 40M IP addresses to the smart tools. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest of them all, but what it offers for the price is pretty decent.

Furthermore, the platform has caught the nerve of its users, and that deep understanding reflects in the tools and their packages. You’ll pay for what you need, making the most of your $$. I think you should try their services once, to feel what I am trying to say.

The good thing is that Smartproxy offers a 3-day money-back option and a 3-day free trial for SERP Scraping API, so you can do the testing. Also, you can opt for Pay As You Go option where you need to pay only for the traffic you use, $12.5 per 1 GB with no commitment

Price: Smartproxy offers several plans that can be tailored to your need. Here’s a general pricing plan:

Smartproxy New Plan for Pricing

Check out Smartproxy

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