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iGBAppleSiri Not Working on HomePod? Try Out These Quick Fixes

Siri Not Working on HomePod? Try Out These Quick Fixes

There have been quite a few occasions when Siri stops working on my iPhone and iPad, and I have to dig out several solutions to troubleshoot the problem. So, I expect the personal assistant to, at times, go out of the block on HomePod as well. And if that happens your smart speaker would be virtually dead! Luckily, there are some workable solutions to fix the Siri not working issue on HomePod.

Has the virtual assistant refused to get invoked on your speaker? Give a try to the following fixes to resolve the problem.

Siri Not Responding on HomePod: Tips to Fix the Issue

Please note:

  • Siri doesn’t work as intelligently on HomePod as it does on iOS devices. So, don’t be surprised if it’s not able to answer some queries
  • The personal assistant immediately gets into action when you say, “Hey Siri,.” But if it doesn’t get invoked when you say the phrase, ensure that nothing is obstructing the speaker
  • While asking the question to the virtual assistant, try to be as precise as possible. We have rounded up over 100 Siri commands for HomePod. Give them a look to figure out the type of commands that work effectively on the speaker
  • Be sure your iOS device is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is enabled on your device

Solution #1: Turn OFF/ON Wi-Fi

Try turning OFF/ON Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s a pretty simple trick and should help you fix the problem immediately. Settings → Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and turn it off. Now, restart your iOS device and turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Solution #2: Turn Off/ON Siri on HomePod

If the first trick didn’t solve the issue, disable Siri on your HomePod. Then, wait for some time and turn on the personal assistant again. To do so, head over to this post.

Solution #3: Reset HomePod to Factory Settings

No luck yet? Reset the HomePod and set it up again. Do note that it will wipe out all the existing data from the smart speaker and reset it to factory default.

Solution #4: Update HomePod

You should always keep your smart speaker up-to-date as it enables the device to run smoothly. Follow this quick guide to check if there is any software update waiting for the speaker and update it.

Wrapping up

Assuming you have successfully fixed the problem. Which one of these tricks worked for you?

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