TouchRetouch iOS App: Remove Unwanted Objects from Your iPhone Photos

TouchRetouch iOS App Review

You have been on your dream vacation and clicked tons of photos on your iPhone. You want to post the favorite ones only to find some unnecessary elements in the images. It can be a trash can, wires, signboard, unknown people, rock, or anything spoiling the pristine scenery! While there are many applications, I turn to the TouchRetouch app for iPhone and iPad, which I discovered a few weeks ago. It enables you to eliminate unwanted objects from your iPhone photos quickly and affordably without disturbing the overall look.

Let’s explore and understand the functionalities of TouchRetouch in-depth.

What You Can Do with TouchRetouch App on iPhone and iPad

Remove Unwanted Objects from Your iPhone Photo

As the title suggests, this lets you erase things that you do not want in your picture. The process is quick and effortless. After you get rid of one of the elements from an image, it looks as if that thing was not there in the first place!

Get Rid of Unnecessary Lines in the Image

There are times when the image has electricity lines, telephone wires, cables, or anything similar. These lines may look disturbing if you have a beautiful shot of a building and the open sky. TouchRetouch makes it a cakewalk to remove lines and wires from the image, which results in a perfect photo.

Remove Blemish in One Tap

Have a selfie or portrait shot that you wish to clear up a bit? Use the blemish remover to erase the spots that you may not fancy much.

Clone Image Parts to Another Place

Features of TouchRetouch app on iPhone and iPad

TouchRetouch also possesses a powerful tool called Clone Stamp that lets you select an area and clone (replicate) it elsewhere on the image. Once you get the hang of this feature, you can play around and create some great patterns and astonishing images.

How to Use TouchRetouch App to Remove Unwanted Content from iPhone Photos

  1. Download the app on your iPhone or iPad and launch it.
  2. Tap on ALBUMS and choose the desired image from your photo gallery.
  3. Here, in the bottom row, you have multiple tools. Let’s us briefly see how to use them:
    • OBJECT REMOVAL: Tap on it. Now use the Brush or Lasso to select the unwanted area on the image. If you accidentally select a lot of unwanted portions, tap on the eraser to unselect those edges. Finally, tap on GO, and the app will remove the selected object from the image.Use Object Removal in TouchRetouch iOS App
    • QUICK REPAIR: This is just a quicker version of the above tool. Tap on it, and then in one stroke, select the object you wish to eliminate. The moment you lift your selecting finger, TouchRetouch will remove the highlighted object.Quick Repair Tool in TouchRetouch on iPhone
    • LINE REMOVAL: Tap on it and select a portion of the line you wish to erase. The app will smartly take care of it. If you do not wish to get rid of the whole line, tap on Segment Remover. To change the brush thickness, tap on Settings, and choose from thin, medium, and thick.Line Removal in TouchRetouch App
    • CLONE STAMP: Tap on Brush and place the object you want to stamp elsewhere in the circle. Use two fingers to zoom the image in and out to achieve accuracy. Next, swipe on the image portion you wish to clone. For more, tap on Mirroring and Settings to get the right result.Use Clone Stamp in TouchRetouch App
  4. Once you are done editing, tap on the share icon at the top and tap on Save as Copy. You may also use the other options like Settings to tweak the image output format and size.


  • Anytime you wish to undo or redo, tap on the curved arrows on top.
  • The dotted and non-dotted rectangle icon lets you see the edits and the original image.

Is TouchRetouch Worth the Tiny Investment?

TouchRetouch requires no expert knowledge like Photoshop. Even a novice can launch the app and edit the image. The app is designed cleanly, and everything is what you expect from a high-class product. You will love its color scheme and simplicity.

Now, it is inevitable that in some situations, the results are a hit or miss. But in most cases, especially when the background is a somewhat solid color, the final results are surprisingly accurate. An average pair of eyes will find it challenging to say that some object has been removed from the image.

TouchRetouch is undoubtedly worth the price. When you quickly wish to clean a few images, you will thank yourself that you have this app on your iPhone!

Price: $1.99



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