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Pitaka Flipbook iPad case: A unique labor-saving accessory

What you need to know about Pitaka’s Flipbook case:

  • The Pitaka Flipbook case works with the 11″ and 12.9″ iPads attached to a Magic Keyboard.
  • Designed from leather and carbon fiber, it gives a supersport car vibe.
  • The Flipbook case is all about saving time over everything else.

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The iPad is considered the best tablet by many, and I share the same opinion too. Especially when you can use it to replace your personal computer with the help of the Apple Magic Keyboard. But carrying this duo around isn’t always convenient. And that is where Pitaka’s Flipbook case comes in.

The Pitaka Flipbook case allows users to carry their iPads conveniently. However, the iPad needs to be attached to the Magic Keyboard. I have my hands on it. Read along to know my thoughts on its design, build quality, protection, and overall utility.

Minimal design

The design of a product is the first thing that catches consumers’ attention. Most of the case is made out of leather and also has a touch of carbon fiber on the pouch area. And Pitaka has surely created a product that has a polarizing design.

Both the handles house magnets that stick together as soon as you bring them close. The buckle holding the strap and the case together is made of metal. And the color of the buckle is metallic black, which subtly blends in with the case’s aesthetic. The zip slider and pull tab also have a similar finish.


Above the zip is an orange leather strap, and below the zip is the aforementioned carbon fiber finish. Pitaka designed this to give a supersport car vibe, and it surely reminds me of McLaren cars.


Now, the pouch does offer decent housing space. You can store your iPhone, AirPods, or a lightning cable in it. But don’t expect it to be a substitute for your carry bag. The camera protector can be flipped to open and gets attached to the case as it has magnets in it.


The two parts of the case are held together by two parallel plastic straps. These plastic straps have another perpendicular plastic strap with adhesive to stick to the Magic Keyboard and hold the case together. The same adhesive padding is found on the inner sides of the case.


Minimal protection


The minimal design of the case is both a boon and a bane. If you expect the Pitaka Flipbook case to offer drop protection, please don’t. The case is said to act as a substitute for carrying sleeves and pouches but lacks similar protection. Convenience does come at a cost.

But that is a sacrifice you’ll have to make as the product design tries to minimize bulk to the Magic Keyboard. However, I wish there was some added protection the case provided. So, what does the Flipbook case offer other than quickening the process of carrying the iPad attached to the Magic Keyboard?

What purpose does the Flipbook case serve?

The Flipbook case’s purpose is to facilitate carrying your iPad, which is attached to the Magic Keyboard. Also, you can carry a couple more items in its pouch. And, that’s all. From my perspective, the product was designed to do one thing, i.e., save time, and it does that right.


However, you cannot carry the iPad alone with the case. Attaching the iPad to a Magic Keyboard is a necessity to carry it. Whenever you want to use the iPad, just lay it down on the table, and the straps do not interfere while using it.


Is the Pitaka Flipbook case worth your money?

The Pitaka Flipbook case is designed and manufactured for a niche audience that values time over everything else.

But how much time do you save? And is saving a few seconds and adding bulk (although minimal, it adds a little bulk) to your iPad and Magic Keyboard worth it, especially when the added bulk doesn’t offer solid protection to the iPad?

If your answer is yes, the Pitaka Flipbook case will be a total value-for-money product for you. It is also unique and will help you stand out in the crowd. However, this product does not appeal to me personally and might not be a valuable investment for many.


  • Made out of leather and carbon fiber
  • A pouch to carry small goods 
  • Camera guard


  • Expensive
  • No added protection

Price: $89

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