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iGBAccessoriesPaperlike 2 iPad Pro 12.9″and 11″ Screen Protector Review

Paperlike 2 iPad Pro 12.9″and 11″ Screen Protector Review

Writing on the glass is slippery and seems unnatural. The experience feels more like something you would rarely do and not every day as a habit. To address this, Paperlike went on to launch a Kickstarter campaign and successfully shipped the first version of Paperlike.

Working on customer feedback and innovation, they improved, made changes, refined the product, and now we have the second version of Paperlike, aptly called Paperlike 2 here at our office. Take a look.

Paperlike 2 iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 11-inch Screen Protector

What’s in the Package?

Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for iPad

The package that arrived at our office was well packed in a cardboard envelope, and there were no physical damage, bend, or wrinkles on the screen protectors.

With every single purchase, you get two Paperlike screen protectors for iPad Pro. This is a nice touch to ensure that even if in rarest of the rare case you mess up the installation in the first attempt, you have a backup.

You also get two wet wipes, one big dry wipe, two dust absorbers, and two sticker guide sheets. With our order we also received a small card with a thank you message from the Paperlike team.

Paperlike 2 Installation

Paperlike 2 Screen Protector Installation on iPad

We had no trouble in putting Paperlike 2 on our iPad Pro. The main concern people have when installing a screen protector or skin is air bubbles. There is no magic here, and just like all screen protectors, you will see air bubbles during installation.

However, using a credit card, you may push them out. I am pretty confident that you won’t need it, but just in case your first attempt turns futile, Paperlike provides you with two units. So, you can go ahead and apply it without any edginess.

For your ease, in addition to a written step by step guide, Paperlike has instruction videos with subtitles in multiple languages. I watched the video and found it to be on-point and helpful.

Impressions After Installing Paperlike 2

After Installing Paperlike 2 screen protector on iPad

Once our installation was complete, I saw that the fit is just perfect. There were some bubbles, but I was able to remove it. All along the four edges, there is a tiny margin that is very helpful and does not peel off the screen protector if you place your iPad inside a case.

The camera and home button cutouts on our iPad Pro model were precise, and as you would expect from a good product.

Writing and Drawing Experience with Paperlike 2

Writing and Drawing Experience with Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for iPad

The very first word I would use is ‘different.’ The second word for Paperlike 2 is ‘better.’

When I used it with Apple Pencil to write inside the notes app, I felt a bit of roughness and friction that gave the overall feel of almost like writing on paper. The feeling is not exact, but it is pretty perfect and up to expectation.

Later in the day, I handed the iPad to one of the members of our creative team. In the Autodesk SketchBook app, he sketched, and the feedback he subsequently shared was impressive.

With the screen protector installed, it is comfortable to draw and sketch. The Apple Pencil feels comparatively better to use on Paperlike 2 than bare glass screen of the iPad.

Matte and Anti-glare Finish

Matte and anti-glare finished Paperlike 2 screen protector on iPad

The matte and anti-glare finish make sure that you have no hindrance when you want to use your iPad while sitting out in the sun.

This screen protector creates next to no interference and lets you comfortably watch videos on your brilliant iPad screen. So, you can be a drawing master in the day and cozy up to catch your Netflix movies at night. Paperlike 2 will not cause any significant reduction in video quality.

Nanodots Surface Technology

Paperlike 2 Screen Protector with Nanodots surface technology for iPad

Paperlike 2 uses Nanodots surface technology for achieving a paper-like experience. Due to the Nanodots, your Apple Pencil slightly vibrates and gives you the feel of writing on a rough surface, similar to paper. The creators say that these dots also minimize refractions and rainbow effects.

Paperlike 2 for iPad Pro (2018) 12.9″

In addition to the 10.5 inch that fits iPad Pro 2017 and iPad Air 2019, we also have the 12.9-inch version at our office. This one is made for iPad Pro, 2018.

The build quality, the edges’ gap, and the material used for this size of Parerlike screen protector are identical to the smaller version. The installation process is also same, and you get the exact number of wet wipes, dry wipe, dust absorbers, and sticker guides.

Along with other similarities, the number of screen protectors that you receive with a single order is also the same – that is two.

Paperlike 2 is also available for many more iPad models. Here is the full list.

  • iPad (2019) 10.2″
  • iPad 10.5″ (Air 2019 & Pro 2017)
  • iPad 12.9″ (with Home-Button)
  • iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad 2018
  • iPad Mini 2019
  • iPad Pro (2018) 11″
  • iPad Pro (2018) 12.9″


From my side, Paperlike 2 gets a thumbs up. I have loved writing with this installed on my iPad Pro. It has changed the experience and improved it. But this product is not cheap when you compare it with other iPad screen protectors. Thus you should decide about your use case.

If you draw frequently, if you note down class lectures, or if you write poems and stuff on your iPad; I would go on to say that this screen protector is an indispensable tool. You must experience it once. Most likely, you will never go back to writing or drawing on glass, ever!

Price: €34,00
Check out on Paperlike

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