How to Fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password Issue

After an iOS update or iPhone restore, your device may continuously ask for the Apple ID password. Mostly it is a case of failed downloads that aren’t directly visible on the home screen. Or sometimes there is a problem with your account settings either in iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, or in App Store. Whatever be the reason, let us try verified ways to fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password.

  1. Restart Your iPhone
  2. Check for iOS Update
  3. Check for Apps Update
  4. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime
  5. Sign Out from Apple ID and iCloud
  6. Reset Apple ID Password
  7. Reset All Settings
  8. Backup and Restore iPhone

1. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting is an essential thing that many people overlook. But it works wonder in fixing several kinds of software problems. If your iPhone keeps asking for Apple Account password, please restart it using the buttons (as you regularly do). You may also open the Settings app → GeneralShut Down.

After a minute or so, turn on your phone, and the problem may be gone. If not, please follow the next solutions.

shutdown your iphone

2. Check for iOS Update

Apple introduces multiple bug fixes with every iOS, but sometime a few may not get resolved. Even many users have experienced that iOS 13 keeps asking for Apple ID Password. In such a situation it is a vise advise to update to the latest version iOS. To fix Apple ID issues, open the Settings app, tap on General.

open settings and tap on general on iphone

Now, tap on Software Update. If you have a pending update, tap on Download and Install.

download and install software update on iphone

3. Check for Apps Update

The process to check for third-party app updates has changed slightly in iOS 13. But it remains smooth and accessible. Long press on the App Store icon and then tap on Updates. If you have app updates, tap on UPDATE next to individual apps. You may also tap on Update All.

At times it may happen that while getting free apps or even while updating apps, you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password. To avoid such situations, you may see how to download free apps without a password.

long press on app store icon tap on updates from menu and then tap update all

4. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime

Temporarily switching off (and then on) iMessage and FaceTime might work. Here’s how.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on settings and tap on messages on iphone
  2. From the top, turn off the iMessage.turn off imessages on iphone
  3. Now go back to Settings again and navigate to FaceTime.go back to settings and tap on facetime
  4. Turn off the FaceTime.turn off facetime on iphone

Now restart your phone and re-enable these necessary services by following the above steps. After this, your iPhone may stop asking for Apple ID password randomly.

5. Sign Out from Apple ID and iCloud

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on the Apple ID banner from the top
  2. Scroll to the end and tap on Sign settings tap on apple id and tap on sign out
  3. Enter your Apple ID password. Next, tap on Turn Off.enter apple id password and tap on turn off
  4. Accordingly, choose to keep a copy of Calendars, Contacts, and Keychain. For this turn on their toggles. Finally, tap on Sign Out and confirm.enable options and sign out on apple id and icloud on iphone
  5. Restart your iPhone
  6. Open the Settings app and tap on Sign in to your iPhone. Enter your Apple ID, password, and follow the simple on-screen instructions

6. Reset Apple ID Password

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap on your Apple ID from the top
  2. Tap on Password & settings tap on apple id and tap on password and security
  3. Tap on Change password. Enter the iPhone passcode if asked
  4. Enter a new (and secure) Apple ID password. Re-enter it and tap on Change.reset apple id password on iphone

Restart your iPhone, and this issue of randomly asking for iCloud password might no longer disturb you.

7. Reset All Settings

This process will reset all the settings you have changed on your iPhone to the default. This includes Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth devices, location settings, VPN configuration, keyboard settings, and much more. However, it will not delete any personal data. Still, it is recommended that you take a backup before proceeding.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on General. After this, tap on settings tap on general and then tap on reset
  2. Next, tap on Reset All Settings, enter your device password, and confirm.reset all settings on iphone in ios 13

8. Backup and Restore iPhone

It is a bit lengthy process that has two main parts – take a back up and then restore (detailed guides – make sure you follow it). Here is a quick recap in easy steps.

1. Backup iPhone to iCloud: For this, open the Settings app → tap on Apple ID from the top → iCloud → scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup → turn on the toggle for iCloud Backup → tap on Backup Now. Wait for the back up to complete.

backup your iphone to icloud

2. Backup iPhone to Mac or PC: Unlock your iPhone and connect it to a computer. Trust the computer if asked. In iTunes (PC and older Mac), click on the iPhone logo. In Finder (Mac running macOS Catalina), click on your iPhone name from left Sidebar.

Click on Device Name in Finder on Mac

Now, in General tab, click the box for Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.

Click on General and Then Click on Back up All Data on Your iPhone to This Mac

Choose Encrypt local backup and enter the password to secure it. Finally, click on Back Up Now.

Encrypt Local Backup and Click on Set Password in Finder on Mac

Backup iPhone on Mac Running macOS Catalina

3. Before resetting, we need to turn off Find My iPhone: To do this, open the Settings app → tap on Apple ID banner from top → Find MyFind My iPhone.

tap on find my and then tap on find my iphone

Now, turn off Find My iPhone → Enter your iPhone passcode and tap on Turn Off.

disable find my iphone

4. Erase everything: Open the Settings app and tap on General. Next, tap on ResetErase All Content and Settings. Enter your iPhone password and confirm.

tap on erase all content and settings tap on erase now and enter password

use screen time passcode tap on erase iphone and enter apple id password and tap on erase

5. After the erase completes, you have to set up your iPhone again. Follow the easy on-screen instructions. On the screen that says ‘Apps and Data,’ choose Restore from iCloud Backup or Restore from Mac or PC accordingly.

restore iphone from icloud backup

Signing off…

These are the solutions to successfully address the issue of an iPhone that keeps asking for Apple ID password. I hope one of the listed tips helped. Please share which one or any other thoughts with us in the comments section below.

iPhone Keep Asking For Apple ID Password

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  1. I love how there are never answers to iPhone problems. It’s alway the roundup the usual suspects. In the end, the only solution is to buy a new phone.

  2. Awesome suggestions, thank you for these. It sounds like a lot of people, like MJJames, are upset with Apple. But lucky for us, you have some solutions. I did a reboot and it’s working like a charm for now.

  3. What a bunch of crap suggestions…. None of those work longterm and a couple of them are nonsense. “Change your ID temporarilly.” Terrible advice. Apple needs to address the problem.

    • It’s funny how every solution should be either reset or wipe everything when we all know this log in prompt is apple’s way of’s not going away as much as you want it to…

  4. Thanks for the info. Sounds like quite a bit to go through to make iOS9 work properly. I will see if an update of the OS works. I have long since lost patience with iOS and will go back to an Android phone next time around, or even a Windows Phone. Seems that iOS9 is simply half-baked goods.
    I will just hit cancel each time and leave it at that. Too expensive a phone trade-in or sell right now, as I am sure of losing over 50% in under a years use. Oh well, it work — not as good as Android, but it works. Notifications and the Camera are pretty good.

  5. What to do if iPhone 6s is prompting itunes password for account which i dont own? it has somebody else’s e-mail. I cannot remove that account, because i dont see t anywhere… it just keep asking password for that… icloud works ok with my apple id.

  6. so I have attempted to do ALL of these things, the problem is, I can’t do any of them because it says my password is wrong, which is what brought me to this page to begin with. If I could sign out or delete account I would be golden, but you NEED to password for all of these things, which is why the stupid pop up keeps occurring.

  7. Hey there,iv red all the stuff mentioned above bt my problem is my apple id is correct n its working on iphone bt not on ipad bt only for itunes and appstore.. When ever i got to settings,appstore n itunes,put my password it loads n nofing happens. This is happening from couple ov months n im unable to download apps on my ipad plz somebody help!!!!! Plz

  8. Thanks so much. My phone was becoming unusable – it was asking for my password every few minutes. Signing out of FaceTime seems (I hope) to have done the trick

  9. i forgot my passcode on my iphone 4 so i restored and started it back up but now it go through all the settings and asking me for the apple id that was used on this phone but i cannot rember it nor the email i used to set it up any tips

  10. I am using IOS8 and this thing just happened yesterday. Now, I can’t open any apps on my iPad. Not even Facebook or Mctube. When I click on the app icon, it only shows the background of the app and loads a pop up asking for Apple id and password. When I entered the Apple ID, it closed immediately. When I opened again, same things happened. Please help me. What should I do?

  11. im not sure if this is the same problem everyone has been having as me but if so i I’ve cracked it….. Firstly make sure you do a back up of your device from going into settings then iCloud then scroll to the bottom and click on back up then select Back Up Now once completed you have a unto date copy of everything most recent. right here go’s, when I set my apple id up from day go i used an email that i now don’t use anymore as my id because I’ve changed it since because of a new email account, so first things first make sure you’ve done everything to updating all your apple id details etc with new id email address which in this case you probably would have because this is why we are having this problem in the first place. So every time i get a upgrade the phone asks for me to put the password in for a old email id!! the reason being is because you purchased apps on the old email id. Don’t worry you won’t loose those apps. What you now need to do is connect your phone to iTunes click on apps & uninstall all of them, yes I know its a pain but its the answer your looking for. Now you can either wipe the phone which i recommend is the best because your starting a fresh or you can just sign out of iCloud by removing details. Now restore which ever choice you go for as I said its best to wipe and start fresh you need to follow the on screen set up of country & wifi connections etc It will then as you to put your apple id in this is the one you’ve been trying to use not the old one that kept showing then your password as i found it will then restore with all your new details without mentioning the old id. one all done connect back to computer & reinstall all the apps you want back on the phone. Basically all your device is doing is getting confused between apps you’ve purchase over the years via the old id & apps you currently purchase on the new id so removing all app and restoring phone re applying them I guarantee it will solve all your problems. well it did mine happy days.

  12. Hi I am trying to erase all content and setting in order to unlock my iPhone 5. This is per my service provider’s advice. My Apple ID and password which works otherwise has problems here. I have reset password several times to no avail. Have also tried this password for FaceTime and imsg. It works fine there. Appreciate your thoughts.

  13. But what if you can’t even get to anywhere on your iPad to actually turn off iCloud? I’m being prompted to sign into FaceTime with my Apple ID and can’t get it to go away.

  14. I’m traveling abroad and, for saving battery, i turned off wi-fi and I have no connection to an internet provider. Now it keeps nagging for my AppleID password to connect to Facetime and won’t let me access the Settings on anything else! I know that when I come back to US I’ll have my LTE connection and will be able to enter my AppleID password and access my phone normally, but this is damn frustrating! IOS should recognize that if the phone has no internet access to login to the user’s account, it won’t try to use Facetime or any other app that may require an AppleID!

    • Did you try all the steps we mentioned in the post? You can try turning
      off FaceTime (after rebooting) or deleting your Apple ID account from
      FaceTime settings… If the problem persists, the last thing you can
      try is this: connect to a Wifi network, login once and that should fix

      • Hey there,iv red all the stuff mentioned above bt my problem is my apple id is correct n its working on iphone bt not on ipad bt only for itunes and appstore.. When ever i got to settings,appstore n itunes,put my password it loads n nofing happens. This is happening from couple ov months n im unable to download apps on my ipad plz somebody help!!!!!

  15. Sure sounds like that Clash of Clans issue with Game Center they have been talking about on the Apple support boards. IMHO bad programing on Apple’s part to allow any program to turn off your iCloud account and nuke your contacts on your iPhone.


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iPhone Keep Asking For Apple ID Password
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