How to Make a WhatsApp Group Call on iPhone and Android

How to Make Group Calls in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

When Apple launched group calling feature in FaceTime, WhatsApp took this as a challenge and then began to work on this feature for iPhone and Android users. The chat client introduced this group calling feature like a dose of salts. Now, iPhone and Android users can make group calling in WhatsApp.

To make group calling on iPhone and Android, users need to update their devices to the latest WhatsApp version. The method is pretty simple. In a few simple steps, you can add three persons to the group calling. Thus, four persons can talk to each other by using group calling feature on their iPhone or Android devices.

As mentioned above, you need to update your devices to the latest version of WhatsApp. Once done, follow the steps given below. Remember, you can make group audio and video calls on your device. In the middle of the call, you can also switch to audio or video mode.

Note: Since this is a common feature for iOS and Android, steps remains same for both the devices.

How to Make Group Audio and Video Calls in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone/Android.

Step #2. Next, select a single contact and tap on audio or video call icon from the top right corner.

Make a WhatsApp Call on iPhone or Android

Step #3. When the person picks up your call, you can add another person to this group calling by tapping on the Plus icon from the top right corner.

Add a Person to WhatsApp Call on iPhone or Android

Step #4. Now, from the contact list, you need to Add Participant. Simply search your contact and tap on it. A pop-up appears prompting you to tap on Add button.

Make Group Calls in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

Step #5. Upon tapping the “Add” button, the next participant will be added to the group calling.

Make Group Audio and Video Calls in WhatsApp

Following the above steps, you can add one more participant (4 in total) to your group calling.

Note: If anyone disconnects the call, remaining persons can continue with the WhatsApp group call.

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That’s all friends!

Now all the four participants (including yourself) can talk to each other in this group calling. Note that you are the initiator of the group call, but the other person can also add a contact to this group call.

This group calling feature is not limited to the WhatsApp groups you might have created in the app. You can use this feature irrespective of any groups active on the app.

Notably, WhatsApp has recently allowed only admin to send group messages on iPhone and Android. This feature was exclusive to the groups created in the app though.

Your call…

WhatsApp has always been a dynamic chat client as it has introduced user-friendly features at regular intervals. I particularly like the integration of Siri to send group messages on iPhone.

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