How to Use Emojis on Mac

how to use emojis on mac

Sending emojis along with texts spruce up the conversation. Whether it’s a gaiety talk in personal messages, penning a heartwarming email, or showing outrage on social media, they’re way better to convey your message. On the iPhones and iPads, you can easily access emojis from your iOS keyboard. But on macOS, you need to access them via a physical keyboard or from System Preferences. If you’re someone who loves surfing the internet on Mac and doesn’t know how to use emojis, follow this apt step-guide!

How to Type Emojis on Mac

  • Place your cursor on the text field
  • press and hold Ctrl + Command + Space.

An emoji keyboard will appear on your Mac screen. Pick an emoji that you want to use and it will be typed on the text field at the location of your cursor. The best thing about this keyboard is that you can search for a particular emoji by typing its meaning in the search field.

For instance, if you’re looking for a sad emoji, type sad in the search field, and it will show the results of sad emojis.

type emojis on mac

Also, you can expand the keyboard which will bring in more features. To expand it, click on the option of the top-right corner. The expansion of the keyboard will bring a big-screen Character Viewer which will allow you to customize the emoji keyboard.

click on keyboard icon in emojis keyboard on mac

In Character Viewer, you can organize your favorite emojis like add them to your favorite lists, remove them later, and even clear up the frequently used emojis. To add an emoji to your favorite list, click on an emoji you love → select Add to Favorites from the preview bar.

add emoji to favorites in keyboard on mac

You can add multiple emojis this way that will appear in Favorites bar underneath the Frequently Used section. To remove an emoji from Favorites, go to the Favorites section → click on the emoji you want to remove → select Remove from Favourites

click on favorites in keyboard on mac
select emoji and click on remove from favorites

To clear the list of frequently used emojis, click on the Settings icon and select Clear Frequently Used Characters.

click on settings in emoji keyboard on mac
clear frequently used emojis from keyboard on mac

How to Add Emoji Keyboard to Mac Menu Bar

  1. Click on the Apple icon resided on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Open System on apple logo and select system preferences on mac
  3. Go to Keyboard on keyboard in system preferences on mac
  4. Tick the box of Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.enable show keyboard and emoji viewers to add emoji keyboard to mac menu bar

Now you will find the icon of keyboard available on the top menu bar. You can access the emoji keyboard from there. To obtain it, click on the keyboard icon, then select Show Emoji & Symbols.

click on keyboard icon from mac menu bar and select show emoji & symbols

How to Add Emoji to Emails on the Mac

The Mail app on your Mac comes with a default feature of the emoji keyboard. When you’re writing an email, you can add directly from it.

  1. Launch Mail app on your mail app on mac
  2. Select Compose a new on compose in mail app on mac
  3. Place your cursor on the text field.
  4. Click on the emoji on emoji in compose window on mac
  5. Click on the emoji you want to send in the on emoji to add it in email on mac

A significant thing about sending emojis via the Mail app is that you can enlarge their size to make them look bigger or smaller. To do so, select the emoji you’ve added in the email field and then press and hold Command and “+” on your keyboard to expand its size. Press Command and “-“ to shorten it.

This can be also done by going to Format options from the top menu bar. After selecting the emoji on the email field → go to Format options → go into Style → select Bigger or Smaller to adjust its size.

select emoji in email field on mac
change emoji size in email on mac

Wrap Up

Emojis convey the message a way lot better than a piece of text. So don’t miss a chance to send them whenever it’s possible. On your Mac, now you can have lots of fun and emoji-packed conversations with anyone. What’s your favorite emoji? Type it in the comment section below!

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