How To Type Diacritical Marks and Accented Characters on iPhone/iPad

The diacritical mark is a glyph added to a letter. It may appear above, below, within a letter or in some cases between two letters. Diacritical marks are used to change the sound-values of the letters they are added to.

What about bringing a new sound quality or the way you write an individual letter added in a specific word? For an example, Naïve, Noël, saké etc. How will you write words with such marks, if there is a need or desire to do so?

How to Type Diacritical Marks and Accented Characters on iPhone/iPad:

Step #1. Launch any app wherein you can type (such as, Messages app, Notes app, mail app etc.)

Step #2. On keyboard, tap and hold on the specific letter you want to have a diacritical mark or point.Type Diacritical Marks on iPhone or iPad

Step #3. Once you tap and hold on a letter, it will appear with diacritical marks if it has the individual letters with the point. Select the letter with a particular mark by swiping your finger onto it.

That’s all! It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? There are only a few words which support diacritical marks. Like, a, e, o, i, z, u, s, n,y,c,w,l etc. You can check out whether a word has the diacritical support or not simply by tapping and holding on it. If it has, the letter will appear with marks in a few types.

Though it has been available in iOS for a long time, not too many users may have discovered it.

Therefore, if you wish to do some experiment with the sound-value of any letter which you want to tweak, apply this trick and you will have a new name with a unique difference.

Just like this, you can discover plenty of features which you may not have been aware of till now. Let us know if you know any other trick like this worth mentioning.

Give it a try and do share your feedback with us in the comment below. Also, make sure to Download our app and stay connected with us via FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus to never miss our latest stories.

How To Type Diacritical Marks and Accented Characters on iPhone & iPad

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  1. My iPad keyboard doesn’t want to cooperate as I hold down the letter to try to access the diacritical marks and nothing happens. What could be the problem?

    • Some possible solutions for your problem are:
      1. Use the default iPadOS keyboard and not some third-party keyboard app.
      2. Restart your iPad.
      3. Update your iPad.
      4. Make sure you long-press a letter for an adequate time.
      5. Keep in mind that not all keys of the keyboard have Diacritical Marks and Accented Characters.


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How To Type Diacritical Marks and Accented Characters on iPhone & iPad
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