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How to Type Degree° Symbol on Mac: Quick Methods

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac

Drafting something regarding climate and don’t know how to add a degree sign on Mac? Well, your Mac offers two ways to insert it on the text field. You can either take a shortcut or insert it using the emoji keyboard as per your preference. In this post, we have explained both ways to type degree symbol on Mac.

How to Insert Degree Symbol on Mac

The Emoji and Symbols keyboard on your Mac is home to numerous characters and signs. To access it, press Ctrl + Command + Space. The keyboard will be on your screen right away.

Press Command Control and Space on Mac Keyboard to Access Emoji and Symbols

If you want, you can also access it from the top menu bar.

  1. Click on the Edit at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Emoji & Symbols.Click on Edit from Menu Bar and then Click on Emoji & Symbols on Mac

To write a degree symbol,

  1. Place the pointer on the text field.Click on Search in Emoji & Symbols on Mac
  2. Then type Degree in the search bar of the keyboard.
  3. It will show the suggested results with a range of options. Click on your preferred option to insert it on the text field.Type Degree in Search Field and Click on Degree Symbol to Insert it in Note on Mac
    Degree Temperature Symbol is Inserted in Note on Mac

Keyboard Shortcut to Type Degree Symbol on Mac

There are three shortcuts to write a degree sign.

  • Shift + Option + 8: This shortcut brings a medium-sized symbol on your field like “95°
  • Option + K: This one inserts a small symbol – “95˚
  • Option + 0 (ZERO) The an option to write a sign – “95º

Difference Between the 3 Degree Symbols on Mac

You might be wondered to see three different shortcuts for writing the degree symbol! To end your confusion, we have listed the actual meaning behind each sign that we have found using the built-in text-to-speech engine on Mac.

Here’s the short description of all three variants.

  • Shift + Option + 8 is for inserting a degree temperature sign.
  • Option + K is for typing the Ring above a diacritic.
  • Option + 0 (ZERO) is the Masculine Ordinal Indicator that is used in written languages.

To run text-to-speech. Go to System PreferencesAccessibility → click Speech from the left side menu → tick the box of Speak selected text when the key is the press. Now, select the degree symbol mentioned above and hold down Opt + Esc to let the system voice speak the meaning behind the symbol.

click on apple logo and select system preferences on mac

Click on Accessibility on Mac

Enable Speak selected text when the key is press in Accessibility on Mac

Signing off

Now, typing the degree symbol on the Mac symbol isn’t a big deal! Just confirm the right character type you need and use the shortcut accordingly. Otherwise, using the emoji keyboard is the best way to get the actual degree temperature symbol. It will also help you with the right degree unit. To know more about it, we have this handy guide ready for you.

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