How to Insert a Degree Symbol on Mac: Two Quick Methods Explained

Being a full-time blogger, I have to type a degree symbol more often than not – especially when denoting the extent of something i.e temperature, protection and more. While typing a degree symbol on Mac remains as straightforward as on iOS, not everyone might be aware of the little but slightly hidden process. And that’s exactly why this short piece has a role to play!

How to Type a Degree Symbol on macOS

There are multiple ways to type a degree symbol on Mac. While one is through the Special Characters menu, the other method is through quick keyboard shortcuts.

Quick Access:

Method #1: Use Special Characters Menu to Insert a Degree Symbol on Mac

Step #1. To get started, place your cursor where you want to insert the degree symbol and then click on the Edit menu at the top.

Click Edit in Menubar on Mac

Step #2. Next, choose Emoji & Symbols.

Select Emoji & Symbols in Edit Menu on Mac

Sticky Note: Alternatively, use Control + Command(⌘) + Space to directly jump into the Emoji and Symbols window.

Step #3. Next, a new window will show up with plenty of emojis and special characters. Type in “degree” into the search box to quickly access the degree symbols.

Search Degree Symbols in Special Characters Menu on Mac

Step #4. Next up, another window will appear with three options: Fahrenheit and Celsius, and a simple degree symbol. Choose your desired option, and you are good to go!

Insert Degree Symbol from the Options on Mac

Method #2: Use Keyboard Shortcut to Enter the Degree Symbol in macOS

If you prefer Mac keyboard shortcuts to get through the commonly used tasks quickly, you would like to use the degree symbol shortcut on macOS. Simply press Shift + Option + 8 at once to get your job done.

Side Note: It’s also worth noting that the Option  + K keyboard shortcut allows users to insert a diacritical mark. For those familiar, it tells a reader how to pronounce a specific letter.

There You Go!

Wrapping Up…

That’s the right way to deal with a degree symbol on macOS. For those familiar, it may seem too simplistic. However, those who aren’t aware of how it works, they will find it helpful – as is usually the case with most nifty hacks, isn’t it?

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