How to Print Document and PDF Double Sided on Mac

More often than I have to print documents. Thanks to duplex printers, it’s easy to print documents double-sided using my Mac [Explore the range of duplex printers]. It not only saves a lot of time but also paper.

There are several apps such as, MS Office, PDF files and more, which allow you to print double-sided on your Mac. Better still, it supports all the versions of macOS. Ready to try out how duplex printing works? Let’s have a go!

How to Print Documents Two-Sided Using your Mac

Note: Make sure you have a duplex capable printer. Your document to be printed has to be at least two pages long.

Step #1. First off, you need to open the document you want to print double-sided on your Mac. You can open it in a number of apps like Pages, Word, etc.

Step #2. Next, head over to the File menu and select Print.

Step #3. Click on “Copies & Pages” and select “Layout“.

Click on Layout in Word File on Mac

Step #4. In the two-sided drop-down menu, you can choose either “Long-Edge binding” or “Short-Edge binding” depending on your need.

Print Two-Sided on MacPrint Dual Side on Mac with Short-Edge binding

Step #5. Up next, adjust other things like size, copy as per your need before hitting on Print.

You can print as many documents two-sided as you want. If you ever felt the need to disable it for any reason, simply follow the steps mentioned above and select Off in step #4.

How to Print Two-sided PDF on Mac

If you want to print Double-sided PDF file;

Step #1. Go to File and Click on Print.

Step #2. Just check the Two-Sided option.

Print PDF File Dual Side on Mac

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