How to Turn Off Call Waiting on iPhone

Annoyed by repeated beeps of a second call while you are on an existing one? Learn how to turn off call waiting on your iPhone to have beep free calling.
How to Turn Off Call Waiting on iPhone

Call waiting is a handy feature. But if you are annoyed by the beep it makes, you may want to disable it. After that, you won’t hear the disturbing sound when you are on a call. Let me show you how to do that. But first, let’s understand what is call waiting;

What is the Call Waiting?

Call waiting is a carrier-specific feature that, via frequent tone, notifies you about an incoming call when you are already on another call.

Note: If you have a Dual-SIM iPhone (iPhone Xs, XR, and later), call waiting will work only when you get the second call on the same SIM. Additionally, it will function if, for the other line, Wi-Fi calling is enabled, and a data connection is available.

Call Waiting can be an advantage when you cannot afford to miss any important call. When you hear the beep, you just have to look at the screen to know who’s trying to reach you.

However, sometimes, people may keep dialing when you are already busy on another call, which can be annoying. So here is how to switch it off.

How to Disable Call Waiting on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap on Phone.

3. Tap on Call Waiting.

Open settings, tap on phone, and tap call waiting

4. Wait for a few seconds. Turn off the toggle.

Disable call waiting on iPhone

Done! Immediately this feature is disabled.

When you turn off call waiting, phone calls are routed to your Voice Mail automatically (if available). Technically, you’re not missing any call unless the caller decides to disconnect before sending you a voicemail.

Turning off call waiting can fill up your voice mail pretty fast. Also, since you won’t be getting any notification whatsoever when you’re on a call, you might have to remember to check your voice mail to return calls.

Signing off…

This is how you can switch off call waiting on your iPhone. Most carriers support it. However, in the rare case, if you don’t see the Call Waiting option in the device Settings, contact your carrier to figure this out. Finally, you may like to take a quick look at some of the best apps for recording calls on the iPhone.

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