How to Delete All Voicemail Messages on iPhone at Once

How to Delete All Voicemail Messages on iPhone

These days, voicemail is pretty old-fashioned and it’s usually more convenient to just text or send audio messages for a more personal touch. But in case you do use it, it’s handy to know how to delete all voicemail messages at once on your iPhone to free up space. While voicemail messages don’t take up a lot of memory, they can pile up quickly and it’s always better to clear them out from time to time. So let’s check out the process.

How to Delete All Voicemail Messages at Once on iPhone

Step #1. Open the Phone app and tap on Voicemail at the bottom right.

Step #2. Tap on “Edit” in the top-right corner.

Step #3. Select the small circles beside all the voicemail messages that you want to delete, then hit “Delete.”

Step #4. Now, Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Deleted” to access all deleted voicemails.

Step #5. There’s a “Clear All” option on top-right. Tap that to delete all voicemail messages at once on your iPhone.

That’s all!

Summing Up.

So as you can see, it’s pretty easy to clear all voicemail messages on the iPhone. If you want to get rid of only certain messages, you can do so by swiping left on them and then tapping “Delete”.

Alternatively, if you want to delete a voicemail message on your iPhone but retain it elsewhere, you can export it by tapping on a message and then tapping on the Share icon. You can then send it as a text or email to yourself. Then, just follow the process above to delete it from your phone.

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