Voicemails are still an excellent way to build and maintain connections with people you care for. Whether your family and friends or business partners and clients, voice messaging can assure them that although they may be out of sight, they are definitely not out of mind.

Among the tons of apps available on App Store are several apps that can give your iPhone voicemail cutting-edge features. Some of these apps allow users to create customized voicemail greetings for their contacts, transcribe voicemails that come into your inbox and send them to you like email messages. While these iPhone apps vary in functionality, these are great surefire voicemail solutions for a business professional that's always on the move.

Best Voice Mail Apps for iPhone

Best Voicemail iPhone Apps

#1. Google Voice

Google Voice iPhone App IconGoogle Voice is a top notch voicemail app. It lets you send free SMS messages to US phones and make international calls at low rates. You can get transcribed voicemail. Currently, it's available only in the US. (Make sure to head over to this complete guide to use Google Voice on your iPhone and iPad.)

Price: Free

#2. YouMail

YouMail iPhone App IconYouMail is an excellent voicemail app. It provides highly user-friendly visual voicemail service. You can get your voicemail to email or even text. It also lets you forward or reply to voicemail. Besides, YouMail works as a smart call manager that prevents robocalls, entertains missed callers and more.

Price: Free
Download YouMail

#3. Pinger Textfree

Pinger Textfree iPhone App IconPinger Textfree is more than just a voicemail app. With impressive features like messaging, international calling and texting, picture messaging, emoji, stickers, and voicemail, it's a complete app to let you communicate with your friends and loved ones with absolute freedom. The outbound calling minutes are easy to buy.

Pinger Textfree allows you to call and text any number in US and Canada. It provides free texting to more than 30 countries including the US.

Price: Free
Download Pinger Textfree

#4. Line2

Line2 iPhone App IconLine2 allows you to text and call from a private number using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G. You can call and text US and Canada without any international roaming charges. There is also an option to upgrade the app at $9.99 a month to add some more useful features like unlimited SMS to US and Canada as well as inbound calls. The premium version also offers you 1500 minutes of outbound calling or forwarding, visual voicemail and more.

Price: Free

#5. InstaVoice

InstaVoice iPhone App IconInstaVoice is a highly functional voicemail app. It offers visual voicemails, voice SMS and missed call alerts to help you easily remain connected with people even when your iPhone is switched off or out of coverage. Even better, it allows you to send text or message even to those who don't have InstaVoice installed on their device.

You can use this app to receive voicemail and missed calls on your email. Provide your callers a great calling experience. It also allows you to withdraw the sent voicemail.

Price: Free

#6. VisionMail Visual Voicemail

VisionMail iPhone App IconVisionMail is really elegant both in terms of functionality and user-interface. It's an advanced social as well as voicemail app for your iPhone. With the unlimited voice to text transcriptions, you can quickly find out what your callers are saying.

Sharing or responding to messages via Facebook, email or SMS is pretty simple. Use personalized greetings for your callers to keep them entertained. Check out Facebook status as well as profile picture with the message of your callers.

Price: Free

#7. Touch Voicemail

Touch Voicemail iPhone App IconTouch Voicemail is everything you would want to handle voicemail to your best liking. The clean UI and easy-to-use functionality make it very straightforward. Check out all the voicemails in the list and interact with them.

If needed, you have the option to automatically send voicemails to email. There is also an option to create greetings for your callers.

Price: Free

#8. HulloMail

HulloMail iPhone App IconWith an easy-to-use interface, HulloMail is one of the best voicemail apps. It makes amazingly simple to read, manage, play, search and even share voicemail on iPhone.

You can receive alerts of the missed calls when your smartphone is either switched off, or there is no network coverage. With a premium subscription, you can get ad-free service, unlock access to discounted as well as scribe products and more.

Price: Free
Download HulloMail

#9. Frontier Voicemail Viewer

Frontier Voicemail Viewer iPhone App Icon“Frontier Voicemail Viewer” provides unified messaging experience. With it, you can easily control incoming calls. It sends you alerts whenever any new voicemail arrives. It lets you playback voicemail. Besides, the app enables you to view faxes, forward a message or fax as an email.

Price: Free

#10. AT&T Voicemail Viewer

AT&T Voicemail Viewer iPhone App IconAT&T Voicemail Viewer offers a more simplistic approach the way you deal with your voicemails. It lists your messages letting you select the order in which you listen to them. Voicemail-to-text comes with voicemail viewer for a residential account.

Residential customers will be able to order AT&T phone or unified messaging by calling 1.800.288.2020 or by visiting att.com. To use this app, you need to have an AT&T phone AT&T Unified Messaging account.

Price: Free

Wrapping Up

These voicemail apps are really functional. I'm sure you have also been impressed by them. Is there any of your favorite app missing from this list? Do let us know that in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, download our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

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  • Jay

    I can’t believe that Google Voice wasn’t included in this. I’ve had it for several years and have almost no complaints. On top of that, I have Sprint which allows for extra integration. The best thing about it: it’s totally FREE!