How to take a slofie on iPhone 11 Pro Max?

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Apple’s 2019 lineup of iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has an unprecedented camera and features that can help you rock your social media game. One specific feature that has caught my eye is the slow-motion selfie that the tech giant has very smarty dubbed as Slofie. But what is it and how to take a slofie on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max?

Whether a millennial or not, everyone has been boarding the selfie craze train. As a resultant, almost all smartphone manufacturers have been luring users with features such as beauty mode, portrait mode, wide-angle selfie’s, among other things. Apple has been excelling at this game for a while with unique technology and ideas like TrueDepth enabled portraits and Memoji’s.

In fact, the new iOS 13 and iPadOS bring some fantastic new attributes to Memoji. And this year, Apple brings something exciting, unique, and innovative to up your selfie game. Let’s learn more about the feature:

What is a ‘Slofie’?

A brand new feature in the iPhone 11 models that enables the 12MP TrueDepth front camera to record videos at 120 frames per second. When these frames are slowed down, you get a crisp slow-motion selfie. When the feature was announced during the Apple event on September 10, it was pronounced as a ‘slofie.’

Notably, Apple soon realized the potential of this new feature and applied for a US trademark on September 13. In the document, Apple defines slofie as “downloadable computer software for use in capturing and recording video.” This implies that Apple does not want any other company to come up with slofie-branded camera apps; ensuring that slofies remain exclusive to the new iPhones.

How to Record a Slofie on iPhone 11 Series

Notably, there is no slofie app or a slofie mode on the new iPhones. The feature is simply called “slo-mo” in Apple’s camera app and here’s how you can use it to take a slow-motion selfie:

Step #1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone 11. (iPhone 11 Series)

Step #2. Activate the front camera by using the perspective flip button.

Step #3. Select the Slo-mo option by swiping the mode dial to the right.

Step #4. Tap on record and take your Slofie.

Hope you a great time recording a slofie. 

While really helpful for your social media adventures, features like these are majorly for making special moments with your family and friends. And not just to make said moments more fun and eventful, but to remember them fondly forever and ever. Apart from this, Apple has also incorporated some great features in the iOS 13 update, especially in the Photos app. Check them out, right now!!

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