How to Stop iPhone, iPad, and Mac from Auto-Connecting to Saved WiFi Networks

Automatically getting connected to saved or captive Wi-Fi networks can be annoying, especially when you have more than one saved WiFi Networks in range. Fortunately, Apple provides a neat way to handle this kind of situation by giving built-in functionality to turn off auto-joining on per Wi-Fi basis.

This functionality will keep you logged in onto the network, but your device won’t connect to the saved WiFi Network until you manually do it. With that said, let’s quickly go over the steps to stop iPhone, iPad, and Mac from Auto-connecting to saved Wi-Fi networks.

How to Turn OFF Wi-Fi Auto-Join on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Go to Settings on your iPhone → Tap on Wi-Fi.

Open Settings App and Tap on Wi-Fi to Disable Auto-Join on iPhoneStep #2. Find the Wi-Fi for which you want to prevent auto-joining.

Find Wi-Fi to Stop iPhone from Auto-Connecting to Saved WiFi NetworksStep #3. Next up, tap on the “i” button next to WiFi Name.

Tap on i button to Prevent iOS and macOS Device from Auto Connecting to WiFiStep #4. Finally, turn the Auto-Join Toggle Off.

Toggle Off to Disable Wi-Fi Auto-Join on iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Wi-Fi Auto-Join on Mac

Step #1. Access Network Preferences by clicking on the WiFi icon from the Menu bar or you can access them by clicking the Apple Menu icon on the top left corner of your Mac and then System PreferencesNetwork.

Click on System Preferences on Mac

Open System Preferences and click on Network on MacStep #2. Now select the Wi-Fi from the drop-down list.

Step #3. Lastly, uncheck the box next to Automatically Join this Network.

Select and Disable Wi-Fi Auto-Join Network on MacIf you ever wish to turn auto-joining ON for that particular network, repeat the same steps, but this time check the box which is next to Automatically Join this Network.

As Apple sync the settings to iCloud, if you have turned off auto-joining for a particular network on your iPhone, it will automatically turn off on iPad, Mac, or any other device with the same Apple ID.

Signing Off…

When your iOS devices connect to a Wi-fi network automatically, it begins to send notifications on different apps. This can be embarrassing at times, especially when you are attending a social gathering. To stop this situation, you can prevent your iPhone, iPad, and Mac from connecting to Wi-fi automatically.

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