How to Sort Podcasts in Podcasts App on iPhone or iPad – iOS 7 Updated

If you listen to a ton of Podcasts, sorting it might be a necessity. You can sort podcasts manually but you can’t really sort the episodes (doesn’t make much sense, at least according to Apple).

Sorting podcasts helps you find the one that you want to hear/view faster. It also makes sure you don’t miss the important podcasts and lets you access your favorites easier.

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There are basically two things you can sort.

  • Podcasts (Subscriptions): you can sort this manually.
  • Episodes: Within Podcasts, you can sort how the podcasts are shown and played. There is no manual sorting here.

How to sort subscribed Podcasts channels in Podcasts App

Step #1. Open Podcasts.

Step #2. If the Podcasts are organized like large square tiles, just tap and hold on the podcast.

Step #3. Now move the podcast tile around and place it anywhere you want.

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Step #4. Sort the other podcasts the same way.

Sort Podcasts in Podcasts App

The other way of sorting – the easier way if you want to sort a lot – goes like this:

Step #1. Tap the ‘list’ icon on top-right to change the display of the Podcasts to list-mode.

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Step #2. Now, tap on Edit.

Step #3. Use the handlebars to sort the podcasts as per your choice.

Sort Podcasts in Podcasts App on iPhone or iPad

This is to sort the podcasts. How do you sort the episodes?

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For instance, the episodes play from the oldest to newest and sort from the newest to oldest. This is funny because once you play the newest unplayed podcast, it doesn’t automatically play the rest. You’ll have to change either of the orders to play them sequentially.

How to sort episodes of subscribed Podcasts channel in Podcasts App

Step #1. Open any subscribed Podcast channel.

Step #2. Tap on Settings.

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Sort order, you can choose either of the two options.

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Step #4. Again, the play order can be changed too. Tap on the Play Order to change this.

Sort Episodes in Podcasts App on iPhone or iPad

Sort order and play order are self-explanatory. You want to see the newest episodes first (listed), go for the sort order. If you want to configure how the list is played, choose the Play Order and change it accordingly.

So that’s how you change the sort/play order of podcasts/episodes. You might also want to check out some of the powerful podcast alternatives just in case.

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