Best Podcasts App Alternatives for iPhone in 2019

Run through this appreciable line-up of the best podcast app alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2019 to bring more fun into the play and rev up the experience.

Apple’s very own Podcasts app has vastly improved and become a lot better now. However, there are some third party apps which are more user-friendly based on functionality and quality features. Check out these best Podcasts app alternatives for iPhone and iPad, that have been primed to provide you with a thrilling experience.

As per what appeals you a lot, create a customized list to easily access the episodes you love to catch. Make sure to download your favorite episodes to watch them even offline. And of course, there is a night mode to let you watch your top shows more comfortably at night. Want to know what’s more these podcast apps can do for you? Let’s head over the jump!

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Best iPhone Podcasts App Alternatives in 2019

#1. Overcast

Overcast iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

Thanks to the several impressive features, “Overcast” is the finest podcast player. You can search and browse for podcasts and even get recommendations from Twitter. It also allows you to create custom playlists based on what interests you the most.

You can download your favorite shows to watch them offline. Receive notifications when the new episode arrives. Adjust playback speed as per your convenience. There is also an option to pick up additional speed.

Price: Free

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#2. Podbean

Podbean Podcast App & Player iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

Podbean provides a fabulous podcast listening experience. You can access all of its official network of podcasts. Besides, it allows you to search different categories.

As per your history, it even recommends you the episodes that may light up your mood. There is also an option to download podcasts to watch them when you don’t have an internet connection. Furthermore, you can set it up to auto-download latest podcasts and auto-delete all the played items.

Price: Free

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#3. Castro

Castro Podcasts iPhone App Screenshot

Castro is one of the most appreciated podcast apps for iOS. The app comes with a stunning design and an intuitive and friendly interface.

With a smart feature called episode triage, it lets keep a track of the variety of shows and select the episodes that attract you the most. You will find all the latest episodes in your inbox. You can read the review of any episode to decide whether it’s your taste or not. The dark mode and sleep timer bring more comfort into your nighttime podcast listening.

Price: $3.99

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#4. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher for Podcasts iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Stitcher Radio is much more than just an ordinary podcast app. You can catch breaking news, comedy shows, sports news, talk radio shows and podcasts from top sources like BBC, ESPN, Fox News, CNN and more.

The personalized front page shows the new episodes from your top shows. Based on history, it also suggests new shows for you. You can create your own customized playlists and even download the ones you want to watch when there is no internet on your iOS device.

Price: Free

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#5. Downcast

Downcast iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

Downcast is one of the simplest apps when it comes to managing and listening to podcasts with the needed freedom. You can search for any podcasts, subscribe to them and even download the ones you want to watch offline.

It also allows you to import and export podcast feed via OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language). View the podcast details and episode show notes. With the important features like audio and video AirPlay, gesture support, and sleep timer make it very useful.

Price: $2.99

#6. RSSRadio

RSSRadio iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

RSSRadio has got rave reviews from both experts and users alike. What I like about it is the ability to provide clearer audio due mainly to the top quality equalizer, DSP effects, compressor etc.

You can organize your listening by categories to quickly access your favorites. It allows you to download any shows to watch them offline. The dark/light UI themes and sleep timer rev up user-experience. You will need to upgrade to the pro version to use the full version of the app.

Price: Free

#7. iCatcher!

iCatcher Podcast Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

iCatcher! is a fully-featured podcast app designed to thoroughly entertain you. To have a better experience, create custom playlists with different filtering options such as podcasts, episodes etc. Subscribe to new podcasts and manage them perfectly on your iOS device.

Even better, you can download up to 3 episodes on Wi-Fi and 2 episodes using your cellular data to watch them peacefully offline.

Price: $2.99

#8. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

“Pocket Casts” is one of the highly rated podcast apps and deserves to be on your iOS device due mainly to appreciable functionality. You can select between light and dark display themes.

The colors automatically change in accordance with podcast artwork to rev up the watching experience. It supports import iPad features including Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. And, it has the support of auto-download of episodes as well.

Price: $3.99

#9. idobi

idobi iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

idobi is primarily a music app but it can work spice up your podcast time. You can listen to new music and even select the tune that sets you on a roll. It allows you to tune into all the three official network stations.

You can hear idobi Radio shows either live or on demand. Explore new music and bands. What’s more, you will be able to watch videos, interviews, view photos and even catch up all the contents you missed via Podcasts.

Price: Free

#10. Instacast Core

Instacast Core iPhone and iPad Podcast App Screenshot

Instacast Core by Vemedio is touted as one of the best podcasts apps on the App Store. It provides hassle-free subscription management and customization. The elegant audio and video player lets you enjoy your favorite episodes at your own pace.

It allows you to import podcasts both from iTunes and other Podcasts clients. You can download episodes to watch them offline. Use the night mode to watch programs more conveniently at night.

Price: Free

That’s all, mate!

The Bottom Line

All of these podcasts apps belong to the elite list. At the end of the day, everything boils down to the personal interest and what sort of functionality appeals you the most. So pick the one that best fits your needs.

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