Apple's very own Podcasts app is a great thing as it lets you manage Podcast subscriptions better than its previous avatar. However, readers usually complain about the problems it has: in sync, in battery usage and in the over-use of cellular data.

Incidentally, most people still stick to the Podcasts app because 1) it just works fine for a lot of purposes and 2) it's free.

But, I know that there are those of you who're power users of podcasts and who rely on podcasts for a lot of reasons. We do know that people are willing to shell out money to get the best podcast app on their iPhones. This makes sense because if you need something that's reliable and amazing, you've got to be ready to invest in it.

Best Podcasts Alternatives Apps for iPhone

Here are some very good alternatives for Apple's very own Podcasts App:

1). Castro

Castro iPhone Podcast App IconCastro is a podcast app designed specifically for iOS 7. It works on iPhones (no iPad support at the moment) but it's one of the coolest, most minimal and user-friendly podcast app for iOS. The app comes with a  stunning design and an intuitive and friendly interface. It has almost all the major features like auto-downloads, smart memory management etc.

Price: $2.99
Download Castro

2). Instacast

Instacast App for iPhone LogoInstacast 3 by Vemedio is tooted as one of the best podcasts app on the App Store. This came in even before Apple's Podcasts app was even an idea (as in a separate app from the Music app). It's also one of the priciest podcasts app selling at $4.99. Users get almost every feature they expect out of a podcasts app. Instacast is a favorite choice for power-users.

Price: $4.99
Download Instacast

3). RSS Radio

RSSRadio App for iPhone - LogoRSS Radio comes in a close second to Instacast. It has won rave reviews for its neat, uncluttered interface and powerful features. Features like background play and password protection are its fortes. It's got a free version where you can test the app out (iAds and only 3 subscriptions allowed). A $2.99 purchase removes all the limitations.

Price: Free, $2.99
Download RSS Radio

4). Downcast

Downcast Podcast App for iPhone - LogoDowncast is one of those podcasts apps where you can stream without having to download the podcast file. Downcast is one of the simplest apps when it comes to listening to podcasts. It's hassle-free, de-cluttered and  quite powerful too with a lot of features that one would expect.

Price: $1.99
Download Downcast

5). iCatcher

iCatcher Podcast app for iPhone - LogoiCatcher is a versatile tool to find, discover, subscribe and manage podcasts from across the world. The app comes with a very familiar and easy-to-use interface and has some really powerful features. You have full VoiceOver support, multiple downloads simultaneously, syncing options and more.

Price: $2.99
Download iCatcher

6). Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio iPhone Podcast App - LogoStitcher Radio isn't a podcast app per se but it's known to act as one when you work it up that way. It's a free service (app) which lets you collect your favorite podcasts and store them as a collection. It doesn't feature downloads but it lets you keep on track of your favorite podcasts without any hassle.

Price: Free
Download Stitcher Radio

7). Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts iPhone App - LogoPush notifications when there are new podcasts on your stream. How about that? I mean, Podcasts app does that (may be) but these folks do it right. Pocket Casts doesn't support auto-download yet but it still is a rocking podcast app trusted and used by thousands of hardcore podcast users. Pocket Casts is a powerful podcast alternative. Period.

Price: $1.99
Download Pocket Casts

  • Marc

    Outcast is the best, and it’s free!!